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The Dolls Of Tamara Pivnyuk

Dolls are cool.

We present to you know dollmake Tamara Pivnyuk from Kiev, Ukraine.

If you like what you see and you want to see more or find out about Ms. Pivnyuk, check out her website here.

Tamara Pivnyuk

Tamara Pivnyuk

Tamara Pivnyuk

tamara pivnyuk

Tamara Pivnyuk

Tamara Pivnyuk

Tamara Pivnyuk

Tamara Pivnyuk

Tamara Pivnyuk

Tamara Pivnyuk

Tamara Pivnyuk

Tamara Pivnyuk

Tamara Pivnyuk

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Jan Svankmajer: The Creepiest Alice Nightmare You Never Had


It would be criminal of me to bring up the Quay Brothers and not Jan Svankmajer.

Jan Svankmajer is a Czech film maker, born in 1934 who is also internationally reknowned for his stop motion films. Many people assume he was a major inspiration on the Quay Brothers, and indeed the stylistic similarities are plentiful at first glance, but despite that the Quays did a short film homage to Svankmajer titled The Cabinet of Jan Svankmajer , the truth is that they discovered him rather late, after most of their style had already been formulated. Kindred spirits are all they are.

Svankmajer is from Prague which has a long history of puppet theater which was an enormous influence on him. He studied at the College of Applied Arts in Prague and later in the Department of Puppetry at the Prague Academy of Performing Arts. He worked with Semafore Theater and Laterna Magika, two famous Czech  visionary theaters before beginning his film career in 1964.

A few years later Svankmajer embraced surrealism heart and soul and thus began the film work that has made him famous. He made his first surrealistly influenced film The Garden in 1968,  joined the Czechoslovakian Surrealist Group and married Eva Švankmajerová, an internationally known surrealist painter, ceramicist, and writer. Svankmajer and Svankmajerova (in Czech culture when a woman marries she takes her husband’s last name plus the postfix –ova) collaborated on several of his movies, including Alice, Faust, and Otesánek.

Today we will focus on Alice. I don’t think it takes much guesswork to figure out it’s a take on Alice in Wonderland, but with more scissors and creepy dolls.

Allow me to demonstrate:

As long as we’re here we might as well show a bit from Faust, which shows Svankmajer’s puppet, theater and surrealist influences all at once, while being a bit more linear.

Lastly, i cannot recommend highly enough his film Little Otik from 2000. It’s a story, not an experiment in surrealism, so if you really just prefer stories you needn’t worry. The story centers around the modern telling of an old Czech folktale about a couple who raises a log like a child. It’s mostly live action with some of Svankmajer’s stop motion worked with extraordinarily appropriateness. You just have to trust me, it is REALLY, REALLY awesome, and totally worth seeing. Little Otik.

Little Otik. Just go watch it.


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The Brothers Quay

We cannot discuss creepy puppets and dolls without discussing the modern masters of creepy dolls: The Brother Quay and Jan Svankmajer. We shall touch upon the great Jan Svankmajer at a later date, perhaps even tomorrow. For today let us look at the genius of the the Brothers Quay.

I know countless film makers who list them as a major inspiration. They’re two brother from Pennsylvania who do stop motion animation. Very… creepy stop motion animation, inspired by a Polish film makers Walerian Borowczyk and Jan Lenica  whose most well known work was in the 50s through the 70s.

Allow me to demonstrate:

Stephen and Timothy Quay are twins, born in 1947 in Norristown, Pennsylvania. During their 20s, beginning in 1969, they lived and studied in England and the Netherlands and finally in 1979 settled in South London, hooked up with  Keith Griffiths, who would  go on to produce all of their films, and got down to their bizarre and unorthodox film career.

This is one of their more well known examples. Like i said, creepy dolls? They’ve got the trademark on creepy dolls.

Their films almost never have spoken dialogue. Well, no meaningful spoken dialogue. Weird, grating, high pitched noises don’t exactly count as dialogue. Their influence is astounding. They have dominated film festivals and avante garde film circuits. They’ve even done theatrical set design. In 1998 their Tony-nominated set designs for The Chairs was well lauded on Broadway.They’re still quite active and have even done a number of music videos. They don’t have a website or i would send you there, but a good resource page is here.

YouTube is a great place to start watching their work and of course you can buy collections of their work (which i recommend. Everyone’s got to eat!)

I leave you now with a personal favorite of mine. The design for this is just gorgeous. It’s a delight to view, although, you know, in a delightful creepy way. The Quay Brothers: The Comb.


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Tragic and Melancholy Dolls by Cdlitestudio

What is this, Doll week?

Could be… i’m running with this doll thing a little more, for there some other doll makers i ran across who i adore. This artist and her magnificent work being another.

Connie D’Angelo DiMichele, aka Cdlitestudio over at deviant art  makes these equisite dolls from scratch; hand-sculpted from polymer clay, baked and hand-painted.

“I love to creating these mystical creatures  from my own  imagination. I do not look at pictures, but take the inspirations that come from my mind. My works are all inspired by a wide source of art forms, media and genres. And I always sculpt with feelings and emotions. I tend to sculpt my feelings right into my piece, and been told many of times that every piece I’ve created cries out a story.”

Okay, look, we’ve got to stop somewhere. She’s got a hundred of these and they’re amazing. Check out her Deviant Art gallery, or website,


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Dark and Steampunky Dolls by Majestic Thorn

Obviously, in a show where dead people being brought back and placed into mechanical doll/mannequins is a major plot point, the look of said Dolls is going to be a big deal.

It’s one that i’m clearly curious about, although i will not be the person who comes up with the look. Not my job, not my specialty, so why not leave the conception to someone who dedicates themselves and spends their time focusing on such matters while i’m walking around humming stories in my head like a spaced out nutjob? (or walking though the autumn covered countryside with my 3 year old belting out songs from the Rocky Horror Picture Show at the top of my lungs. See, i do that part well. I need someone who looks at trees and thinks “oooooh, that would make an awesome creeppy doll thing!”) Indeed, the look of the Dolls may change with each run of the show, with each designer that comes along. Who knows?

However, since the issue is nonetheless of obvious interest to me, i perk up whenever i run across interesting things online. And in this case Interesting Things meaning really creepy and yet utterly awesome dolls. Creepy and awesome at the same time…. i love it.

This is cliodnafae27 on Deviant Art, who works under the name Majestic Thorns.:

” I am a recent graduate with a degree in art, concentrating in media/film however I have a passion for all types of arts such as sculpting, ceramics,  jewelry making, cosplaying, sewing, painting, digital work, photography, and writing.  My inspiration stems from everything around me, mainly, fairytales, mythology, religion, fashion/costumes, my dreams (which I record regularly), the dark and surreal, and so much more. I am a gemini (for those of you interested in astrology) so I tend to get bored easily so don’t be surprised to find  me bouncing back and forth between mediums, and current interests. I do not like to limit myself in what I do therefore I have chosen to experiment in as many artistic fields as I can, always hoping to learn something new.  I find life to be much more interesting that way! 


You can hang out with the artist and her work on her blog

cliodnafae27/ Majestic Thorns

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Steampunk Action Figures

Let’s talk design for a moment.

As far the show goes, the set and costume design is not in my area of expertise, and i will be leaving it to the professionals. I hope to give a juicy story and score for them and the director to run with, and then leave them to it. I’ll have done my design work in the instrumentation.

Never the less, the design and aesthetic of steampunk is a crucial part of its allure. Today i thought we’d have some fun and look at some well known pop culture characters re imagined in a steampunk design.

All of today’s figures are featured from  Sillof’s Workshop. This guy makes wonderful, wonderful designs and figures and i highly recommend checking his site out.

First: Star Wars

Star Wars Steampunk

Next up we have DC’s Justice League.

Steampunk Justice League

I swear, this collection give me a nerdgasm.

Now for the Marvel superheroes.

Steampunk Avengers

There’s plenty more stuff to gape at over at Sillof’s Workshop, including character lines set in the 1940s,  Samurai Star Wars,  Terry Gilliam films, and so forth. Mr. Sillof,  (note: not his real name, but it’s all i have to work with) i salute you and perhaps i shall name one of the characters in the opera after you.


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