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My name is Paul Shapera, a musician working under the name Mocha Lab. I make albums, theater shows, videos, dance pieces, commercials and move around a lot.

The National Theatre for Student Artists Production Of Dolls Of New Albion In NYC Is Online

Last year, in 2018, the NTSA performed a run of Dolls in New York. At long last, that performance is available  on Youtube for you to view. Let the havoc begin.


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The Lost Fairy, A Fairypunktale Now On Apple Music, Amazon, Google Play, Etc.

The Lost Fairy Cover A Fairypunk Tale Paul Shapera New Albion

Cover by Shibara

The response to the new album has been stunning. Mind blowing. I cannot thank you all enough. For those of you who have patiently waited for the album to appear on Apple music and other online distributors aside from Bandcamp, your wait is over.  Here it is:

Apple Music


Google Play


It’s on everywhere else too, so just check in on your favorite site. Once again, i grovel gratefully in the corner of your bathroom. And don’t worry, i will hurt you next time. This was your one feel good freebie.


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The Lost Fairy, Thanks & Future Albums

So you probably know that The Lost Fairy, A Fairypunktale is out now

Because response has been through the freaking roof. So let me begin by thanking you all. Thank you. It’s amazing.

I also need to specifically thank my patrons on Patreon, without whom this album would not have been released until about 2 months later. The Patrons at Patreon are exceptional and vital to funding the making of these albums. It really is life changing and i cannot express my gratitude in strong enough language. They also ensure that in planning projects i can go ahead and go for more interesting options that earlier simpy wouldnt have done because for instance, traveling to the UK to record a single vocalist for a song would just be out of the question. I wish i could name and then kill a character out of each and every one of them.

But also, everyone who has been purchasing the album, i love you just as much. Thank you. This is all very wonderful and ensures that years after i have ceased to make anything even remotely listenable and become a sad, pale shade of my former self, each album sucking worse than the last and just making you sad at how far i’ve fallen, i will STILL KEEP making albums, forever making albums despite your pleas to stop, oh god stop, someone make him stop. But i wont. Because of you. So thank you. I love you.

The next absolutey definite projects coming up are a New Alion Noir album. Deep, moody, dark jazz oriented, and featuring Katy with some special cameos, it will be a darker, more intimate album.

Matthew Broyles and i will also being work on ah Ah Pook The Destroyer project (we did The Silver Key on my Bandcamp feed).

After this, which will probably come out say, March 2020, i am at the moment very, very very seriously considering making a musical opera about The Donner Party. Not a light hearted funny piece, a serious freaking opera that tells the horrifying Donnor Party story. I’m REALLY seriously considering it. Actually, at the moment, the biggest stumbling block is the fact that at one point the group splits into two, the group who stays at the lake and the smaller “rescue mission” group who attempts to make it past the mountains to help (who is now known as The Forlorn Hope). I cant figure out how to split the narrative. Maybe an act dedicated to The Forlorn Hope before the last act featuring the group camped at the lake?

It’s tricky. I dont even know if i should… but… my brain keeps picking at it…

So, thank you, thank you all seriously a freaking lot. I cant believe it i made it to a point where i have sales and patreons and people supporting my work… I WILL NOT LET YOU DOWN. I WILL NOT REST UNTIL I HAVE PERSONALLY HURT EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU. Next up: New Albion Noir, Ah Pook, and possibly, just possibly , The Donner Party.

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The Lost Fairy, The Conclusion To The Fairypunk Trilogy Is Out Now On Bandcamp

The Lost Fairy Cover A Fairypunk Tale Paul Shapera New Albion

Cover by Shibara

Yes, the insanely exciting conclusion to the Fairypunk series is out now! It’s got notes! And sounds! And troubled people being troubled! And singers singing all the notes really loud except when they sing them soft! The only thing this album doesn’t like is your breath. It wants to take it away. It loves when you’re shook. And dead. And it loves your tears. I wishes it can have them. Maybe it will.

For me, personally, it’s the very last song that does it, believe it or not. It’s the last song when all the hubbub is over that gets me. But hey, maybe you want to be rocked and bopped. Prepare for the bopping. There’s an assault of bopping. Except when it’s pretty and wants to pet you. Softly. Softly pet you like its little kitty. Until the bopping comes. Pet and bop until you beg for mercy, that is what this album wants from you. It wants to change your narrative. It will. Do not fight it. It doesn’t like when you fight it.

Also with 30% more Han Mi.


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Join Me Sunday To Hear The Lost Fairy Streaming On Youtube In Its Entirety



The Fairypunk Trilogy concludes tomorrow. What will happen? Will Oliver Marsh belt a groin melting operatic high note? Will Liel Bar-Z sing a face liquefying verse that makes you soil your poor jeans? Will Kerttu Aarnipuu melt your heart and wish the meme would  come over to your house to curl up on the couch with you, eat ice cream and watch Netflix? Will Vivian Moonic as the Mayor refuse to put up with your bull****? Will Evil Lauren once again make Paul do bad things or will he finally break free of her evil spell and make a giant 70s soft rock album with a ton of Coca Cola sponsored product placement? What refreshing beverage will you be drinking at tomorrow’s listening party? Mmmm, nothing like a listening to Lauren despair of life and the absence of goodness in humanity with an ice cold coca cola.

Will Paul bring all the forces at his disposal that he can muster in a desperate attempt to sweep you off your feet and wrench your heart at the same time? Find out the answer to all these questions and more, tomorrow, 7PM UK time, 2PM east coast US time.

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Listening Party: 7PM UK, 2PM EST

It is no secret that there is nothing i despise more than spelling errors and grammar mistakes. Such things revolt me to the core. So you can imagine my shock and horror with Han Mi when she mis-typed the time that the listening party would play to the UK. I run a tight, tight ship, and spelling and typing errors are utterly unexeceptable, but my staff keeps making them! Surel to torture me. They know how pedantic i am about such things and yet…  i wretch with shame and revulsion.

To be clear: the listening party is this Sunday at 7PM UK time. 2 PM east coast time. She must have gotten the dater confused with European Central Time. Some might forgive such forgetfullness, but not i, i assure you. My obsession with perfect spelling and typing remain undeterred. I will never rest. NEVER.

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You Are Cordially Invited To Listen To The Lost Fairy, A Fairypunktale

Invitation copy

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