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New Lullaby Animation: Scarborough Fair, by Charles Dyson

I really like these lullaby songs i’m doing with Charles, Lauren, and Kevin. So here’s the newest animation for one of my favorite of these.

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Carnival Album Update

Wow, i am… oddly… WAY ahead of schedule.

As you all know by now, one of my closest, dearest friends in the world hung himself 2 months ago. I flew back after the funeral, went downstairs to my studio, pulled up the Carnival track i had been working on before i got the news, deleted it and began again from scratch. And then… weeks passed. A couple months i think. And the next time i looked up to take stock of what was going on i was… well hell, i had made almost the entire thing. I’m like, a song away from the end.

There’s was bunches of other stuff i’ve been supposed to do, but i’ve ignored it all. All i do is either work on this project or play with my children. There is little else. Those are the only things i give a fuck about. (Obviously my wife too. But since we live out in the boondocks work is a tag team operation. If i am with the kids, she’s working. If she’s with the kids, i’m working.)

This album is…. uhm….  I am making an album that a dead man would like. A dead man who will never hear it. Yet i am making it specifically for him to listen to. Which makes no sense. It is still the 2nd act to Lost Hallow, i am keeping true to the story and the characters, it’s just… i do whatever the fuck i want with the songs. I don’t give a shit if they’re concise. I have music flowing out of me that i can’t contain so i just make whatever instrumental sections i want. Whatever moods strike me. The old style. The shit that Shaun liked.

Hell, Shaun was the one who named Raven. Raven dates back a long time and we had numerous discussions about him when we did the Fallen (and again when we planned to redo The Fallen). I was so excited when he figured out i was pulling Raven back out and excited for him to hear what i had done with him.

I was Morty when i sat down to make this and now i am Rick.

I am however… shit, i’m months ahead of schedule. I mean, i can always spend time editing and fixing stuff up. And it needs a lot of that, no doubt. Even so… i hadn’t expected to be this far along. I need to get my butt in gear to arrange things, like singers and the guitarist i found to do the two solos. (Yes, guitar solos. Because fuck you. I do not give a fuck. I can feel them. I want them. They will be.)

Look, i give everything i have on each and every album i make. Whether you enjoy it or not, i do give everything on every one. It just comes down to what i have to give at that particular time. And this time i…. have a lot.

Thank you to everyone who has sent in auditions. I have a male vocalist, Alex McNamara.  I still do not have the female vocalist, but with Lauren’s help i think i’m zeroing in.

So there. I just have to make the last track, which is really barely even a real song, since the song before that is where the neat end of act stuff happens.


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Dolls At The Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2017, Presented by Thistle N’ Thorn Productions

Dolls Of New Albion presented by Thistle N' Thorn Production

Yes, Dolls will be at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival this year, presented by Thistle N’ Thorn Productions. You can check them out on FB here: and follow the escapades as the show gears up to go up.

I am debating popping round to see it and maybe some other shows. Perhaps i’ll see you there. If you’re interested in tickets they can be purchased here:

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Lullabye: Lavender’s Blue with Gorgeous Animation by Charlie Dyson

I have mostly been hard at work on the carnival, particularly since it gives me catharthis over the death of my close friend. In fact, i would say at this point i am making the Carnival album for him specifically. Not in memory of him, FOR him. What i think he would have liked to hear. And Raven is a character near and dear to his heart. Hell, he named Raven. I mean, the most awesome reveal of my career is in this album and NONE of you will get it, because you’d have to be familiar with my really early work )Justacorp, Shadow & Flames, Caravan, and yeah, the Fallen, which some of you indeed are) to fully get it. In fact, the only person who would really get it and have their mind blown is dead. But… you know. So it goes. There’s plenty of other cool stuff, and there’s another especially awesome reveal that will cause squealing amongst you fine, fine folks. Although i am more concerned with music, and flow and the feelz.

HowEVER, we have another lullabye vid up, with amazing art by Charles Dyson. There’s a couple new songs on the way and soon i’ll compile a full length, ambient spiced lullabye album, which… there’s a thing that it’ll be released around. I have a plan, but we’ll talk about that later.

Here, a lullabye with GORgeous art. Seriously, i love watching this thing.

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New Albion Explained: The Religious Parallels and References by The Geeky Atheist

The Geeky Atheist’s newest New Albion Explained video discusses the religious themes in the new albion operas. I actually requested this one, curious to hear them considered and examined by The Geeky Atheist personally. As usual, he did not disappoint. Give it a listen:


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Audition Materials For The Carnival Album

As promised here are some materials for performers to use if they wish to sing the actual material as their audition piece. You don’t have to, but if you wish to, it’s here:

Send your auditions to

There are two audio snippets of the section from the song i need sung, one with vcoals and one without. NoV means No Vocals. (Tunnel Girl is just the first verse. Raven is a bit more: 2nd verse, spoken middle and last verse). They are mp3s to make downloading easier. There is sheet music of these sections and lyric sheets.

I did transpose the key of the Tunnel Girl song up a half step from the track published two days ago so that the low note would be an F instead of an E. It is my experience that many, many more women have a low F as their lowest comfortable note rather than an E.

I will begin putting out ads and scouring online resources in a couple days, but if you know someone who is fantastic, throw them my way. In answer to when i need it by, i expect i will be doing this searching for a month. Which is long, but remember, if i find what i’m looking for next week, then that’s that. The smart play would be to send me whatever you want to send within a week’s time. And i am looking for excellence and the ability to utterly communicate a character (this goes for both Raven and Tunnel Girl.)

Thank you to all who have sent in. I will get back to all of you one by one over the next few weeks.



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Needed For Upcoming Carnival Album: 1 Male and 2 Female Singers

For the forthcoming Carnival album (The Ballad Of Lost Hallow Act 2) i need some singers. The most important is  a male singer for the part of Raven. This is hands down the lead role of the album, and he has got to be GREAT. I’m including two tracks to demonstrate the type of performances needed, one for Raven (and The Floozy) and one for Tunnel Girl. I would add the way i personally sing the scratch vocals does not have to be the interpretation the final vocalist does, but it does show which direction it should be in.

Send links or audio of your stuff to

Raven is… like the Joker meets a carnival barker/theater MC with some manic depression issues and a likely diagnosis of Narcissistic Personality Disorder. There could even be a New Orleans flair to him, but i’m very open to a range of possibilities. The thing is, the performer has to OWN this part. They have to exude the character. In many cases, when i work with singers, singers simply need to sing the parts well and not be overly theatrical, but this is not such a case. This Opening Song is Raven in a nutshell and shows what i’m looking for. The vocals section begins at 2:20


Female Singers:

  1. I need 2 female singers for two different roles. We’ll start with the easier one: That Opening Track i posted for Raven? Well, at 4:49 you hear that “Raven baby hey, whacha got to say”? This is the part i call The Floozy. It’s a light backup part that comes in and out of several songs for literally a few lines each time.
  2. The other part is a bit more extensive. The second part, Tunnel Girl, has two entire songs she sings by herself. (although it’s likely the same song twice with different lyrics.) This one… the character is young but weathered. Between 17 and 22, but has lived on the streets and squatted for years. She sings this song (the very first song of the album):



I will likely take out some ads with Casting Call and other such avenues, since i expect finding the male to play Raven especially difficult. The male part is paid. Definitely. I can throw a little cash at Tunnel Girl, and for Floozy… i was hoping since it’s so light maybe someone would want to do it just for the thrill of it. (I will be lucky if i myself, personally start making a profit off the album within 6 months of release.)

If you can sing like a monster, or more likely if you know someone who you think could nail the Raven part, i want to meet them and hear them. Any awesome theater students out there? Young professionals open to a crazy album project? Send me stuff to listen to! Links to YouTube vids of live performances are great too.

As for the rest of you, while these are the first two songs on the album, if i were you, i wouldn’t listen to them unless i was trying to help with the singer issue. If you’re simply looking forward to the new album, i would skip listening to these and just wait for the actual thing. These are demos and not final versions. I mean, i can’t stop you, but i’m just saying. Otherwise, let’s go hunting.


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