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The Pixelwayve Online Store

Pixelwayve, one of the many fantastic artists of the new albion universe (who created the Blood Red Dogs logo and whose work will be featured in upcoming albums after the Fairypunk Series), has her new online store open, and you should definitely be going to check it out. She specializes in fanart and %100 of her proceed go towards charity, but we here at the New Albion Factory would love to see her career continue upwards into millionairehood and world domination.

She’s been long featured in fanart both on Instagram and the Best Of monthly roundups, as she is far and away one of the most talented and exceptional artists who honors us with her art.

How amazing is she? She made two joke album covers, (based off of running twitter of instagram jokes) that are so freaking good i actually an urge to make the albums just to fit the covers. I mean, these are just jokes, for heavens sakes:



So GO! Check out her store!

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The New Albion Radio Hour Presents Astonishing Tales of the Highly Improbable: Season 2, Episode 3

Season 2 of Astonishing Tales is out now.

Astonishing Tales of the Highly Improbable features periphery tales of the New Albion universe. Every episode your host, Lloyd Allen brings you another chapter in the ongoing saga of the OG PHs who made up the 1st Playhouse. Confused? You won’t be after you here the tales, which go from the intimate to the massively cosmic. Jump aboard.


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The Little Mermaid, The Sequel

This is NSFW. It’s just goofing. I forget who i made it for but it’s fun.

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Blood Red Dogs Merch Now Available!

Hoodies! T-Shirts! Posters! Phone cases! What! Art by the fabulous Pixelwayve: Check out her inceredible array of delights, sights and frights.

Merch available through Bandcamp here

I could’ve included sweatshirts and backpacks, but let’s see what sells. If there’s a demand for sweatshirts let me know. All of the other designs can be available for hoodies and sweatshirts too, you just gotta let me know you want them.

We got oxblood black (seriously, i have discovered through going to through shirt options that oxblood black is now my new favorite color), we got red, we got black, we got maroon… don’t be shy and walk on by, come on in and give it a try.

(Actually years ago my buddy and i went to New Orleans and ate dinner across from this place that had a live, drag queen show and this guy stood outside trying to entice people to come in. He said that line “don’t be shy and walk on by, come on in and give it a try” about a thousand times as we ate dinner on the veranda above him, so much so that years later it is still burned into my brain. Turned out to be a good show, too.)

Anyway, step right up, step right up, everyone’s a winner, bargains galore, it fillets, it chops, it dices, slices, never stops, lasts a lifetime, mows your lawn,  picks up the kids from school, gets rid of unwanted facial hair, it gets rid of embarrassing odors, lengthens, strengthens, it’s the only product you will ever need. Batteries not included.




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Coming Tomorrow: Blood Red Dogs T-Shirts and Hoodies! Design by Pixelwayve!

Lock and load, ya bastards. Getcher blood red dogs t-shirts and hoodies starting tomorrow, with a special logo created by Pixelwayve ( $25 for T-Shirts, $35 for Hoodies. Look upon this design ye mighty and drool.

BRD black.jpg


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The Broken Cyborg, A Biopunk Fairytale: OUT NOW on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Spotify, Etc


Paul Shapera’s new album The Broken Cyborg is out now on all online stores and streaming sites! Check out the album fans are raving about.

iTunes: The Broken Cyborg: A Biopunk Fairytale (The Fairypunk Series 2)


Google Play



and of course Bandcamp

as well as many others.

-” Always knew this man was a genius, but this album transcends anything I’ve ever heard before.”

-” I love everything about this album”

– ” I adore how Paul takes inspiration from mostly visual styles, like Steampunk or in this case Biopunk, and transfers it into a whole musical experience. He has made characters who grow and evolve and a setting that is constantly evolving, but always at its core is sublime music and undeniable heart.”

– “What a wonderfully wild album.”

– “The sound design work and the sheer range of textures really make the flowing narrative come alive.”


Check it out! Enjoy it and prepare. In about 6 to 7 months the series will conclude with The Lost Fairy, A Fairypunk Fairytale, where we stop shmucking around and take y’all on a real ride. Featuring Liel Bar-Z, Lauren Osborn, Oliver Marsh, Kerttu Aarnipuu, Vivian Moonic, and Psyche Chimera. Coming to **** your **** up.

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The Lost Fairy, A… Fairypunk… Fairytale?

We prepare now for the third and final installement in the Fairypunk series. It’s all writing and conceptualizing. I need a plot and then a song breakdown of that plot. Thete sre some things i know will happen, that’ve i’ve known for some time, but the basic plot and plot structure needs to be conceived.

Going by my current plans, i will be calling the album The Lost Fairy (said fairy to be voiced by Lauren. I’m also planning on bringing Oliver Marsh into it, although i haven’t asked him yet so i should really shut up until i know more but shutting up… filters in general are not my strong suit.) And of course Jane will be back. As will all our friends we’ve made along the way. So i can kill them. Totally kidding. Totally not. Mostly kidding. I cannot stress this enough, the point is never to just do harsh things just to be edgy and have an edgy narrative. The point is ALWAYS to have an engaging story. Simply being harsh or cruel is not engaging, it’s just being a dick. Hard consequences NEVER come without a reason or point. Even rebecca’s death because unfortunately she totally did not survive which admittely is pretty dickish but i swear i have solid reasoning and i believe everything will be clear by the end. And by clear i mean clear that im a douchebag. Oh god shut up. Shut up and stop writing. For heavens sakes take your hands off the keyboard you literally make it worse every second you type.

This gives rise to another issue. Obviously i need to end this series with one last -punk. I had seriously considered Solarpunk, but the tropes that that genre embody just dont quite fit where the story is going. I mean, you could sort of do some acrobatic rationalizations if you really wanted to try and cram it in, but… as much as you might try to argue Xandoria embodies some Solarpunk tropes, i just think it’s too much of a stretch.

Which leaves us with Fairypunk, the genre the trilogy is named after. With reason. Which brings up our new problem. The name The Lost Fairy, A Fairypunk Fairytale is a little… over the top, no?

A Faepunk Fairytale?


Admittedly, of all the things i’m wrestling with right now, this is, like, last on my list. But it’s the only aspect i can discuss publicly. So… uhm… well, there you go. Oh, and i’ll have to name the fairy. I had toyed with Symbal, but mostly because i was creative writing and didnt want to get bogged down with spending 10 minutes trying to think of a bloody name. I do have a name for the other character: Oliver Marsh’s character with be Jakob Jansson. I believe im not going to actually give the Mayor a name. Ithimk it’s cooler if she’s always just The Mayor.


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