Takeover Post by Vadvi

hey paul check out my lloyd and raven fanart :3c

post this on ur blog

that is my request for the fan takeover




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Takeover Post by Andrew Shepard

As mentioned, we are doing a new series called Fan Takeovere, where you may takeover the blog for a day and post whatever you wish. The first person to send a takeoever post was Andrew Shepard, so here is his post:


My hands are shaking as I type this, and I have a monster the size of a parrot on my shoulder whispering something that isn’t reassurance into my ear right now.  But I’ll talk more about him on my own platform.  Right now, I want to focus on how unbelievable it is that I’m getting this opportunity; to even associate with one of my idols like this . . . it just doesn’t feel real.  It’s like I’m living in some weird wonderland and any second the Red Queen is going to jump up and throw me back into the real world.

But I’m not, am I?  This is real.  This is fucking real!

But that’s enough ass-kissing.  I apologize for how much of an obsessive fanboy I am.  I’m not writing this just to suck up to somebody I practically worship.

This is a sort of thank-you to one of the people who helped me realize what I want to do in life.  I didn’t know I was an artist until I listened to the New Albion Trilogy and other works by our lord and savior.  It’s a little (okay, a lot) gushy to say this, but Paul, you really are the catalyst that kick-started my career as a legitimate musician.

I’ve always loved music.  I’ve got so much of it downloaded onto my tablet that I don’t even have enough space to update my pre-installed apps.  I started playing the trumpet in fifth grade and I’ve been told that when I started playing piano, it was like I had reconnected with an old friend.  But I didn’t realize that music was my life until I stumbled onto Dolls one night after talking with a fellow steampunk about steampunk music.

I wrote my first song after listening to Dolls.  Spoiler alert, it sucked, and I’ve forgotten it now.  But it was the start of an electronic album that was supposed to tell a story without the use of lyrics because I suck at lyrics.

As I got more into making music instead of just listening to it, Paul’s works stuck with me.  You’re all going to judge me for this, but I learned all of Dolls by ear and actually performed the first act as my senior project in high school.  I also check this blog religiously.  Like I said, I’m an obsessive fanboy and I’m sorry.

It was the post about The Bifrost Incident that made me realize I could actually make music career.  I’m not Freddy Mercury or Roger Waters.  I’m not even Paul Shapera or The Mechanisms, but the latter two made me realize that I didn’t have to be the former to be a musician.  I’d already written a song.  I liked telling stories through music.  And apparently that’s something more people than me do.  So, fuck it, I said at seventeen, I’m going to write a concept album and release it on Bandcamp.

So, yeah.  Thanks, Paul.  I had no direction in life and now I intend on graduating college with a liberal arts degree so I can make Jack Shit selling music.



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New Albion Buttons, Magents, And Other Art By PixelWayve

The Artist Pixelwayve is now offering some NA pins and other related art, all proceeds going to the charities like March For Our Lives.

And stay tuned for the fan takeover of this blog. ANyone who wnats can tkae over this blog for a day and post anything they wish. If you’re interested make a note in the comments, email me, just get in touch, make a post and i will post it, no edits, as is.

New Albion Buttons and Pins

New Albion Buttons Pins




Rachael & Mascot.jpg



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Let’s Talk Biopunk

I have actually been very hard at work on the Biopunk Fairytale, although recent events have taken a toll. But have no worries, my sadness will be your torture! Yay!

I have managed to finish the demo for the opening track, which is… not a… it’s more like a suite and it’s 18 minutes long. I understand this is a ridiculous length (although it’s really like 3 songs in one just with no breaks), so i sent it off to a few people to see if they thought it was too much. I was told things like they wished it never ended so i’m going to go ahead and say screw it, you’re going to get an 18 minute opening suite whether you want it or not. (Although there is an initial track before this, a prelude, mostly with sfx and chanting).

So now we’ve moved on to The Mayor’s Song and then we really get things moving after that.

Biopunk is less… synthy then you might expect. I like synthy, don’t get me wrong, but it’s not the same music environment as The Little Meme. I do use synth textures like i do in TLM, but they’re married to other colors. I really, really want this album to feel like an odyssey, i want the music to create an immersive, colorful world. I have been working very hard to advance myself this album, using more colorful chordings and have forbidden grooves with a snare on the 2 and 4 beat. (The standard rock rhythm which i use for EVERYthing) I want you to get lost inside this album, immersed in it as i take you on a journey to a shanty town in the park of our dear city.

Liel Bar X will star as The Broken Cyborg, Lauren will have an awesome cameo that’ll bring the house down, and i’ll need 1 to 2 other voices. I definitely need a female to sing The Mayor, maybe another female to sing *** ****** *****, and likely i’ll voice Zander because it simply saves a whole lot of money. But i would be nice to have someone else do it… we’ll see.

Release will be in 6 months. About. This will not be as short as The Little Meme. I mean, when you’re opening track is 18 minutes and nothing actually has happened yet, you know it’s not going be short.

Psyche will be back as Han Mi and i’ve stated a number of times (i just don’t always remember where) that Han Mi will narrate all 3 of the Fairypunk albums (Meme, Cyborg and…. i know what happens but not a name or framing device. Actually, i was thinking of having a podcast framing device, like all those murder podcasts which i’ve been listening to for several months now. All i listen to is buttloads of late 60s / 70s era jazz and podcasts. And it makes me happy.)

There is no secret Astonishing Tales New Albion podcast narrated by Lloyd and it will not be released at least once every 2 weeks, so go about your business.



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Henry The Alchemist Art by Breadwaisly

I got sent this awesome piece of art of Henry and had to post it. By Olga (Breadwaisly):

Henry The Alchemist by Breadwaisly Paul Shapera new Albion

There is nothing else to report. Despite reports to the contrary there is no secret podcast, these rumors are clearly lies meant to lure poor, unsuspecting innocents into whatever nefarious plots morally questionable parties have devised for them. There is nothing to see here other than this wonderful art. Go about your day.

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Lauren Osborn’s Christmas Cracker Cabaret

To quote:


If you LOVE Christmas and LOVE Christmas songs and LOVE me and LOVE live music, then come along to the Christmas Cracker Cabaret on Monday 3rd December and Monday 10th December 7.30pm for MINCE PIES (Included in ticket price) and an evening full of the Christmas favourite well-known pop songs, a few traditional Christmas carols, and some lesser known comedy musical theatre numbers for good measure. There’s some truly splendid singers joining me who I will be announcing over the coming weeks.

Tickets can be bought here,
or here,

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Best Of Fan Art Oct. 2018

Welcome to our new monthly series, Best Of Fan Art, where each month we showcase the best fan art of that month.

First up is Brija by Masking Tape

Stinky Bird Man Who I Love by Spudnick

The Black Monk by Zander

Some Doodles BC I Love Them by Vadvivon

Jack of Ash (also) by MaskingTape

Princess Crown / Genderbent Raven by Lime

But wait! There’s more! Art is not only perty lil pikchers. Here are two song covers:

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