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Popeye The Sailor Man

Created in 1929, this iconic character has lasted over 80 years, through many studios and permutations.

Normally i would write out a long, researched blog taking you through the history of Popeye, but the fact is:

1. I wouldn’t do nearly the fantastic job this video does. Seriously, it’s way too entertaining and informative to possibly compete with.

2. I just simply don’t have the time to write out a lengthy blog.

There’s always lots of things i’m in the mood to cover on any given day, but today is like when you get to see a film in class. Yay! Except you couldn’t click out of class if you got bored or stop the film or write the teacher back profanity laden comments AND the teacher probably actually had some shred of a clue as to what they were talking about most of the time. And instead of learning how the sun and solar system work you learn about a cartoon that eats spinach and kicks the shit out of people. So, you know, it’s kind of like that in no ways except one. There’s a film.

I’m going back to work.



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