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My name is Paul Shapera, a musician working under the name Mocha Lab. I make albums, theater shows, videos, dance pieces, commercials and move around a lot.

New Albion Noir: Introducing Candice Price As Katy

Ladies & Gentlemen, i am pleased to introduce you to Candice Price, the voice of Katy on the upcoming noir album.

Here are some delicious samples from her Soundcloud:

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Post Cabaret Thoughts And Photos

I posted this text on FB along with some photos there, and im going to copy it again here because it sums up in the best words i can manage my thoughts post cabaret, as i now prepare to go back home after a long, long, long, really freaking long, no im serious, reeeeeally. freaking. long. month:

I’ve just spent several days meeting and performing for… “fans” is a loaded word that makes me think of prancing rock bands performing arrogantly for a faceless sea of screaming bodies. I’ve met and talked and hung out with so many wonderful people over the last few days, who keep giving me gifts (i literally had to buy a second suitcase, curse you) and thanking me and trying to tell me how much i’ve touched them, and they’re each so wondrous and kind and iconic and the truth is, while it’s hard to wrap my head around how touched they seem to be, the truth is that it is they who have saved me, in every way possible, more than i could ever truly give back to them.

Although… i will try.

(As far as pic and vids, i will post more stuff as it comes in.   There’s a couple audience vids of the slenderjob floating around…)






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Thank You All For The Cabaret & Monday Meetup

Hello all, and thank you for the insanely awesome night last night. Im still waiting on proper pictures, but there are a few audience photos that have made it online this morning. It was a wonderful time and i wish we could perform it again tonight.

For those still around, there will be a meetup this afternoon/evening at Ye Olde Fighting Cock in St Albans today (Mon, Oct 28th) at 5 PM (1700). It’s located on the end of town near the giant cathedral. Whoever’s around, come on down and hang out. I’m definitely there, Lauren is likely to come, a number of folks are definitely coming, so you should too.  The pressure’s off, the canticle sung, so now we can relax and enjoy an evening.

Meeting you all has far and away been the best part of this entire experience. You are so damn wonderful i cannot put my love for you and enjoyment of your company in words. The month of oct has gone from the most cursed week to the most blessed and i may need to get checked for emotional whiplash. I am so delighted at the prospect of getting  to see you all one last time, and for those already on their way back home or off to other adventures, be well, thank you for making this week and performance so wonderful  for myself and the cast, and see you again.








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Countdown To The Cabaret

All right folks, it’s a new week and in this weird and wonderful week we are counting down to the New Albion Cabaret. I am already in London, i know many of the guests are on their way, and soon we shall be singing you pretty songs about terrible things.


While i am dutifully practicing and responsibly trying to look out for everyone’s well being, Lauren is currently on the floor of her summoning room, with arcane charts littering her pentagram space, anxiously deciding who will make the best blood sacrifice. She is just over 92 after all and those decades don’t  come off cheap.

We’re all looking  forward to finding out which member of our audience  will be horrifically sacrificed to unnameable gods, so come round to find out yourself. Maybe, with any luck, you will be our special, honored guest. Slurpy slurpy.



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My Mother Has Passed

My mom, Gladys Maharam, passed away 2 days ago. I have flown to Pittsburgh for the funeral and wake (called shiva as she was Jewish).

Obviously this is a week of hell.

The Cabaret is planned for next weekend and i know there are questions about whether it will continue. I am aware that many people have spent a good deal of money buying plane tickets and making plans, so i just want to let you know: i will not let you down.

I am grateful to all of you, in more ways than i think i can ever get across, and thats not just words, i really mean it. I will not let you down.

You have allowed my life to become something wonderful. You have allowed me to live my dream and to do what i have always wanted, to dedicate myself to the only thing i have ever wanted to do. I love you.

i will not let you down.

i can play piano while crying. And since a good bit of you masochistically like to cry too, i’m in a great position to help you do that. We will sing tales of wonder and weirdness and heartbreak and sadness and maybe even a hair of joy and hope together. The show must go on  and go on it will.

I’ll see you there.





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The Paul Shapera Bandcamp Interview

I’m on the front page of Bandcamp!!! Very nice interview. My deepest thanks to Samuel Tornow.

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Special Cabaret Only T Shirts Vs. Hoodies Vs. Sweatshirts

Normally i wouldn’t say anything in advance about the special, available at performance only t-shirts/hoodies with a brand new, specially made design by the incredible, hard rocking Apologetically Offensive / Alyssa Wiswall. They will be a one time only run of merch available only at the performance  with a special, one time only design, and no, you can’t see it before hand.

But as i sit here and decide what to order and how many, it would be helpful to know what folks attending would be interested in purchasing: T shirts, hoodies or sweatshirts? Obviously i dont want to over order so if this is something you’d be interested in and you’ll be attending, im curious which of these apparel options is the most attractive. Please chime in.


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