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Puppets On Stage

Before we get underway let me give updates as they’re happening.

After careful consideration there WILL be a KIckstarter/Indiegogo campaign. We want and need this to be the best possible production we can manage. We want and need the people involved to be paid.  I myself will not make a dime off of this and indeed, at the end of the day this performance cannot, even by miracle, turn a profit. This is long term investment so to speak. My payday will come down the road. But the space must be paid for (as always) whatever is on stage must be procured and the personnel must be paid. We’re working on a grant and filling the seats for the performances will actually not be a problem at all. But still we will need more money to ensure everyone involved is paid and all expenses met, so when the time to begin the campaign draws close you will hear about it. We’ll talk then.

Oh, and you bet your sweet behind after the performance happens we’ll be posting extensive videos of it.

But for today, let’s look at stage puppetry! The Director Mark Swetz has a number of interesting ideas, a few of which can only be pulled off down the road but one of the cooler ones we can and will do this performance is use puppets to be the Dolls, especially Jasper THE Doll character.

Stage puppetry has been going strong for awhile now. The following videos illustrate different examples. How WE go about it will depend on the puppeteer we find to design and implement the Doll concept. These videos are not intended to show what OUR Doll will look like, just some cool examples of puppetry on stage.

And of course the extremely successful West End Show, War Horse:

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The Mysterious Explorations of Jasper Morello

Since the day i began this blog (way back in the ancient days of a month ago), i have intended to feature this video. And as giulas41 pointed out on the Jasper The Dead Guy Guy post,  there is another Jasper in the steampunk mythos (which is no coincidence. I named Jasper in the opera after Jasper Morello in the video as an homage. The character is entirely different, but many will connect the name and get the tip of the hat). Thus, i figure it is high time we get around to showcasing one of the most awesome videos you’re going to see on the net.

I’ll give some more detail after the film. Just watch it. Seriously. It’s long for internet vids, 2o minutes, so make some tea, coffee, grab a beer and relax, because it is WELL worth it.

Please tell me you watched it. Drop dead awesome, right?

This is actually the first of 4 planned films, the other 3 of which are up and coming. It’s written by Mark Shirrefs and directed by Anthony  Lucas.

The animation style is that of Indonesian Shadow Puppetry, or Wayang (which is Indonesian for both shadow and theater). I could and should do an entire post on just Wayang, but here’s an awesome factoid:

Developed during the first millenium in Indonesia, it featured static puppets and was used heavily by Hindus to spread their religious stories across the land. When the Muslims came, they forbid themselves from watching it as it showed  God and gods in human form which is forbidden to see.

King Raden Patah of Java, however, really wanted to watch a performance. When the Muslim religious leaders refused him, a compromise was suggested, in which he could view the shadows of the figures. Viewing the shadows of the figures instead of the actual figures was acceptable. He watched it, loved it, and a genre was birthed.

Jasper Morello is of course a little more modern. All the objects are made out of various materials, including and especially cardboard, then scanned into a computer and manipulated in Photoshop.

All of the backgrounds are 2D. The 3D effect is made by combining numerous 2D backgrounds and then using variations of blurring to achieve illusions of depth.

As you can see for yourself, this is an extraordinary work of animation, and i am dying to see the next 3 sequels in the quartet.


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