Thunder Road: Office Arnaud loved his Mom

This is… this is… this is oddly really great.

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Story Of The Puppet: A Creepy Dolls Inspired Photo Story by Hana Erskine Photography

Hana  Erskine makes wonderful photographs of beautiful and terrible things. You can go to or Like her Facebook page to see more, as well you should. Today however, we feature a photo series she did that was inspired by Dolls Of New Albion.

Once upon a time there was a girl. Her name was Isabelle. — with Lara Matossian.


Once upon a time there was a puppeteer. He really liked Isabelle, so he decided she must be his.
First, he made a doll.
Then he started using the Voice to call Isabelle.
— with Marion Erskine.


Isabelle could hear the Voice in her head, but she tried to resist. 


After a while, she couldn’t take it anymore.


She gave up and decided to come to the puppeteer.


The puppeteer captured Isabelle’s soul in the doll and Isabelle became new puppet in Circus Apocalypse.


One day she found the doll. The doll reminded her who she used to be before the puppeteer found her


She decided to free herself. Once she cut herl strings, she realised her soul is still remaining in the doll.


She cut the doll’s strings too, to free her soul.


Once all the strings were cut, she couldn’t feel any difference and she even couldn’t feel her soul anymore.


She realised her soul was gone forever.


She gave the last goodbye to the doll.


It was time to leave.


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6969 Ninja Sex Party

Welcome to the greatest thing ever.

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Electro Swing: Parov Stelar

We continue our exploration of Electro Swing with Parov Stelar, an Austrian musician, producer and DJ. And MAN, this stuff really swings



And of course, how them there kids is dancin’ to this here shenanigans. Cause seriously, watching this guy dance is freaking awesome.

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Caravan Palace:Vintage Hopping Electro Swing

First off, thank you everybody for your submissions. They’re wonderful and i will announce the folks in 2 days time. (if you haven’t sent and want to… basically please do it tomorrow). Thank you all for your interest and based on the response i will make sure to do this again to allow folks who didn’t get in this time to do so next time around.

In the meantime, i really wanted to share my new favorite thing. Psyche Corp, who plays Han-Mi sends me youtube vids occasion, whenever the mood strikes or even sometimes when she sees something that pertains to something in the cabaret (some of them are even what she imagine another character feeling based on the plot she’s aware of, which has been interesting because a couple times it’s a… shade of emotion i hadn’t thought of.)

Anyway, a few days ago she sent me this, and I FRICKIN LOVE THIS. The style is electro swing, a genre i’m about to really dive into listening wise, but off the cuff, Caravan Palace just DOES it for me and encapsulates an intro into a genre i’m really ready to hear. Obviously it’s centered on the merging between old style and new. It’s not simply a mimic of the old style (something i’m struggling with), it truly fuses a current, modern sample based, beat making approach with the soul of the old, the old soul nicely remaining and shining through.  I’m really in love with this band, and they will be my gateway.

Their website is here.



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Henry The Alchemist: Recording Spoken Snippets

Holy jumpin’ juggalos, i did not expect the reaction on social media to the request for people to do spoken snippets.

SOOoooo…. hmm… this creates a dilemma. How do i choose? How do i possibly know who to choose? Here’s my solution:

I know i am using Timothy Ledsam for the boyfriend parts. I will use Mandy Gasson for one of the lines, DEFinitely. The other lines… you want em? Just record yourself doing them and once i have all i need i’ll tell you all. Just choose a line, or a couple of lines, record them, send them in, and once i have enough good ones to go with i’ll let everyone know.

My email is

Here is the demo of the song. While i sing the demo vocals, i am NOT singing the vocals on the album.  Rhys Owen is. You will note at the song’s climax the worst attempt at a wailing falsetto you’ve ever heard. This is because i cannot sing a wailing falsetto. Rhys Owen CAN. I heard him do it on the video that made me hire him. I heard it and i thought “Hot damn that boy can hit a wailing falsetto, you bet your butt i’m putting a wailing falsetto bit in his song.” So i am singing a pathetic attempt at one in order to show him that that is what should be sung there, just a million times better.

None of this pertains to you fine folks. During the  3rd bridge, at 4:45, you will hear the snippet lines. The first bridge, where Henry and his boyfriend are having an intimate conversation, the boyfriend (Evan) will be performed by Timothy Ledsam. The next one, with the old geezer will be performed by me as the old geezer. The next one, with the many voices, that is all you.

It begins around 4:45

The lines are:

  1. “Henry! There’s a new monster attacking the town! We need Hurl, you’ve got to get it up!
  2. (Female) “He can’t get it up?! But if he doesn’t change we’ll all die!”
  3. “Listen up everyone, we’ve all got to pitch in to give Henry an erection”
  4. (Must be sung by at least two people together. If you record this line, get a friend and sing:) “Get it up, Henry, get it up!”
  5. (I am planning on doing this one, but if you REAAAlly think you can pull it off…. has to be a very baritone cowboy voice, very straight and manly sounding, like a guy from Texas named Bubba:) “Get the Men’s Rowing Club over here. Git yer clothes off and start showering. Yeah, spank each other playfully! You… you cowboys you… oh! Okay, well… you don’t need instructions… Where’s the college kid? Good! Give me that shy freshmen look… pretend you’ve never seen one before… yer so curious you just gotta… oh, it’s working! Come on, Henry! Rise and shine, boy!”

The lines are not gender specific except 2 must be female and 5 must be male. Please send .wav files, not mp3s.

So.. just record them and send them in. As soon as i have what i need, i’ll make and announcement. This was the fairest method i could devise. My email is


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Does Anybody Want To Record Some Short Spoken Snippets For The Cabaret?

I have a song in which there are little spoken snippets happening during the bridge sections. It’s just background environment characters saying little quips that pertain to the story the song is telling. They say  some odd things because the song subject is a little odd and risque. I need several voices and thus several people. If a few of you wanted to do it, (assuming you do it well, small snippet or not) and had the ability to record themselves relatively decently (it doesn’t need to be hi end, but it does need to be passable) i’d like to try it out.

Any takers?




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