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Granny O’Grimm’s Sleepy Beauty

This is what is known in colloquial terms as awesome.

Granny O’Grimm tells her version of Sleeping Beauty.

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Ryan by Chris Landreth

This is an exceptional animated tribute by one animator, Chris Landreth, to another, Ryan Larkin, who he met at a rehab facility. 30 years ago, Ryan Larkin produced some of the most influential animated films of his time.

Chris Landreth made this animation video in a style he terms psychological realism. Which is a very good description. The style is about depicting the psychological realism vs. base material realism.

But even that’s not important. What is important is that this little short is…. unbearbly touching. I doubt you will see anything else today that can compare to this, or come close.

Watch it.

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The 5 Best Comedy Sketches

What on earth does this have to do with anything steampunk or dieselpunk opera related? Not much, i admit. But i leave for London in 4 days and still have no place to stay for the first week (inside London. I have a place to stay outside but the cost of commute would be devastating. Of course i have fasted several times. 3 day fasts mostly although i did a 5 day fast once. Of course i’d useless productivity wise, but…)

Anyway, this has led to some friends and i having a laugh about the possible outcomes which always reminds me of my personal all time favorite comedy sketch.

So let’s list 5 of the great ones, shall we? I know everyone will feel i left off their favorites, and i probably did, but this is the ones i thought of while pondering the sketches that have never stopped making me chuckle over the years.

5. Dick In a Box

SNL sucks. It has sucked for a long, long time. But even a stopped clock tells the right time twice a day and let’s face it, this is gold. I personally love the Cowbell sketch, but Dick In A Box far outshines it.

4. The Hedge Sketch

I’m including this mostly because it’s the one most likely to not have been seen (by non British). The others are all SO well known but this maybe you can actually watch for the first time. Plus, it’s awesome. Immensely creative and meta. As with most Americans i watched House for YEARS before someone pointed out that House was King George from Black Adder at which point i went into utter shock.

3. Who’s On First

Yeah, you know it, it’s a classic. But come on, admit it. It deserves to be the classic it is. This is the most iconic sketch ever. It will never die. It never should.

2. The Spanish Inquisition

Usually these lists say the Dead Parrot sketch is the funniest. Now don’t get me wrong, the Dead Parrot sketch is awesome, but you simply cannot beat The Spanish Inquisition. We all know Monty Python should basically  be on all 5 slots of best sketches ever, but for simple diversity we must pick one and this is my pick.

1. The Four Yorkshiremen

This is the one that got the whole post going. It’s impossible to think up dire circumstances or reflect on terrible times without this coming to mind. Honestly, i never tire of this routine. In honor of my first week in London as shivering male prostitute:

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A Sweet Little Bullet From A Pretty Blue Gun

You should have some Tome Waits in your day. Everyone should. Here is yours:

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Please Say Something

On the subject of animated shorts, i present to you the greatest thing you will see all month.

I am in awe of this. For one, the style is utterly original. It’s truly something new and unique. The storytelling is daring. The story itself is a lot like a repeated kick to the groin of your heart, but i would be lying if i said i wasn’t effected by it. It’s not flippant, i’ll tell you that.

It’s made by Irish film maker David O’Reilly. If you like this you can check out his Vimeo page.

And now for something completely different:

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Destino: The Walt Disney/Salvador Dali Collaboration

You might think i’m being facetious, maybe i have an animated video that just LOOKS like what a Disney/Dali collaboration would look like, but no, i kid thee not. In 1946 they worked together on a video for the Fantasia movie that never got fully finished and released.

In 2003 Disney finished it, using the material already made, the copious notes, and Dali’s storyboards.

It is called Destino and i assure you, it looks EXACTLY like what you would picture a Disney/Dali collaboration would look like. Music is by Mexican songwriter Armando Dominguez and performed by Dora Luz.

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Steampunk Kung Fu

I don’t know what to say other than it’s about time.

The movie Tai Chi O is set to be released in theaters on Sept, 27, 2012. It’s Chinese of course, because let’s face it, no one, and i mean NO one makes kung fu movies like the Chinese. And Director Stephen Fung, with Enter The Pheonix and House Of Fury under his belt is a solid choice, not to mention it’s produced by none other than Jet Li.

Tai Chi Zero is part 1 and the sequel, which was shot at the same time is Ta Chi Hero. You want a synopsis?

“In legendary Chen Village, everyone is a martial arts master, and uses a powerful form of Tai Chi in all aspects of their life. Yang has arrived to try and learn it, only to find that it’s forbidden for the villagers to teach their secret style to an outsider. But when a mysterious man comes to town with a frightening steam-powered machine and plans to build a railroad through a village, the villagers realize they may have no choice but to put their faith in Yang, who has a secret power of his own.”

It’s a kung fu movie. Don’t overthink it. Just pass the popcorn

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