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My name is Paul Shapera, a musician working under the name Mocha Lab. I make albums, theater shows, videos, dance pieces, commercials and move around a lot.

Update On Upcoming Albums

I am having a wonderful, wonderful time working on the two new albums. I’ve been concentrating exclusively on The Forgotten Meme, A Cyberpunk Fairytale for several weeks now, but have also found someone who can acquire balkan singers for Janissary, A Balkan Rock Opera.

Both of these project are allowing me to playfully expand into new sonic territory. The Forgotten Meme is delightful because i can play with all these textures i started fiddling with in Gabriella Gadfly but was too constrained by the numerous story beats to really stretch out on. It’s the most sonically experimental thing i’ve done in quite some time. I’m going to take a break from it after this week. I’m past the halfway point, although the amount of fiddling i do with each track is endless, since the music beds keep evolving as i work out ideas. It’s less bombastic than other works. If you want bombastic and epic, Janissary will satiate you. If you want.. well.. it’s a cyberpunk fairytale. I don’t know how else to describe it. I will be sending it to the singer later this week so she can get some warning as to what she’s in for. (Mostly very pleasing, touching melodies. Although one song is a bitch lyrically. Good luck. i know it’s possible because i sing it on the demo, but if you’re reading this, Kerttu, good fucking luck. Take enormous breaths before each verse. Seriously.)

Some of you are excited for the Raven mini EP, which will be Uncle Raven telling you a rambling story (although it’s more him rambling on about… stuff.. he… wants to… ramble on about?) with some occasional help from the floozies. But we’re not anywhere close to that. Don’t get excited, it’s a ways off. Be excited about the Fairytale and the Rock Opera. They are some of the finest things i’ve made and are a little bit off my the beaten path.

So there you go. There’s your update. I need to get back to the fairytale. My work day is approaching it’s big break, and i then will be going outside to finish building this rock wall i’ve been making. Tah tah.


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New Albion 11 The Funkiest Of The NAs

But will it ever be released? Where? How? Maybe i’ll just sit on it. Maybe it’s just too funky to ever be let free.


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Work On The Forgotten Meme Has Begun

The Balkan Rock Opera sound fantastic. It is in great shape and i can now turn away from it for a few weeks (although i have to seriously pursue finding singers) and begin composition on The Forgotten Meme, A Cyberpunk Fairy Tale.

I am aware that you don’t know that you want this. That’s okay. A musical story so achingly beautiful and sad that it will make you cry, then wrap you in its arms and pet you and send you away once more on a sweet, haunted dream… hey, it’s not for everybody. Getting lost in an aching, haunted story might not be for you. But if it is… i will build you a dream, lose you inside of it then find you again. Trust me.

We have begun today and shall work on it non stop for at least a few weeks. Soooo…. yeah. There’s that.


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Raven Shares Some ASMR Techniques

Because why not.


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A Balkan Rock Opera And A Cyberpunk Fairy Tale

Update time. I am well again, and firmly back to work. The next two albums coming out are the Balkan Rock Opera and a cyberpunk fairy tale.

We are focusing all our attention at the moment on the Balkan Rock Opera, mainly because it has the most moving parts, requires the most extra people, and once i finish the composing rewrites, i can work on the fairy tale while a find the necessary singers and perhaps an accordionist and a violinist. The singers are the most important thing that need to be found.

I have already met with guitarist Ivan Vukadinovic, the guitarist on the Carnival. He’s on board and i’ve already sent him some tracks. I’m not sure how i’\m going to find the singers, but rest assured, i will. (Note, singers must be from the Balkans. Due to obvious convenience, i’m assuming they will be Serbian. However that’s not a deal breaker, it’s just the most likely. The singers HAVE to be from the Balkans, though. Local, if you will. That part’s non negotiable.)

Once i’ve finished my rewrites of what will be titled Janissary, i will turn to the cyberpunk fairy tale.

The Forgotten Meme, A Cyberpunk Fairy Tale featuring Kerttu Aarnipuu is already written storywise, but not a single note of music has been composed. When i start i want to be be able to go for a good bit in full on concentration. I’m happy to be working on both of these projects sort of simultaneously, but really, i’m working on them one at a time. Several weeks of dedicated focus on one before turning back to the other. It will be beautiful and sad and dreamy.

I should probably post at some point that i actually finished the great Dolls Sheet Music campaign, which frankly, nearly killed me. But the full score for Dolls has been made and i will be putting it somewhere appropriate for the parties who will ask for and need it in the future.

Janissary is my main focus now, and it is truly epic. The emotions near the end get really deep and complicated and i’m really proud of this one. Anyone know any really great Serbian/Croatian singers?


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Gabriella Gadfly Now Available On Itunes and Amazon

Gabriella Gadfly Cover The Ballad Of Lost Hollow Act 3 Paul Shapera

Sorry this post is so late, but i got SLAMMED by the flu from hell. A solid week of pain and begging for death and then this horrible fatigue as i struggle to claw my way to normalcy. Seriously, that sucked.

But the 3rd Act of Lost Hollow is indeed out of Itune and Amazon for those waiting to purchase it there.



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Mary By Yuura Noctiluca

I received a wonderful email by Yuura Noctiluca and included in it was some Mary fanart. I do love me fanart, so here she is.


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