What Kind Of Memes Would The AIs Meme If The AIs Could Meme Memes?

Now, it stands to reason that in the cyberpunk age, New Albion has its share of hackers as well as general computer riff raff. I would imagine that some of the best hackers, the elite, would have noticed and concluded that on the web was… some arbitrator of rules. There are things you cannot do if someone does not want you to. Is it government? Is it corporate? Is it… someone? Something? Because in the end, the net in New Albion is not truly free, the AIs have final say as to what they will allow to go on or not go on there.

Theories might abound. But only amongst the circle good enough to even have noticed and concluded something is there.

Now, the AIs might wish to interact. It’s their only real interaction with humanity since they got into the room. Maybe they wish to understand this new generation. Maybe they wish to have a finger on humanity in case they need to alleviate paranoia that they even exist. Maybe they don’t mind a couple people knowing they exist. Who knows? But at some point they decide to interact and as that interaction grows, they try to join in on the memeing fun.

What would that look like? Former humans (with PTSD) from two generations previous who haven’t actually been human for 20 years trying their hand at being hip and humorous…

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New eBook Lost Fables From New Albion Now On Multiple Formats

lost fables from new albion paul shapera

It will be available soon through other outlets like iBooks and Nook, but it is currently available through in most formats should kindle’s .mobi not  be your thing.

Three new stories and a lot of new content added to pre-existing stories. Also, now with 98% less grammar and spelling errors!

It is of course available through Amazon in the Kindle .mobi format:

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EBook Lost Fables From New Albion Available Now!

The book is here! Featuring the long awaited Ballad Of Lloyd Allen, two to other brand new stories that expand on the lore as well as a whole heap of other new content added to existing stories. If you enjoy New Albion i promise you won’t be disappointed.


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Video Of Thistle N Thorn Production Of Dolls Now Online

It is here for all interested.


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Lost Fables From New Albion: The Radiated Pile Of Ooze

Lost Fables From New Albion by Paul Shapera

This is not the cover, but it’s likely close.

So there will be a 3rd new story to the book, The Radiated Pile Of Ooze (The Prime Of Beatrice Wynn). I did not intend for there to be such a story, i had simply thought that it was a shame there were so few stories about atompunk era lore, oh well too bad i’m taking a nap because i don’t get much sleep this week playing single dad to by two little boys… and 15 minutes later this whole story has just hit me, detail after detail, boom, and so you sigh, drop an F bomb and give up on the whole nap thing.

There has been a great deal of editing. Many stories on the blog were put with no proofreading (i know, i suck) and jeeeeeeeez…. they were a mess to read. So that’s all been cleared up. In addition, sitting down to all of these stories at once has been a great opportunity to tighten up the canon.  Clearly, there are some things written long before certain albums came out, like stuff involving the mafia and the gang of 4 and the albinos, which mentioned tings going in directions The Room Beneath rendered obselete. So i was able this week to go over it all and get all the canon to fit nicely together.

“Hey Paul, where’s my damn Act 3, bech?”

Also, i needed a break from song 4 which, after having made some of it and thrown lyrics onto, resulted in a fit of anguish and despair upon hearing it SUCK. And it can’t suck. I didn’t know how to unsuck it. So i took a week off, which is good because yesterday in the car it finally came to me how to make it work. Possibly. I hope. Every step is a step forward.

In any case, we’re so close to being able to put the book together and get it out that i’m focusing on it exclusively for the moment.  So yes, we have another brand new story which give the entire backstory of the radiated pile of ooze mentioned in the atompunk opera. One of my better efforts, i believe.


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Upcoming Book Of New Albion Stories

Which i’m trying to name. Tales from New Albion is the obvious title, but i was going to use that for the album of stories (next after Act 3).Suggestions?

While this book collects stories from the blog, there are two new tales: The Ballad Of Lloyd Allen and Amelia & The Baron. 

I also have to figure out a cover. I’m leaning heavily towards one of the images Sarah De Buck made for the merchandise (which you have checked out, right? The art is GORgeous. Available here or through Bandcamp


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The Rabbit Hole Comic Discussion

In which two horrifying geeky comic nerds (ahem… i plead the 5th) discuss comics. Mostly centering around the Image line, but not exclusively.

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