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Frenchy And The Punk

One of the mainstays of the steampunk and cabaret music scene, Frenchy And The Punk (she’s Frenchy, he’s the Punk) are touring behemoths. From music clubs to steampunk cons to faerie and witch festivals they take their in your face eurofolk carnivalpunk across the states to wherevere America and alternate world overlap.

In all this they have recorded a new album which i turn your attention you. Once again we demonstrate how “steampunk music” can an utterly different interpretation for a different artist.

Should you like this music you can check out and buy the full album (or any tracks thereof) here at Bandcamp.

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Morella & The Wheels Of If

“”If you don’t like dramatic, gothic tales of madness and intrigue set to carnival waltzes all fueled by operatic female vocals and great piano playing, then move along. But if you do, then step right up to The Wheels of If!”


The Wheels Of If are a steampunk band originating out of New Orleans. Led by Aeryk and Laura Laws they feature piano and drum led victorians style muscial landscapes with two female singers.

I am going to assume the name Morella is in homage to the classic steampunk film The Mysterious Explorations of Jasper Morella.  Hell one of the characters in the opera is named Jasper in homage to the same short.

A sampling of the band’s music can be perused here:

Morella & The Wheels Of If | Shipwrecked | CD Baby.

The band uses film, video and photgraphy to accentuate their live shows. They also sometimes prepare absynthe on stage and pass it around to the audience. You know, flaming spoon and all that. It’s good fun. nott eh same witihout teh wormwood but lord that stuff can get you 3 ways til next sunday…

They also hand make other fun vicotiran inspired goodies like flip books, thaumatropes, & bookmarks.

Their debut album Shipwrecked is available here.

For more information and stuff to check out, visit the band’s website at

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The Clockwork Quartet

Here’s a quarky little steampunk band.

Their music is very much the type of instrumentation one would expect from  something labelled “steampunk”. There is a very theatrical style to the vocals and the songs all tell stories. Much like most other bands in the genre, the musicians involved embrace character guises they perform under.

The band’s founder, Edward Saperia, is also a part time magician,  and the immersive Edwardian storybook meme runs throughout their performances. So listen to a story or 2…

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Abney Park- Cap’n Robert, the crew of the Ophelia, and their Steampunk Band

Abney Park is a Seattle based band who incoporate the entire steampunk aesthetic into their show, dressing the part and even donning character names and background as crew of the airship Ophelia. Basically like if the crew of Serenity were a band from the steampunk era (which, you know, is a pretty awesome thought).

Aside from the fact that i’m delighted by the amazing fun aspect of this, they’re also really bloody good.

So, “the band’s plane collided with a time-travelling dirigible called the Ophelia – said to have been created by a Dr. Leguminous Calgori (presumably a reference to the 1920 silent film The Cabinet of Doctor Caligari ) – in a freak storm. The band commandeered the vessel, deciding to become airship pirates, and formed a new band from the surviving members of the crash.”

It’s got that full immersion meta concept that was done a bit in the 70s, although their music is definitely modern, with touches of rock, industrial and world. It’s a pretty fresh and fun mix. As far as members, we’ve got, let’s see:

Captain Robert, Abney Park

Kristina and Keyboard (Infinate Reasponse VAS with Steampunk Mods)

Daneil and Basses

Nathaniel and Violin


I would LOVE to see these guy live. Their website is fantastically well done and can be found at It features, vids, music, blogs from most of the members and a stunning design. Seriously.

In any case i leave you with this  killer track from their newest album, The End Of Days. Called, uh… The End Of Days.

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