The August Sky Playhouse Pt. 5

Jill oddly loves the word wench.

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The August Sky Playhouse Pt. 4

Lloyd is a sweet ninja muffin.

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I Am Moving

But don’t worry, everybody subscribed to this blog will automatically move with me to a new site at

Everything from the old blog has already moved there, and all future posts will be published there as well.

Everyone who subscribe to this blog is moving with me and nothing will change about that. You will still get notifications when I post updates.

For now, though, you can check out the new website at , designed by Mladen Reljanović.

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Noir Album Cover Sketches by Pixelwayve

Pixelwayve has sent 5 sketches for the upcoming cover of the new albion noir album Katy Shaw And The Search For The Stolen Secret. I’m going to post them so you can get a gander. I have already chosen. It was tough at first, but now that i’ve made the choice, i am utterly convinced it was absolutely the correct one.

Cityscape.jpgFolder Outline2.jpgHotel Room Door.jpgSmoking Silhouette.jpgDance Scene.jpg

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Katy Shaw And The Search For The Stolen Secret, A New Albion Noir YouTube Listening Party

If all goes according to plan, and so far everything is falling into place miraculously, the Noir album YouTube listening party will be at 2PM East Coast time (7PM UK) on Sunday, March 8th. Album release will follow in the next day or so. (Some Patreons will receive the album before the listening party, and some right after). I will announce an official album release day but between you and me, it’s Monday or Tuesday March 9th/10th

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My Brain By Kerttu Aarnipuu

Kerttu Aarnipuu, voice of the Forgotten Meme and Sheila from the upcoming Noir album, has written and performed a wonderful song that i’m sharing with you, called My Brain

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18. William Pt. 5

We conclude the saga of William and prepare for what follows.

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17. William Pt 4

Orgies, Lorewhore, and Gore.

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Michael The Noir Narrator

We of course know Michael from the podcast and some mentions in the book Lost Fables Of New Albion. He has already narrated Cthulhu The Funksical, compiled the Lullabies album and has some involvement with Anamnesis. He is the narrator of the New Albion Noir album (i’m going to come up with a better name for it soon) which is due out March 2020.

Here are some portrayals of him by the mighty Pixelwayve.

Michael New Albion Noir Paul Shapera


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New Albion Noir Cast Lineup by Pixelwayve


Album due out March 2020

(left to right: Constance, Sheila, Katy, Cora, Mark)

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