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And The Spoken Vocals For ‘Nathan Brindesi’ Are….

Thank you for all the submissions. They were excellent. Four stood out for both delivery and recording quality (some had a lovely delivery but the recording just wasn’t as pristine as the winners here).

Josh Hayes

Carolyn Rutter

Chance Martin

and Daniel Sabiston

I have mixed all your vocals into the track and it sounds awesome. Thank you. And thank everybody who sent in. Next time, perhaps.

In 6 days i head off to record the vocalists. We will begin in Frankfurt, Germany with the extraordinary Jessica Singer. Stay tuned, i will be video blogging the journey.

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Bonus Post: Raven Sings Candy Man


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Final Cover For The Grand Cyberpunk Gala Of Gabriella Gadfly by Sarah De Buck

I really am seriously mulling over the tarot deck. It would be the first time i personally attempt a crowd funding campaign. Although it’s such an odd commodity… in any case i wouldn’t being such a thing until after the release of Act 3, just in case the lead AI who you’ll be meeting shortly deserves a place in there.

Thus we come to our cover. I believe this is it, although one can never be sure until the day of release. Or… until the second of release. I have done last minute mixes right up until an hour before release. (Atompunk was the guiltiest of that. EVERY SINGLE ACT i was remixing an hour before release.)

The Grand Cyberpunk Gala Of Gabriella Gadfly Cover by Sarah De Buck Paul Shapera

It’s a nice, mushy feel good album that’ll leave you warm and smiling. Honest. Would i lie to you? You can trust me, that’s why my nickname is Honest Paul.


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New Albion Tarot

Steampunk Tarot

A lovely card from a completely unrelated steampunk deck by Judit Farkas. Obviously it’s here for the Jasper feel.

There’s long been talk about creating a New Albion Tarot deck, and i’m fairly sure a couple people have putzed with it recently. This was sent to me by Tymek Chrzanowski. it’s not design so much as simply a list of major arcana. I though i’d throw it out there and see what ya’ll thought.

New Albion Tarot list

 This is the sort of thing if i got motivated enough, i could run a kickstarter for. It’s not SO insane a price tag, most of the money would go to paying the poor artist and then manufacturing however many decks. If there WAS interest i’d hit the target and if not, well, i’m not out anything. Hmmm.


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Lost Hollow Fan Art By Duskii

Got this lovely art in an email and thought i’d share.

Thank you everybody for the submissions, i’ve got plenty of male vocals. It’d be nice to have a female vocal, which i haven’t gotten, but i do have a lot of great submissions.

Without further ado


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Be A Spoken Vocalist On The New Album!

It’s worked out well so far, so i’m going to do it again. I have a number of spoken bits i need filled and if you think you can sound like a professional newscaster, then give it a shot. I’ll use the best ones.

During the middle of one of the tracks, we have snippets from a number of news reports. The materials containing the music snippet and the lyrics are here:

If you sound great doing any of these lines i’ll put you on the album, just like i’ve been doing. Give it a stab! I can’t have every single vocal that’s not the singers be just me pitch shifted around.  The gender of the person delivering any specific line is irrelevant.

Send to


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Cover Designs For Lost Hollow Act 3

The mighty Sarah De Buck hath spake again and delivered these contenders for Act 3 album cover. Blue vs Green, and Glitch vs. no Glitch is the question at hand. Let me know your thoughts.






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