Lauren Osborn Is Getting Married! Support Her Through The Lullabies Album!

Lullabies Paul Shapera Lauren Osborn

I know i’m over releasing, but i’ve been waiting on this one for a year now. Lauren Osborn is getting married this month. So i’m releasing the album Lullabies, a collection of lullabies we did together for a children’s YouTube channel that came to naught. ALL proceeds from it, every dime, every penny, will be sent to Lauren as a wedding gift on behalf of me and you, her audience who she may not even know cares. But here’s your chance to show her you care.

If Lauren’s voice, all these characters, all these albums over the past 6 years, if they’ve moved you, why don’t you show her your support? Purchase this Lullabies album and your purchase, all of it, will go to her so she and her beau can start their new lives.

I would also point out that this album is gorgeous. It was made over the course of 2017 and features Lauren singing absolutely enthralling lullaby music. It’s for chilling, and i have personally used these tracks to put my toddler to sleep for an entire year and can attest to the fact that not only did it work perfectly, knocked him out like a light, i actually found it immensely pleasurable to listen to over and over again. Oh, Lauren’s voice is just SOOOO smooth.

Don’t you need a serious, mellow, chill out album in your life? One whose beauty will move you and give you some vestige of hope in humanity? Of course you do.

I’ve been planning this for an entire year and have been unable to say anything because it’s a surprise. But now that the wedding is almost upon us, it is time. Come, show your love to Lauren and help wish her well.


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4 Star Review Of Thistle N’ Thorn’s Production Of Dolls Of New Albion

I told you not to mess with Amy “Bad Bech” Barclay. But you just wouldn’t listen.

Here’s a review of the show:

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The Early Works Series

Caravan Paul Shapera

I am warning you ahead of time, a lot of this is rough and you should pause before considering buying it (although each is only a dollar). I would have lived out my life without releasing my early works, however the fan server has been bugging me for a bloody year to release this stuff. So if people actually enjoy it, okay. Young me would have been thrilled. Older me is a bit perplexed and apprehensive, but a.) if folks want it they can have it , b.) it can be interesting to hear an artist’s steps from early years to their more mature works, and c.) as i’ve also said on the server, for fans who are young and struggle with being rough around the edges, we were ALL rough around the edges. If hearing my youthful rough edges helps you make piece with yours and keep going, then my duty demands it.

Early Works on Bandcamp. (Scroll to bottom)

The early works series is 3 to 4 albums from my younger days. Two of them, Justacorp and Caravan contain Raven and are part of a three album “Adams Arc”, that is David Adams transformation into Raven. (Yes, Raven is a very old character i have been playing about with since the beginning of my music making.) Justacorp is VERY old. It was made with my high school music partner Jeff Miller when we were 19. It was the culmination of our adolescent partnership and the last album we made before drifting our separate ways. Jeff currently plays with the band New Monsoon, who you should definitely check out. Holy crud were we young when we made this. I am sharing this at the behest of others, even though i think they’re nuts to suggest sharing this one. Just keep in mind two little 19 year olds railing against THE MAN! Yeah!

The second Adams Arc album is Shadows & Flames which is already on Bandcamp at the request of my late friend Shaun Rolly.

The third installment is Caravan. Raven, now officially Raven, MCs it, and with a little bit of retconning the official take is that it’s an old show he and Lloyd ran during the 2nd Playhouse in order to experiment with flowering a post human. It was only successful one time, when it flowered a young woman named Kate who would go on to become the Narrator of Dolls. No, it does not feature Kayleigh, it actually has young, little Paul pitch bending his vocals up to designate a female. I’m telling you, some of this stuff is rough. However many in the fanbase insist they love it and that others will too.

The final album has no New Albion correlation, although you’re welcome to fit it in however you wish. It is, of all things, a hip hop album i did YEARS ago with group of MCs i was hanging out with. I do not rap on it (thank the gods), i do the audio, they do the rapping. I just found this on at my mom’s place when i was visiting, and frankly, it’s not half bad.


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Dolls Of New Albion At Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2018, Presented by Thistle& Thorn Productions

Dolls is at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival again this year, presented byThistle & Thorne productions, led by the astonishing Amy Barclays. You may be cool, but you’ll never be Amy Barclays reciting the history of New Albion while eating haggis cool.

Aug 6th to 11th at Apex Grassmarket Hotel.

For more info check out their Facebook page

But wait! There’s more! While you’re there, why not check out Thistle & Thorn’s OTHER production The Burnt Part Boys? You may be cool, but you’ll never be Amy Barclay killing every male in a small West Virginia town in a mining disaster cool.

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Congratulations to the NTSA For Their Successful Dolls Of New Albion New York Run!

A huge congratulations to the entire cast and crew of the National Theater for Student Artists for their, by all accounts, incredible performance of Dolls in New York City this past weekend.

I am honored to be the composer whose work you chose and I, along with the entire fandom, am dying to see the recording that will be coming out soon.

I was a teenage theater geek and spent my teenage years doing programs exactly like this, and I can’t believe that now there are students using my work to have some of their first, life changing theatrical experiences. I will literally start weeping if I talk about this too long.

I am hearing rave reviews of the performance and hope I get a chance to work with some if you professionally in the future. For now, I hope your experience was everything some of my experiences were to me, and a huge congratulations for kicking *** like ************* rock stars.


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The Forgotten Meme, A Cyberpunk Fairytale Out Now On iTunes

With all the work on Janissary, the release of Storytime and my trip to the states (i’m boarding a plane to the Motherland early tomorrow morning) i forgot to mention that for those of you who prefer to buy from iTunes, The Forgotten Meme is indeed out on iTunes as well as just about every other place you could want to buy or listen.

As much as i disloike Spotify, i get asked repeatedly to put stuff on there, so Forgotten Meme is also on Spotify this time around. It’s everywhere.

And of course, in about 8 months, long after Janissary is released in Oct, we shall pick up with the 2nd story in the Fairypunk series, The Broken Cyborg, A Biopunk Fairytale, which shall follow the meme’s offspring and, as the Hamlet Wheel far, far below approaches the next great cycle, much to the Mayor’s anxiety, a certain person who has been expelled from the college and come to take residence in the colorful shanty town that has illegally sprung up in the park.

The second tale in the fairypunk series will be longer, more sweeping, and a bit more batshit crazy. Cycles have narrative preferences and thus, oftentimes will have their Merlin and Merlins either have their Arthur or their Mordred. But i digress and blather. Don’t worry about this. Biopunk Fairytale. Coming early 2019.

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Hannah Gadsby: Nanette

Hannah Gadsby Nanette

On Netflix right now is a stand up special called Hannah Gadsby: Nanette that you really should check out. I am far from the first person online to recommend it, although i do, and highly i might add. Just go watch it and make sure you actually watch the whole thing. It’s an hour. Trust me, it’s worth it.

Hannah Gadsby speaks with a voice that is powerful and moving. Frankly, i watched this days ago and i’m still thinking about it constantly. If you’ve ever felt marginalized, certainly if you’re LGBT+, you should watch it. If you’re not, then you REALLY should watch it.

There are some comedians who have taken stand up to places that transcend the medium. In my 20s i cannot express in words what Bill Hicks was to me. Obviously George Carlin falls in this spectrum. Hannah Gadsby is neither, don’t look for them or what they do in this stand up special. They have their voices, she has hers. It’s a very different voice with a very different tale. Yet, i will stand by the statement that it is a continuation of that great transcendent tradition, but in a new way unique to this woman and what she has to say. And i don’t want to over talk about it. She has some jokes, but they’re not the best part and you should watch for the fact that it’s more than just the jokes.


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