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Thomas Edison Was A Douche (The Oatmeal!)

I keep a list of blog ideas so that on days when i have no idea or inspiration i can just open up the list and pick something.

After doing the post on the victrola, i had researched quite a bit about Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla and always meant to get around to doing another post on them. Specifically about what a dick Edison was and how brilliant Tesla was (although Tesla had a bunch of paranoid obsessions including a big antisemitic streak.)

So imagine my delight when the funniest dude on the internet, The Oatmeal, drew a new strip all about Tesla and to a degree spelled out some of the ways in which Edison was a douche.

Since i cannot top The Oatmeal, i’m going to do something i’ve never done before, i’m going to simply turn today’s post lock, stock and barrel over to The Oatmeal and simply reprint his post. Because i love The Oatmeal and him hating me would make me cry, let me be clear: From here on in this is The Oatmeal, who has won the internet through awesomeness and who can be found here.


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