The Ten Best Vampire Songs

What is this based on? Incredibly detailed scientific studies. And my own opinion. Mostly my own opinion. Okay, entirely my own opinion. No, i’m not contemplating doing a vampire based album (although many years ago when i was a wee whippersnapper i wrote several tracks for one,  based on Cain becoming a vampire after meeting Lilith, but alas, that project has been long lost to time), mostly because vampires have been really REALLY played out. But they’ll be back. They’re too awesome to ever go away, we just all need a collective break from them for awhile. And yet, here is a list. I would note, the song actually has to be about Vampires, not just contain the word Vampire in them.

10. Kings Of Leon – Close
It’s a great song and they’re legitimately a really good band.

9. Howlin’ Wolf – Evil (Is Going On)
You can’t talk monster of the dark and not go back to old timey blues. You just can’t.

8. Andre 3000 – Dracula’s Wedding
This track is incredibly fun.

7. Meat Puppets – Vampire
I love the mood on this one.

6. Voltaire – The Vampire Club
And speaking of insanely fun, this one is even more fun. If i were throwing a vampire party i would insist this be played.

5. The Toaies – Possum Kingdom
Okay, i do have a soft spot for the 90s, but also, this song is SO catchy. Why wouldn’t you turn the radio up when this came on?

4. My Chemical Romance – Vampires Will Never Hurt You
It’s freakin MCR, rocking out about Vampires. Seriously people, the math’s not that difficult.

3. Concrete Blonde – Bloodletting
It’s a classic and it’s got it all. Little mood, little attitude.

2. Lush – I Have The Moon
I have a showgaze streak from once upon a time and i love Lush. This song is gorgeous.


  1. Roky Erickson – Night Of The Vampire
    The quintessential vampire song. Just the right amount of old to sound a little classic.


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Best Werewolf Song Ever? Blitzen Trapper – Furr

Not that there’s a huge pool to choose from, but i submit this as the best werewolf song ever made. Yes, i’ll put it next to Werewolves From London of Wolf Like Me. It’s gorgeous, it’s wonderful and i just love this song.

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Cover For Uncle Raven’s Storytime Theater

Uncle Raven's Storytime Theatre Paul Shapera Sarah DeBuck

Due out in July here is Sarah De Buck’s probable cover for the Raven mini EP. Or you could also call it a really extended track.)

Release dates are Forgotten Meme: June 28th to July 1st

Raven Storytime: Mid July

Janissary: Sept.


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The Uncle Raven’s Storytime Theater Medley Contest!

Not everyone is into Raven and the odd humor that goes with him. I understand. If this is you, i promise i have delights a plenty coming besides this. If you wish i’d put out another serious, epic, full length musical opera like i did with the New Albion Trilogy, i have you covered. The upcoming rock opera Janissary will deliver all you want and features all new singers, a guitarist and even a violinist if all goes according to plan, which so far it is.

If what you want is for me to simply make a great album that continues the New Albion timeline, The Forgotten Meme, A Cyberpunk Fairytale is coming VERY soon. I leave in less than 2 weeks to record vocals and there will lots of posting as that occurs.

But there is an album coming up for the fans of… a particular type of fan who will experience my love undiluted. A free album where your kindly uncle Raven tells you a brand new story. It’s 18 minute of… god knows what and heaven help you. It too is now complete and i just have to send a little sheet music to Lauren to do some Floozy vocals and it’s done. I will probably wait until after the Cyberpunk Fairytale to release it. Although… i mean i COULD release it sooner. There’s no real reason not to, it just… it just feels right to wait. So i’m gonna wait. But it’s coming.

Yes, it’s pure, shameless fan service. You want more medleys? We got more medley. Plenty more medley for you to pick out the songs to. I don’t in any way try to purposely make them so obscure that they can’t be guessed, but at the same time… what is recognizable to me may not be to everybody. I’m tempted to offer some kind of prize to the first person (or persons, it would easier for more than one to figure it all out) who sends in a complete list of the songs used. Also, i should add, the entire 18 minutes isn’t all a medley. The medley is the first half, more or less. And a bit at the end.

Yes. I like this idea. Okay, the first correct list of songs used in the upcoming Uncle Raven’s Storytime Theater: Never Never Land gets a special prize! Which is… uhm..

Hmm. What do you want? i can send you the album following it for free a week before it’s officially released. Or… do you want something else? I am open to ideas as to what the prize should be. Give me some suggestions. When you send in the correct list, name all the people involved into putting that list together and all will win the prize. Comment below on what the prize should be and i’ll decide over the next day or two.


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The -Punk Fairytale Series

Until the moment I actually begin composition on an album, never take what I say about the future too seriously. Things change as stories flush out and take lives of their own, and plot dilemmas are solved with radical paradigm shifts.

The whole, odd New Albion experiment is indeed headed to a space opera. But the current conception has so many fundamental flaws, I cannot ignore them and i cannot deliver a sub standard product. Most of the flaws people complain about actually occur at this point in the conception process and I am trying to be more conscious of them.

Conversely, the cyberpunk fairytale has hit on something magical, that has possibilities falling like inspirational rain, and clearly suggesting the next run in the timeline. It would be a crime for me not to follow. So rather than jump ahead a few centuries, we’re going to follow the timeline out.

Thus will be the -punk fairytales. A cyberpunk fairytale is coming in just over a month. After that will come a Biopunk fairytale. I’m not going try to declare the third one now, so don’t quote me on nanopunk fairytale.

All the fairytale albums are complete, self contained stories within themselves, while at the same time clearly moving forward the larger New Albion timeline, and following the generations of a particular family. Yes, you know the drill, no you haven’t seen it done like this before. You’ll see what I mean in a few weeks.

The stories are complete and satisfying and succinct. 45 minutes, one story, begins and ends. Yet also within it, larger and smaller New Albion world details and timelines are happening, all part of the great New Albion Musical Story Experiment. Also, there will be Albinos.

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The Little Meme, A Cyberpunk Fairytale Cover Art by Shibara

I won’t lie. I peed myself.

Text will come later, i wanted to give you all a chance to gaze upon it unsullied. By Shibara.

The Forgotten Meme - cover a 3yberpunk Fairytale Paul Shapera Cover


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Kayleigh McKnight: Live at The Other Palace (The Big Smoke Fest)

Kayleigh McKnight

Wonder what Kayleigh McKnight is up to these days? Well, kicking ass and being awesome. If you’re in or around London you HAVE to go to her debut cabaret performance.


The Other Palace

12 Palace Street, SW1E 5JA London, United Kingdom

Sunday, July 15 at 5 PM6 PM UTC+01
“Grab yourself a G&T and join West End Actress Kayleigh McKnight for her debut cabaret performance at The Other Palace. Expect acoustic covers, face-melting belting, gin-induced chatter, as well as hits from some of Kayleigh’s past work, including the current West End hit Tina – The Tina Turner Musical. ”

A stunning solo from McKnight in I’m A Star, alongside a powerful accompaniment from Alan’s piano work, had the audience cheering.” – Jonathan Baz at Scott Alan: Live At Zedel.

Kayleigh McKnight was definitely an audience favourite with her breathtaking performance of ‘Creep’ which showed off her vocals perfectly” – Rewrite This Story at West End Live Lounge

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