Listen To Chicano Batman, ‘Freedom Is Free’

Chicano Batman Freedom Is Free

You need more 70s  dripping , Brazilian tropicalia, spacey psychedelia, and slow-jam soul in your life. That is why you should listen to Chicano Batman’s new album, Freedom IS Free. Chicano Batman is this awesome LA band channeling a groovaliscious, 70s infused psychedelic pop and i so dig this new album.

Listen here:

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Stragglers – Trailer – A Retro-Future Low-Fi Sci-Fi Adventure Featuring Lauren Osborn

Lauren is in an extremely cool looking project of VHS sci-fi madness that you should definitely check out.

A retro-future romp through the lives of the least important people in the galaxy. Written and directed by Ben Roper and produced in-house by RAPTURE, ‘Stragglers’ is a 32 minute proof of concept sci-fi film that tells the story of the galaxy’s least successful couriers as they take on the first, and what may be the last job they ever do. Merging a soundtrack plucked straight form the 80s with true indie-film special effects, Stragglers is a retro-future sci-fi adventure that takes in lightspeed emergencies, long lost senators, inter-planitary rescue missions, talk of gods and impending doom and features a score written by highly acclaimed composer James McCarthy.

You can follow them on FB to keep track of the project’s fruition.

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Album Engraving By Casey Kikendall

First, let me thank you all for your purchases on Friday. We raised $100 for the ACLU. Every bit, bit by bit.

On other fronts, right before i left for the week in Belgrade i’m about to wrap up (my mom flew in from Pittsburgh to visit her two grandchildren) i got package in the mail. The package was a metal engraving of one of my album covers AND IT IS AWESOME. I only had time to gaze at it and rub my buttered belly on it for a few minutes before leaving, but i did snap a picture:



It was made by Casey Kikendall who will be starting up an Etsy some time soon and who has my personal adoration and recommendation. Huge thumbs up. The Yugest. The best thumbs. All the way up. Remember you heard it here first, Casey Kikendall’s work is wonderful.

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This Friday, Stand with Bandcamp in Support of Immigrants/Basic Human Values

Folks, on Friday, Feb 3rd, beginning 8:01am GMT, Bandcamp will be donating 100% of their cut from all music sales to the American Civil Liberties Union. I intend to match this, by donating 100% of my share of album proceeds during this time as well. Any sales i receive will go fully to the ACLU. Maybe there’s the odd album you’ve been thinking of picking up. Well, Friday would be the day, assuming the ACLU and an album or two of mine is something you stand behind.


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Hadestown: Why We Build The Wall (Stop what you’re doing right now and listen to this)

Hadestown by Anais Mitchell is FREACKING AWESOME. WHY YOU NO TELL ME ABOUT THIS BEFORE NOW?!?! Seriously, just stop what you’re doing for 4 minutes and listen to this here song.

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The Mechanisms: The Bifrost Incident. (aka If you listen to only 1 Mechanisms album, this would be the one)

The Mechanisms, The Bifrost Incident

The Mechanisms are a young band i have been championing for some time, because 1. they are trying to do something no one else is, and 2. i like what they are trying to do. It is right up my alley.

If their first few albums can be rough around the edges at times, well, that’s how bands start.

But there comes a point in a band’s development, maybe they switch from a local bar to a bigger club on a better night, where suddenly they bump up a notch. And it’s noticeable. I mean, they were always good for some beers with your friends on Thursday nights, but one night you’re there standing in the new club, staring up at the stage, and thinking “Holy shit. Wait a minute. These guys are… Fuck. This is some shit right here.”

This is some shit right here.

Yes, loftier words were never spoken in an album review, and with any luck that will be the catchphrase that underlines their first magazine cover feature, but bear with me, because i really do mean that seriously.

There is no question, and i mean NO question, that on the album The Bifrost Incident, The Mechanisms have just leveled up. This album does what they do, tells a fascinating story reworking mythology and geek tropes, and ion between AWESOME narration are steampunk laden songs, sometimes an aria from whatever famous myth character has just appeared on the scene. But this time… it really packs a punch. It hits harder and more precisely than ever before.

The album aims at a mood and it does not putz around, it goes for it, nails it, and as the album goes along that mood deepens and deepens until you really do find yourself standing there, staring up at the stage with your drink only half drunk thinking “This is some shit right here.”

It takes everything The Mechanisms have been doing thus far and does it better. Does it with more focus. Does it with more skill and craft, dopes it with more of a punmch to the gut, and does something they’ve never quite done before, they envelope you in this mood, this dark mood, like, REALLY envelope you, and at some point it’s not quite fun and games anymore, you’ve become their bitch. This mood has captured you.

There was a time when you were at this bar laughing with your mates, and Betty snorted her cocktail out her nose and you all guffawed and John said something about the band and you yelled in his ear over the noise: “Oh yeah, this is good!”

Another night at the bar, same crew, you’ve all been taking a piss out of Tony and Audry just went to get the next round and Daphne said something about the band and you yell over the noise: Oh yeah, this is cool!”

And now here you are. Alone. New place. Your crew isn’t here right now. You’re not sure where you are. There’s the band.  Do they have new gear cause it seems like… you’re alone now, alone in the crowd staring up as they play. And you’re not laughing. You’re… really listening. You’re… sort of just muttering to yourself. “”Holy shit. Wait a minute. These guys are… Fuck. This is some shit right here.”

Check the album out here.


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The Lullaby Album, Children’s YouTube Channel, and Looking For A Simple Animator

In between major albums i always do a small album. In between all the New Albion operas for instance, i did a Fairy Tale album. This time, Lauren, Kevin Hulbert and i are starting a YouTube children’s channel, full of children’s songs. Most of them well known classics, there’s a few originals, and 90% of them are sung by Lauren.

This probably won’t interest those you who don’t have children. I mean, even if David Bowie came back from the dead i would not want to hear his version of The Wheels On The Bus. Especially when it really is for 2 year olds, not some ironic version for grown ups.

However, the aspect of all these tunes we’re pounding out that is serious is the lullabies. I’m actually trying really, really hard to make them great. So much so, that after we post it all on YouTube, our little company will release a full lullaby album, featuring all these songs with nice interesting ambient and sfx bits in between. I’m trying to make a beautiful listening experience for both baby/little one and mama/papa. I know this isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but there are a few of you who i think would dig it. Songs for your dreams. Once again, most are classics (Lavender Blue, The Skye Boat Song, Greensleeves, etc) with a couple originals.

We are looking for someone to make simple little animation videos for the other, more upbeat children’s songs. This isn’t Pixar level we’re talking here, this is simple stuff for 2-5 year olds. If you can and are interested drop me a note.

As for those of you who are shouting at the screen “For f***’s sake, Paul, will you cut it out with the children’s lullaby stuff and get on the sequel tot he Cabaret! Come on! You’re wasting time you bastard!” Rest assured, i am diligently doing the prep work for the Carnival, which involves plotting it, lyrics for the first song, listening to inspiration music, and, most importantly, just letting it all seep. See, i know what i want to do. The How it where it all succeeds and fails, and letting the it all simmer for a bit is very important, and let’s a bunch of the smaller details surface. Mood is VERY important to the Carnival. I am on it. I promise. More on that to come.


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