Jordan: On The Veranda

(Note: don’t take any of this stuff too seriously. I’m just working out ideas.)

The young monk sat alone on the veranda facing the dark chaos.

His body was covered in scars, healed slashes across his arms, back and legs which he would carry the rest of his days. Memories of how he had gotten here, to what was called the Monastery, but was really a fancy, fortified outpost on the edge of reality.

Many of the people here had some bizarre story of how they got here, or how their ancestor had gotten here.  How the predator in Jordan’s case had pierced the bubble was just a guess, but based on all Jordan had learned in his time at the Monastery, his best guess is it was some recursive digital image that unwittingly opened a hall way to the other side of the bubble where they prowl and crawl the walls of the world looking for slits and gashes in. People and their insipid obsession with snapping pictures of every single damn moment of the their life. Sooner or later you were bound to create a recursive snag and then you were screwed. Might as well just stand in between two mirrors and wait for one of the Things to come slithing down the recursive hallway. At least that way is faster and you’re less likely to cause collateral damage.

The predator responsible for Jordan’s scars hadn’t been one of the mindless things or the simple hunters, it was an actual Slenderman. They had not just intelligence, but purpose. Even though they developed twisted, lovestruck, sadomasochistic obsessions with their tasked prey as they slowly watched and wriggled their way into reality, they never lost control of themselves. They always fulfilled their duty.

Jordan didn’t like to discuss exactly what had happened, how the Encounter went down and he certainly wasn’t proud of how he handled it, but even with a body full of scars and no hope of ever seeing home again, he was still alive.

Monastery life was pleasant enough. He had never been particularly religious, and was a little shocked to learn the truth about the Gnosis. Life was ordered here. There was a job to do and everyone had their duties. The building was grand and lavish, like some estate of old Europe, and the monks of all genders went about their days with pleasant focus. There was no rule against sex, indeed offspring were needed to replenish their numbers, as long as focus on the Great Task never strayed.

Jordan had solid writing abilities, would have perhaps tried to be an author had his initial life been allowed to take its course. So it was clear where his talents lay here. He was immediately enrolled in the Languages Program, studying languages, phonics, syntax and Prayer Creation. His eventual specialty would be working with Germanic root languages. One day, when he had mastered the art and apprenticed long enough, he would create prayers to be snuck back into the world, tailored for various denominations and nationalities.  .

It wasn’t enough.

Yes, it was important. He understood the why’s. But… it wasn’t enough. Why spend all this time and all these lives trying to just hang on to the old, original solution? If one solution had been found, and under far worse circumstance, wasn’t it long past time to enact another? Something with a bit more… balls.

He tried to keep his angry countenance in check. But he despised being a victim. Suggesting anyone should be a victim or find any sort of contentment in it.

The nightmare of your nightmare… should be you.

One day, it would. It most certainly would.

He liked to come out to the veranda and watch the dark chaos. It was… comforting. Like something terrible he remembered almost fondly. He envied the Wanderers for their excursions into it, despite the high mortality and insanity rate. Standing here made him feel less trapped. Made him feel relief that he had a choice. That he would be content if needed, to one day leap across the edge into the dark chaos and ride it to the other side, where the wretched things perhaps came from, to a terrible, terrible land that he never the less almost felt was like home.

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Zoe Diary: Excerpt 1

Well there went our romantic evening.

Fucking Henry… of course that bum got into some bind (or i suspect just plain bailed to go get hammered) and rang up Reina to tell her he couldn’t take Ivy last night after all, so instead of Reina and i getting a nice romantic evening we got… well it was really nice too. it was like a little family nesting night.

The three of us snuggled up and watched Princess Bride, which Ivy had never seen (and LUUuuuuVED. Of course. Who doesn’t?). I won’t lie, i was a little tad disappointed, i had a whole evening ALL planned out. But the most important reason for our “special night” together was to help Reina relax and let go of this weirdness and paranoia that”s eating her up and starting to really freak me out. In that regard, last night was a complete success. It was so homey, and we milked it of course. Popcorn (and a little wine for the big girls), couch potato-ing, cozy homeness… it really did work. Reina was relaxed and happy and really herself. I hope so much that this lasts.

I honestly don’t believe Reina is suffering from mental illness. I mean, i can’t really know for sure, a year seems long, but in a relationship it could take that long for some things to come out. I just don’t believe it though. But then if that’s not the case then IS something following her? Some freaky tall man that stalks her outside? Who just… hangs out outside the house every few days, or lurks in the trees when she’s on her way to work or groceries or my place?

I’ve given up on the Henry theory. It’s not him. I was so convinced there for a minute, it made sense even if he’s too lazy to possibly commit to pulling something this creepy off for so long. But he honestly doesn’t give enough of a shit about Reina (or anything) and hasn’t for years, if ever. There’s just no reason. He doesn’t care that we’re together, he doesn’t care about much. He just wants to see Ivy when it’s convenient for him and is pretty satisfied to let Reina handle the heavy child raising.

We got her off the Veritasil awhile ago. It’s been over a month since she last took that shit (i could fucking punch that doctor i swear to Shiva I will too if ever see him) so if this was some weird paranoia side effect (Theory #2. ALSO SO CONVINCED) it should be well and truly gone by now. My best bet is this bullshit big pharma money grabbing brain bending bollocks pills ARE the cause and it just takes longer than expected for the side effects to wear off.

I don’t know. I would never give up something like our relationship up because Reina’s having a rough patch. Never. I will stand by her side. I will help with Ivy as best i can. We WILL get through this. This Too Shall Pass.

Om Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu


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Timothy L: Discarded Notebook Page 1

Fort Worth in the rain is nice enough.

I have some passable jambalaya in a New Orleans restaurant, a real splurge for me, but i still have extra cash from the thing a couple weeks ago. After that i sit on a bench in some town center kind of thing while it drizzles. I’ll pop off for a few beers before driving to the motor inn near the highway. I’m desperate to talk to someone. I was grateful even to make dumb chat with the waitress who took my order. I know i can’t talk about anything that truly matter to me, any thing real, but i’ll settle for just an hour of bullshit over a beer with someone.  Not anyone, i’m lonely as fuck but there’s a few nutballs even i can’t quite take for too long. Yet. Ask me again in another few weeks. I am nothing if not falling standards.

Another town, another city… it’s a cross between a blur and something that might be fun if i just had someone to share it with. If someone were with me it could be like an adventure, even with the utter fucking lack of sunlight and the endless driving and buses and shitty jobs every few weeks to drum up enough money to move on. Moving on to nothing.

I sleep okay in the day. At night it’s bad. Still. Mostly, when it’s late enough that there’s no bar left open, no awful late night movie on TV i can bear any more, no movement at all outside my motel window, i just sit there with the window open, or on a chair outside my room facing the parking lot. For hours. I just sit and listen.

I listen hard.

And i wait.

My bag is always packed. I’m never so drunk that i can’t hop into and maintain a long distance sprint in a heartbeat. I only listen to music when i’m in a vehicle, moving. Three years. It’s been three years. It always comes and i always go and i’m still here, still running, you motherfucker.

I like the stillness. It’s a precious thing. And i’m not stupid. I know every extra moment, or hour, day or week i get to just stay still is a stolen gift. A gift to which a countdown is attached. The countdown can be a moment or a month. So i make the best of it. Well, maybe not the best, but i do okay. And i listen real hard.

And i wait.

“Run little rabbit, run, run, run.
Don’t give the farmer his fun, fun, fun.
He’ll get by
Without his rabbit pie
So run little rabbit, run, run, run.”


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Slight Delay

Folks, the 6CD set is delayed a few days. Apparently, the 6CD jewel case from Discmakers is faulty. I’m the first person to order it, and the CD case fell apart upon opening. We tested it (Shaun Rolly is awesome) with several units, then Discmakers tested it and sure enough, it is inherently flawed in design.

Discmakers has been great though. They have offered me brand new packaging option (again, i’ll be the first) that works a whole different way and cannot possible have the flaw. (it’s not a jeweled case, it’s a very intesting type of sleeve design for one) They thus need to be remanufactured, although i get priority printing obviously.

Thus, a delay. Sorry folks.

On Slender Man front, i’m seriously working on storyline now. I have a 1st act pretty well mapped out and am brainstorming ideas for the whole plot. it’s going well. I know the lead female will be named Zoe (Lauren Osborn) and one of the lead males named Tim. Another male will be named Jordan.

I’m considering whether a framing device will be necessary. Do i need a Narrator? If so, what is their excuse for existance. The steampunk opera could simply have a Narrator, no explanation necessary, but the other operas chose to have a larger reason for a Narrator. I believe such a thing would be necessary here if i go that direction. Alas, because of what i did with Lloyd Alan in Dieselpunk, such things as a Chilly Billy/Elvira type of Narrator, while fun (and not completely off the table) seems like a repeat of that idea. Perhaps i need to keep thinking.

So there you go. My apologies, the set will forthcoming. Soon. Sooooooon.


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Some Of The Most Super Awesome Sculptures From Around The World

I’ve been waiting every day to post that the 6CD set is now available, but it’s now waiting on CD Baby to post the album on its site so i still wait.

Soon my lovelies, soon. Soooooooooooon.

In the meantime, why now enjoy some super awesome sculptures?

Expansion by Paige Bradley [New York, USA]

best sculptures and statues around the world

Wire Fairy by Fantasy Wire [UK]

best sculptures and statues around the world

Mustangs By Robert Glen [Las Colinas, Texas, USA]

best sculptures and statues around the world

Politicians Discussing Global Warming

best sculptures and statues around the world

Break Through From Your Mold By Zenos Frudakis [Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA]

best sculptures and statues around the world

The Caring Hand by Eva Oertli and Beat Huber [Glarus, Switzerland]

best sculptures and statues around the world

Lifelike Sculptures by Ron Mueck

best sculptures and statues around the world

best sculptures and statues around the world

Passersby [Wroclaw, Poland]

best sculptures and statues around the world

Diminish and Ascend by David McCracken [Bondi, Australia]

best sculptures and statues around the world

Cartoon Sculpture by Neil Dawson [New Zealand]

best sculptures and statues around the world

People Of The River By Chong Fah Cheong [Singapore]

best sculptures and statues around the world

The Knotted Gun [Turtle Bay, New York, USA]

best sculptures and statues around the world

Les Voyageurs [Marseilles, France]

best sculptures and statues around the world

De Vaartkapoen [Brussels, Belgium]

best sculptures and statues around the world

Sinking Building [Melbourne, Australia]

best sculptures and statues around the world

A Scene From The World War With Real-Size Statues [Eceabat, Turkey]

best sculptures and statues around the world

Rundle Mall Pigs [Adelaide, Australia]

best sculptures and statues around the world

The Bliss Project by Marco Cochrane

best sculptures and statues around the world

The Vanishing Sculpture

best sculptures and statues around the world

Bull Fart Sculpture by Chen Wenling

best sculptures and statues around the world

Disassemblage by Damian Ortega

best sculptures and statues around the world

best sculptures and statues around the world


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The Slender Man Opera Overture

Here is the Slender man Opera Overture. Bits are likely to change between now and the album. And i might Matthew Broyles to do guitar at the end. But here it is.


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Goodies On The Way

Sometime this coming week the 6 CD release will go on sale. As soon as i know, i’ll let you know. They are being manufactured as we speak.

But also on the way in a few days will be the Prologue (Overture if you will) for The Slenderman Opera. Despite not having sat down to actually make a plot (although the 1st Act is taking shape) i’ve been so excited i couldn’t resist just going ahead and making a prologue. Overture if you will. It needs a few more days. Whenever i think it’s in really good shape i’ll throw it up on youtube and post it.

So there. Slenderman Overture.


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