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Steampunk Action Figures

Let’s talk design for a moment.

As far the show goes, the set and costume design is not in my area of expertise, and i will be leaving it to the professionals. I hope to give a juicy story and score for them and the director to run with, and then leave them to it. I’ll have done my design work in the instrumentation.

Never the less, the design and aesthetic of steampunk is a crucial part of its allure. Today i thought we’d have some fun and look at some well known pop culture characters re imagined in a steampunk design.

All of today’s figures are featured from  Sillof’s Workshop. This guy makes wonderful, wonderful designs and figures and i highly recommend checking his site out.

First: Star Wars

Star Wars Steampunk

Next up we have DC’s Justice League.

Steampunk Justice League

I swear, this collection give me a nerdgasm.

Now for the Marvel superheroes.

Steampunk Avengers

There’s plenty more stuff to gape at over at Sillof’s Workshop, including character lines set in the 1940s,  Samurai Star Wars,  Terry Gilliam films, and so forth. Mr. Sillof,  (note: not his real name, but it’s all i have to work with) i salute you and perhaps i shall name one of the characters in the opera after you.


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