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Dresden Dolls: Sing

Let’s keep it short and sweet today, shall we? (i’m ironing out a lot of issues for Act 3 in preparation for beginning studio work on Monday.)

Here’s a wonderful, awesome song by the wonderful, awesome band The Dresden Dolls, who i mean to feature more than i actually do. (i thought when i began this blog 6 weeks or so ago i’d be starting to0 get desperate for post ideas by now, but actually the opposite is true.)

But it’s high time again we revisit them again. I’d ideally feature First Orgasm Of The Morning or Me And The Minibar, but i’m in the mood for an anthem (and anthems are part of my research tonight) so let’s hear it. Sing.

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Dark Town Sally by Amoree Lovell

East of ragtime, west of goth.

Have a lovely little song about a mentally troubled prostitute in your day courtesy of Amoree Lovell, an Oregon based singer/songwriter.

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Jill Tracy

Today we’re going to feature  “neo cabaret” singer/songwriter Jilll Tracy.

A sultry alto voice nevertheless evokes the ghost in your grandmother’s victrola. The music is alway elegant, yet always with a touch of sinister.

This first song is Evil Night Together.  The song is great, but i must point out the video, a well done amateur effort which won the Best of Myspace Film Festival Award for Best Narrative Short Film, is not, you know, an “official” video from the artist.

Jill Tracy is based out of San Francisco  and her band, who she’s played with for 10 years now, is called the Malcontent Orchestra. Something old, something new, something diabolical, something blue… here’s one of her more recent songs Haunted By The Thought Of You. (and side note, does she or does she not look like an EXACT cross between Annie Lennox and Carrie Fisher?)

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