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My name is Paul Shapera, a musician working under the name Mocha Lab. I make albums, theater shows, videos, dance pieces, commercials and move around a lot.

Raven Auditions For Cats The Movie

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What Songs Should Lauren Sing In The Cabaret?

First of all, let me thank you profusely for helping us make our funding goal. You are all wonderful and i do not deserve you. There will most definitely be a video. All additional money will go to pay the performers and crew, so if you haven’t donated yet, please feel free to help the people involved get paid.

Now, the next question: What songs should Lauren sing? We already know some stuff she has to sing, but we have, say, 2 songs in the air. With some of the other performers it’s obvious what they will sing, but frankly, Lauren has a literal s***load to choose from. So we will let you fine folks decide.

Please leave your requests in the comment and we will choose the two top ones.


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New Albion Cabaret Fundraiser (Wanna Have A Video Of the Show?)

The New Albion Cabaret GoFundMe is live now!

The New Albion Cabaret is a special live performance of fan-favorite selections of Paul Shapera’s New Albion omniverse performed by the original singers on Oct 27th, 2019 in St. Albans, north of London, UK.

Donate so that we can make a video of the event! Watch your favorite performers sing your favorite songs from the New Albion series! Can’t attend the show? No problem! If we raise enough money we’ll record it! Videographer Charlie Dyson will record a 3 camera shoot (two manned and one static) and edit an awesome video of the event. All donations over £10 will automatically receive a copy of the finished concert film.

If we cover costs for videotaping, all remaining money will go to… wait for it because it’s a shocking innovation… paying the performers and crew! Holy bojangles, what?!? The performers get paid for their time and effort?!? The mind boggles! Seriously, our people should be paid and you can help make this happen.

Donate today and ensure that there is a recording of this unholy monstrosity. Help soothe the hysterical tears of the poor performers, weeping over the trauma of being involved in such an infernal ritual of darkness, by collected a few pieces of silver so they can go drink away their regret. Or, you know, pay their insanely expensive London rent. But most likely try to erase the horrors they will have witnessed the night of cabaret with a week long alcoholic binge they pray will decimate all memories of their shame. But the memories wont be erased because there’ll be a video! HA! Checkmate!

So yes, donate today. Video. Pay people. Two good things to come out of this unholy gathering.

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Tickets On Sale Now For The New Albion Cabaret! Sun, Oct 27th, St. Albans, UK

Tickets for The New Albion Cabaret are on sale now! Only 16 pounds! Featuring a line up of some of your favorite performers singing the songs you know and love, plus all sorts of antics, this cabaret takes place on Sun. Oct 27th. Currently scheduled for Trestle Arts Base, St Albans, if, for some reason, ticket sales are particularly robust, we do have another, larger venue on standby.

Come experience one of the only live official New Albion performances ever, hosted by Lauren Osborn and featuring a parade of the original performers singing the songs you know and love, with Paul himself on piano. Book now! Tickets are limited and we will likely sell out.

We will be running a GoFundMe in order to hire a videographer, Charlie Dyson, to record and edit the performance, so that those who cannot attend can have a recording of the event. Money from this will also go to pay everyone involved. The GoFundMe campaign will begin tomorrow, so stay tuned for that also. Without this campaign there cannot be a video. But for now, it’s ticket time.

Come one, come all! See New Albion live! Meet your favorite performers. Meet each other! Dress up, make noise, sing along! It will be an experience you will not soon forget. Book your tickets today!


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The New Albion/Shaperaverse Cabaret: Sunday Oct. 27th, Trestle Arts Base, St Albans UK

There will be a live cabaret of songs from the New Albion series by Paul Shapera, featuring the original performers on Oct. 27th, 2019 at Trestle Arts Base in St Albans, UK (just north of London). The performers scheduled are Lauren Osborn, Kayleigh McKnight (tentative), Courtney Ellis (Jackie), Jessica Singer (Mary), Oliver Marsh, Rhys Owen (Henry) with some piano accompaniment by Paul Shapera.

The Cabaret falls on the same weekend as the Drama Llama production of Dolls Of New Albion, so you can literally see both in the same weekend.

Why Sunday?  We are dealing with numerous performers with numerous shows and schedules. Sunday evening is the one evening  they don’t have other performances. It is the perfect way to get them all together.

GoFundMe and live performance video:

Trestle Arts Base is a small theatre north of London that seats about 100. Yes, 100. It is cute and intimate and seating is limited. (Price expected to be about 15 a seat) We are seeing what kind of turnout something like this gets.  Obviously many more people than can attend will want to see it, so we would love to professionally record it. Hence, we will run a GoFundMe to raised money to hire a video crew to record and edit this one time performance. Not to mention raise funds to PAY THE PERFORMERS. Heaven forbid.

If you want to see a video of this one time cabaret, please donate, because that’s how it’s going to happen.

Watch your favorite songs sung live by the very legends that made them. For all the soft songs, Paul will accompany them on piano. Come see Lauren sing a song of anguish as she is tortured ind killed in any number of horrible ways (so many to choose from, really), Courtney sing The Best Of Times. Jessica sing Sublimity. Oliver sing Daddy Left. Rhys sing Henry The Alchemist. Plus a SLEW of other songs. Will Kayleigh and Lauren perform Act 1 of Dolls RIGHT THERE IN FRONT OF YOU? It could happen. Will Paul perform See Our Show and play the piano like a muppet on meth? Very probably!

The Cabaret will be hosted by Miss Helen herself and will feature a wealth of Shaperaverse songs and antics.

The GoFundMe campaign will begin in about a week, so stay tuned to find out how you can ensure that this one time experience gets filmed. As for the attendees: it’s a party folks. Cosplay your favorite New Albion characters, meet each other, meet the performers, meet Paul, it’ll be a night to remember.


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Shaun Rolly’s A Pirate’s Tale Going Up This Weekend In Faribault, Minnesota

Meanwhile in Minnesota, a performance of Shaun Rolly’s and my A Pirate’s Tale is going up this weekend at Paradise Community Theater in Faribault, Minnesota . The director has sent me some photos and vids from just before tech rehearsal which i thought i’d share with you all.



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Drama Llama Productions (UK) Casting Call For Dolls Of New Albion Late Fall Production

This is a casting call for Drama Llama’s 2019 production of Dolls Of New Albion. They will do a small tour of the South Wets UK, and if all goes well, they hope to do a national tour in 2020. (Yay! You go Drama Llama!)

(Note, this is not the upcoming Cabaret, this is something else, equally wonderful. Cabaret announcement will be in the next few days. I will, by pure coincidence coincide with this tour which is awesome because that means i’ll already be in England and can go see it. If you come for the Cabaret, we can arrange to go see Dolls together. The more, the merrier.)

“Casting call for The Dolls of New Albion – A Steampunk Opera has gone live please feel free to check it out and share to those who might be interested!

Possible national tour in 2020 should this years local tour go well!”


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