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Today we’re going to listen to some songs from a dreamy, downtempo album i made (as Mocha Lab of course) called Subduction.

(this first one is My Dream Of You, but some awesome person i don’t know took the song and put it to their video of fractals, which, naturally, i adore.)

It features the wonderfully sultry vocals of Milena Jelic.

It was made while i was still living in New York, dreaming of being on an endless train to south america. It is by far my most successful album as i consistently sell more albums and tracks off of this than any other single album (although Cthulhu: The Funksical isn’t that far behind). It was, however, an experiment. Every album i do has a specific theme or style and this chillout, jazzy, latin thing was one i had never attempted before. It came easily. The writing of this flowed incredibly smoothly. Despite this and the success it has had, however, i doubt i will ever write another like this, since there are simply too many other things i want to try and i’m pleased enough with how it turned it out.

Subduction can be purchased here at iTunes or Amazon if you’re so inclined.

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My Dream Of You

So today we’ll feature a video by a wonderfully talented artist, a fine humanitarian,  a giant of artistic integrity and vision, a leader among…. ok, yeah, it’s me. (under my title Mocha Lab)

This is off my Subduction album, a downtempo project i did a few years ago which featured the wonderful voice of Milena Jelic.

This song is worth featuring for 2 reasons,

1. it’s the song that everybody likes. I mean seriously, it’s by far my most popular song

2. Somebody i do not know and have never met took the song and made it the background music for this awesome fractal animation video. Which i basically found out about 5 minutes ago when looking up the song on YouTube to put it up here. (there were initially NOT 2 reasons, just 1.)

In any case, enjoy.

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