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My name is Paul Shapera, a musician working under the name Mocha Lab. I make albums, theater shows, videos, dance pieces, commercials and move around a lot.

Janissary, Storytime Theatre Plans And Tidbits Of Information

Janissary Cover 1 copy

Holy buggering bankers, i had no idea there was so much demand for the complete piano/vocal score for Dolls.  I’ve been emailing out copies like pitchers of beer on a 5 cent special. So give me a second to reiterate: The complete piano and vocal score to Doll Of New Albion is now available through the Bandcamp site, right here.

A quick note about Raven’s Storytime Theatre: the albums were relased out of order. If you’re following things like linear timeline, Raven’s Storytime Theatre happens beFORE Meme. It’s why in Meme we see a kinder, gentler Raven. My boi is getting some. Although… how he’s… getting some…. how that would work is a little…. unclear… but rest assured there are place on the net right now where demented individuals and unsavory groups are at this very moment working out in horrifying detail exactly how Raven and Lloyd can be… you know. You might think i’m joking but i am not. Trust me, you don’t want to know. Or maybe you do. In which case the Dungeon (i swear to you this is an actual, real cyberplace) waits smiling seductively for you. Otherwise for the love of the gods, don’t ask and let’s just move on to more appropriate matters.

Storytime Theatre is a thing that ideally will happen every now and then. There are currently plans for three of them. The next one will cover Lloyd’s plan to sneak into the Crossroads, and the third will discuss details of the first post human war which led to the creation of the Crossroads in the first place. Naturally, there is a great danger of the entire medley format getting old and stale and overused. This is on me. Surely i can think of how to keep it fun. But also, you know, the next one would be like one of those old two man vaudeville shows, you know, put on by both Raven and Lloyd, they’d do duets, banter, skits… you know, a proper 2 man vaudeville performance. Surely that has some merit and potential.

So ideally these will come out every so often, like in between Fairypunk releases. So after Biopunk.

Next up of course is Janissary. It features Lauren Osborn as Brija, Jovana Gavrilovic as Danijela, Bojan Stanković as Bogdan, and Tomislav Čeleketić as the Black Monk. The Vizier will be sung by the Vizier. On guitar is Ivan Vukadinovic, who you might remember from the Carnival, and on violin is Dimitrije Mandić.

All recording session are set up for the beginning of September, except Lauren who will record in London.  Guitar is being recorded and sent to me from now until September, but most singers and the the violinist will record in the city of Nis (birthplace of Emporer Constantine). Janissary is 1 hour and 17 minutes, an hour and 20 if you include the hidden bonus track. It is a proper rock opera. I have not divided it into acts although if you WERE, it would be three acts, although upon release i don’t think it will have any labeling for acts.

Once the album is finished, there are a few people who believe they may be able to use it to get funding for a concert performance, but do not hold your breath. It’s a vague possibility, nothing actually realistic, all i’m saying is that enquiries would be made. IF that were to take place there would be a live album version. But that idea is just a fantasy at the moment. Hell, maybe you won’t even like it, although there are sometimes albums i make that i freaking well know i like a lot. Even if no one else likes it, i know it’s a job well done. Dieselpunk Opera, for instance. I know i liked the Meme album for what it is, even if everyone were to hate it (which so far no one does, but someone’s out there who didn’t like it and they’re just being polite, which is nice of you.) This is definitely one of the crown jewels in my.. wait for it… 10 dollar word of the day coming up here folks… savor it…. one of the crown jewels in my oeuvre, even if it’s not for everyone. We just have to get all the parts to come together properly.

The Biopunk Fairytale is written and musical ideas are starting to come, always a good sign. I have two big trips coming up in July and August, so i will likely not actually get started on it until after Janissary, but it’s kind of set to begin work on.

Let’s see… anything else? No that’s it. I do have the FULL score to Dolls pretty much set. And i mean full orchestration score, the big kahuna. It needs another day or so over going over. I may put that out before i head to the states in a week. It’s not the kind of thing that would interest the normal listener. It’s really only for troupe who are interested in putting up a live performance with live instruments who would then take the score and tailor it to their needs. There was a smaller scale score floating around ever since the Oxford production, but this is the first time the actual full score would be available. It would not be 10 bucks. It would be more like 50. I typically do not charge anything for non equity productions to put up Dolls. I let everyone put it up from free (once again, let my inability to make competent business decision be your gain), so 50 bucks to buy the full score is actually well within a friendly and accommodating parameter.

Okay, now i’m done. There

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Dolls Of New Albion Complete Piano And Vocal Score Available Now!

Holy i just ate a tub of margarine all by myself because i have issues you can’t even begin to contemplate and now i don’t feel so good! Here’s the link!

Have you ever wanted to play the songs from Dolls Of New Albion on piano and sing along to them? Maybe selected songs, maybe the entire damn thing? Well, finally you can. At long last, the complete piano and vocal score to The Dolls Of New Albion, A Steampunk Opera is available for purchase.

“But Paul,” you say. “What i really want is the chords and the vocal parts. Surely this doesn’t have the simple chords written out?”

Holy tushywackers are you in luck. Comes complete with freaking chords.

“Wow, Paul,” you say. “That must have been a serious pain in the bum to compile. The whole thing? Surely you’re going charge an arm and a leg for it?”

No! Let my inability to make competent business decisions be your gain! The entire book of sheet music is only $10! And if you call before midnight tonight you get not one, but two amazing formats! Now how much would you pay? But wait! There’s more! Wait… ok there’s not more. Here’s the deal: The sheet music is bought through Bandcamp and then i send you the files as a .zip. There are two formats: PDF and Sibelius. Most of you will use the PDF but Sibelius is the actual format used to create the sheet music so that those of you who actually work with music notation can alter and edit the music as you wish to suit your individual needs and playing style. If people want the PNG format i can do that too and can include it as a 3rd format, i just need to know if that is actually desired. Sorry, no JPG. I can do TIFF though.

Act 1 S2 New Albion 1 Piano_0001Act 1 S2 New Albion 1 Piano_0002

Act 1 S2 New Albion 1 Piano_0003

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Uncle Ravens’ Storytime Theater: Never Never Land! Free EP! Out Now!

Uncle Raven's Storytime Theatre Paul Shapera Sarah DeBuck

I should wait to release it. I shouldn’t make such pandering dreck in the first place. I should sit down and take a good look at my life and identify all the many places where i’ve gone wrong. So many bad decisions, so little time to contemplate them all. So screw it. Here it is.

For those of you who have no desire to hear more Raveny drivel and wish it would just go away, we’ll see you in October for the full length rock opera Janissary (by far one of the best things i’ve ever made). For those of you who actually find this sort of thing amusing, let’s go for a spin to areas of town we shouldn’t and drink things we’ll regret tomorrow, shall we?

Uncle Raven’s Storytime Theater! An 18 minute free EP! FREE! Just download and enjoy! If, however, you… wanted to donate in order to help the rock opera Janissary get made… the expensive rock opera that needs donations… i’m just sayin’ if you WANTED to… no one will stop you. It certainly is just a donation. Seeing how this EP violates every known copyright law several times over i absolutely wouldn’t DREAM of charging for it. Oh heavens no.

So here you go. A little 18 minute show. Songs and a story and even viewer mail. Enjoy.


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Judgement Day By Oliver Marsh

What is Oliver Marsh, godlike voice behind John O-Brien, Connor and Samuel, up to these days? Well, kicking ass and being awesome. And writing original music.

“I am finally going to risk it and put a tune or 2 I have written out there to see what you think. If you actually listen to my stuff and like it then please share the shit out of it to help me ‘get it out there’, as my mum is always telling me I need to do. here goes:”

and in addition here is his other track, Feed Me To The Lions:


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Hey Luna! Yes, You. Here’s Something To Cheer You Up

Hey Luna,

I know we don’t really know each other. I know you like some of my work, and we’re thus connected on FB, and have similar tastes in memes and posts. I know enough to know that growing up trans can be tough af and I’m sorry to hear you’re feeling so down. Aside from offering really dumb advice (like, have you found any groups online of other folks in your position? It might help to talk to others dealing with the same shit. If you’re already doing this just ignore me, if not I know NADS is full of fine trans and genderqueer folks and I know there’s plenty of other groups out there) the one thing I know can do is try to cheer you up by making something really stupid.

This is that stupid.



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The Forgotten Meme, A Cyberpunk Fairytale: Thanks and Up Next

So hang on while i do the mandatory plug.

The Forgotten Meme, A Cyberpunk Fairytale Out Now! Check it out here:

This album is a hit! Thank you to everybody who is buying it, sending me messages and kind words, it is always the fuel that warms my burnt little heart.

Almost everybody knows this by now, but i have to state it. The next two projects coming up are Uncle Raven’s Storytime Theatre: Never Never Land, which i’ve just finished and which i can now release basically at any time, and the big one: Janissary, A Balkan Rock Opera. Janissary release date is more likely to be October. Raven… i mean, should i space it out? Like, wait until later this month or August to fill the gap? Tomorrow? I’m undecided. Raven’s Storytime Theatre will not be released on any site other than Bandcamp since it is free (although any…. “donations” will go towards paying for Janissary). I am open to opinions.


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The Forgotten Meme, A Cyberpunk Fairytale Is Out Now On Bandcamp!

Featuring Kerttu Aarnipuu, the new album The Forgotten Meme is out now on Bandcamp!

The first in the new fairypunk series (a cyberpunk fairytale, a biopunk fairytale, and the third one still to be announced) it is a simple bedtime fairytale for your enjoyment. Come… visit the lost land of New Albion once more as the future continues on it way.


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