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My name is Paul Shapera, a musician working under the name Mocha Lab. I make albums, theater shows, videos, dance pieces, commercials and move around a lot.

Character Background: Jordan (6 CD Set. It’s Out. Buy It Or Puppies Across The Planet Will Die)

The New Albion Trilogy by Paul Shapera

Why do you want to kill innocent puppies? What tf is wrong with you? What kind of monster condones puppy genocide? Well, if you haven’t bought your copy of the New Albion Trilogy 6 CD Set then apparently YOU, you rat bastard. Every time someone buys the 6 CD package, a puppy is spared. It gets to LIVE. LIVE. It gets a life of love and joy. Is that such a bad thing? Is buying the 6 CD New Albion Trilogy such a bad idea that’s it worth the suffering and death of those poor, sweet, innocent puppies? I just hope you can sleep at night.

The Slender Man Opera is in full gear. Characters and plot points are pouring out. Today we talk about Jordan who will be played by a new addition to our roster, Jen Folden (she was the Angel on The Fallen).  I never utilized her properly. She was singing a part written for another voice and i’d like to write a part specifically for her voice. Jordan is a perfect part. Jordan will have a certain Lana Del Ray aspect to her.

Here’s the character background for Jordan. Don’t read if you don’t like spoilers.

– mid 20s

– smokes like chimney

– here at the Abbey she’s started to develop an evening opium habit. Nothing too severe.

– excelled back in school. Was raised to be the good girl archetype but rebelled against this the further into adolescence she got.

– Excelled in college at her chosen field of study: Game Theory. Won awards and scholarships. Had a promising career ahead of her.

– As part of her yin/yang good girl/bad girl approach to life, as a teenager developed a big thing for the occult, specifically ritual work and spell crafting. She was never caught up in any particular belief system per se, this interest actuall complimneted her propensity towards game theory type interests.

– Fell madly, madly in love with a rich, young game designer named Geoff (son of a successful dot commer) who also had a thing for alternative spiritualities. She dropped out of college and ran off with him to San Francisco.

– They were going to make a game that would change the gaming industry and invent a new type of immersive gameplay. They set up this large, labyrinthian basement as a live model of a game maze, using occult symbologies and rituals to induce alternative states of consciousness and help them push their ideas for creating the game.

– They fucked up big time.
They opened something and something came through. There were 5 of them that night. The Thing that came through brutally hunted and devoured them, including Geoff, the love of Jordan’s life. She saw him…. what the Slender Man did to him is something Jordan will not speak of.

– Although wounded, she escaped bu sliding through the same opening the Thing had come through.

– Exactly what initially happened on the Other Side is hard for her to remember, but she eventually got caught in one of the Snares Samuel had set up to catch Creatures. She thus ended up at the Degenerate Abbey.

– She works diligently on the Snares and Cages Program. She has proven invaluable by incorporating occult bonding into the physical nature of the Traps and Cages. A monster canmnot simply be held by shackles, there are psycho-spiritual quantum states which must be employed to hold them. (theoretically. The program hasn’t actually quite reached Implementation Phase)

– She and Samuel are quite close. He is like a favorite uncle to her.

– Her room at the Abbey is covered in occult symbologies. She perceives reality as an elaborate game system based on suffering and survival. She sees occult practices as a potential cheat code.

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Character Background: Samuel (Also, 6CD Set Is Available In Case You Don’t Know By Now)

The New Albion Trilogy by Paul Shapera

Yes, the 6 CD Set, available here, out now, get it AND everyone who buys it will get the special Act 1 Demo of The Slender Man Opera sent to them for free, LONG before it’s made available to the public.

This won’t be for months. BUT, if you buy or bought the 6 CD Set, you will get the Act 1 Demo for The Slender Man Opera sent to you. For free. WAY before any other human being comes NEAR it.

As with both the steampunk and dieselpunk operas, i will finish the first act demo of Slender Man long before i’m even done composing the rest of the show. And YOU will have it to check out and see what the **** is up.


Zoe – Lauren Osborn
Timothy – probably me
Jordan – Jen Folden
Samuel – ?

I have pages written on Jordan, but they involve too many spoilers. I revealed way too much already. When i do Jordan’s background i’ll have to edit the crap out of it because of spoilers. Here is some of the character background on Samuel, edited for spoilers.


Samuel had been a child exorcist.

His mother spent years of his childhood “possessed”. She was part of a very religious sect and when her sanity began to deteriorate, going to a mental health professional was unthinkable.

Samuel was just a boy, but due to his mother’s condition, the Pastor taught him various prayers and rituals for exorcising demons which Samuel practiced with great gusto. As an 8 year old, he would shout and stamp gesture just like the fiery ministers he was accustomed to watching, praising Jesus and attempting to cast out the Devil.

Interestingly, it did work to a small degree.

His mother would respond by hissing and flailing and then after a big, throaty croak, would be quite calm and focused. She’s stay relatively present for anywhere from a few days to some weeks at a time. Eventually the madness would always return and the cycle would continue.

None the less, Samuel was a bit of a sensation around certain religious circles for several years. The novelty of a child exorcist was obviously quite a spectacle, but additionally his passion was undeniable and there was no mistaking his sincerity. He truly, truly wanted to save his mother. nights were spent as she lay sobbing or morose simply comforting her, a little boy trying to assure his mother and his little sister that everything would be all right.

Near the end of his teenage years, when he was fast tracked for seminary school and a life in the ministry he changed course.

His mother’s new thing was suicide attempts. He lived in constant fear that he would be too late one day. And while everyone around him prayed and praised, he slowly came to find that he could no longer live under the illusion that he was helping. That any of it was helping.  Clearly his attempts and accomplished nothing. The only thing he had managed to do was raise his sister, and that hadn’t taken him prancing around impassioned and shouting, that had taken diligence and commitment.

Thus he decided to go to University and study mental health. He was still not adverse to seminary, but only after he had a degree in some practical treatment for his mother and others like her.

Alas, by the time he got his degree his mother had died, finally successful at one of her suicide attempts. His failure to save her haunted him and fueled his studies and practice. Seminary never happened but his psychiatric career blossomed. He was still a devout churchgoer, just not a minister. Life thus went on for some time and while at first ashamed of his youthful occupation, he eventually came to view it with a wisened sense of humor.

Then his sister started exhibiting early symptoms of his mother’s affliction.

Particulars of mother’s illness had already been a heavy focus of his career, but now, his attempt to help his sister became his life’s obsession. There was no line of inquiry unexplored, no research unstudied, no paper unread, no study undissected. He was already a leading expert, now through his diligence he had no peer.

After 5 years however, he closed his practice and entered seminary.

He had concluded, reluctantly, even perhaps kicking and screaming, that the affliction which plagues the female line of his family was not psychological in origin but demonic. So Samuel again became an exorcist.

He was no fool. He did not accept unfounded superstition nor look for supernatural causes until all else had been ruled out. But he did come to recognize and learn much about a class of entities plaguing this world from somewhere beyond it.

He rose through the ranks of the church until finally was invited to join a very special group, an elite circle whose knowledge of the intersection of the spiritual and the supernatural was quite refined and rare. It was through this group and their work that he learned of the Degenerate Abbey and its importance.

Meanwhile, no matter how many times he drove the accursed entity away from his sister, somewhere between months and years it would somehow slither back into this coil and attach itself to her as it had to the female line for generations. His vigivlance could not be constant, no matter how he tried, and one night while he was away his sister “committed suicide” although authorities were never truly able to explain the incident.

He raged. He wept. He mourned.

His desire to fight these dark entities reached a fever pitch and with nothing left to live for or care about in the world, he did something very rare: he volunteered to cross over to the Degenerate Abbey assume whatever administrative duties he could. As always, it was a one way trip. And that is how Samuel came to reside at the Degenerate Abbey.


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6 CD Set Is Now Available! (and hear some of the unreleased steampunk opera tracks)

The New Albion Trilogy by Paul Shapera

The 6 CD set of the entire New Albion Trilogy is now out! You can buy it!

Don’t worry about any messages saying it’s on back order. New CDs are literally arriving at CD Baby every day. (They keep very little in their warehouse. I have new stock set up to be shipped to them each day as long as orders come in.) Think of the thrill of having physical CDs in your little hands.

Since i couldn’t include all sorts of bonus goodies (folks, getting this stuff printed was hell) i will instead do what i always do, give you all the bonus stuff you could ever want right here on the blog.

So, here’s today’s bonus crap:

As many of you know, Act 3 of the Steampunk Opera was originally a bit different. Byron was very different, the Voodoopunks didn’t exist, they were a group called the Mannequins, there was no Amelia, and there was no Elysium Night, it was actually Lost Night’s Lullabye sung by Jasper. Here now for your interest are the original demos of the 3rd act. (i don’t include Bonfire Of The Dolls because it didn’t change).

You’ll wonder what’s different about the first track, New Camden 3 (other than the name. Yes, New Albion was originally called New Camden). Just wait til closer to the end of the track. It gets different.

So, to all those who have bought the 6 CD Set, here is my show of love to you. And to all you who haven’t, i STILL FRIGGIN LOVE YOU, so here’s the same crap. But really you should buy the 6 CD Set if you want to just so i don’t go broke. But even broke i would still love you and still make music for you even as i die of dysentery.

The original demo version of Act 3:


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We are LIVE, folks!

As you asked for, the full New Albion Trilogy on 6 physical CDs is now available for sale.

The New Albion Trilogy by Paul Shapera


Yes, you heard right, not 1 outlandish sci-fi-ish fantasy steampunky rockish opera, not 2 sci-fi-ish fantasy steampunky rockish opera, THREE MOTHERF******* sci-fi-ish fantasy steampunky rockish operas in ONE FREAKING PACKAGE! NOW how much would you pay? I hope the answer isn’t below $60 because things are likely to get awkward…

But WAIT! There’s MORE! If you call before midnight tonight you get… all right you don’t get anything else. I’d perform oral pleasure on each and every one of you but the airfare alone to get to each of you would make this pretty much unaffordable so YOU GET CDS.

Please help me get the word out.

Here’s what the characters themselves have to say about the set:

“Last night my love, we shared a kiss. Twas ne’er a moment quite like this. You and me and me and you, i
know together we’ll be soon. I’ll graduate top of my class, you’ll be mine and i, your lass. I know the future
will be bright, for such a kiss we shared last night.” -poetry by Annabel

“To Whom It May Concern, As part of my last will and testament, i wish to state unequivocally, i am not,
absolutely not to be brought back after my demise.” -Edgar

“You don’t mind if my doll is in the bed with us while we…. dally about, do you?” -Byron

“Oh Jasper, you silly. We should never throw away what is precious and after all, one life is all we get.” – Priscilla

“Drink up, lads! A life without regrets, that’s what i say!” -John

“Hi Mom. It’s me again. I’m a little buzzed, but just wnna sleep here again tonight. If you can hear me, i just, i wish i could sleep curled up with you for real. I’d be good, i swear. I’d trade it all, every moment i’ve ever had or will have to feel your hand petting my head just one more time.” -Constance

“I don’t even have words for how much i love you, Dot. If anyone ever took you away from me, you can’t
imagine the chaos i would rain down on their world. ” -Jackie

“This is going to be the best trip EVER!” – Lee

“I’m just waiting for word about my wife’s delivery. I should be hearing something any minute here. Yup,
any minute. Hmm hmm hmmmm. Come on… ” -Connor

“Oh my God he’s SO dreamy. And rich! And sophisticated. And he treats me like a queen. I’d be a fool not to
do it with him. You only live once, right?” -Rachael

“Copyright 2014 by paul shapera. Any resemblance to persons living is coincidental. Any resemblance to persons dead is… complicated.” -The Mascot 3000

“Brother, you’d better watch yourself with the fermented grog. That stuff’ll kill you. Just say no.” -Alice

“Last night it was, we shared a kiss. There weren’t no moment quite like this. Me and you and you and me, if things were fair that’s how it’d be. But life is shit and blood and death, with moments rare of beauty’s breath. But still, that i’ve known one thing bright, for such a kiss we shared last night.” – poetry by Alexander


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The Wait Is Killing Me

Where is it? Where is the 6 CD set?!?!?!

CD Baby has it. They’ve had it for over a week and as soon as they finish entering into their system  and make it live, they’ll notify me. I will then notify you. It should have been a few days ago, but hey. Sometimes it don’t work out like planned.


Thus, to pass the time, we leave you with random representations of Voodoopunks from around the net. (i tried to credit the artists as best i could. I know i’m probably wrong half the time and i’m so sorry. I will correct if you tell me. it’s hard to figure out with screen names and different people posting others’ work)

by YlvArt

by YlvArt


by BeccaTheHuman

by BeccaTheHuman

by vinegar

by vinegar

by tigerach

by tigerach

by doodling gods

by doodling gods

by mistress of none

by mistress of none

by iirandom colors

by iirandom colors

by its jadesan

by its jadesan

by howlster

by howlster

by ketchesandnonsense

by ketchesandnonsense


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Tales From The Decadent Abbey

(now we’re just dicking around. I could write stream of consciousness stories about the Abbey for days.)

– in the 15th century, after the Templar administration had fallen into disarray, a small group of Sufis appeared at the Decadent Abbey. They had worked out its existence and were well aware of its purpose and dangers. They did not officially take over administrative duties but they did take over the language center which of course includes the all important prayer creation.

Abu Al-Nashapur, the group’s leader, was a rather short man whose father raised him on the Arabian caravan routes. Abu had a natural affinity for language and the family knew many tongues and dialects as part of the business of travelling and trading. Thus, by the time Abu was a teenager he was quite accomplished at not only speaking multiple languages but learning them. During a layover at the Siwa Oasis in Egypt he met a mysterious girl in the middle of the night, veiled, who spoke of atrocities that had recently occurred several days to the east. She had fled, but her entire town had been razed by horrors too disturbing to speak out loud. Despite escaping with her life, she was attempting to find a band of the fiercest warriors she could in order to take them back and drive out the abominations before they could spread further. Since the oasis was a meeting place for wanderers from all over, she offered to hire Abu to help her communicate with and hire men, as his reputation was well spoken of even at his young age.

Abu agreed. It was more difficult then he expected. The girl had some kind of mark he couldn’t make out, but which older women seemed to sense, and they scurried from her and kissed sacred objects as if to ward off evil spirits that hovered about her.

The girl wished to put together a band of marauders in three days, but two nights into their search, something horrible was unleashed upon the oasis. After the nightmarish bloodbath that followed, only 13 people were left alive. Abu was one of them. His entire family as well as the girl were not.

Most of the 13 were men they were trying to hire. Out of them however, all but two quite on the spot and fled. The other two however pledged to avenge the dead and the three of them vowed they would track down these unholy terrors and rid the earth of them.

The tales of Abu Al-Nashapur and his (what became) 6 companions have been told, retold, written and rewritten many times throughout the years. Some say they are the inspiration for the Seven Samurai, but given that there are few similarities other than there being a group 7 people, this is weak speculation. In this modern age, these tales are of course assumed to be fanciful, but centuries ago they were taken quite seriously.

As they should be. First of all, most of the tales are actually decently accurate, all things considered, although a few are fanciful additions. Secondly, when told properly, encoded carefully in the story is information on not only the true nature of the World, but directions to the Decadent Abbey as well as some of the “prayers” it is important to recite. Obviously, within Islam itself, as with most of the major religions, there are several key prayers which originate in the Abbey, but the stories contain a few more specialized ones and offer those who might wish to, those brave and not afraid of self sacrifice in the name of the greater good, the knowledge and means to make it to the Decadent Abbey where Abu Al-Nashapur did indeed end up and where he completely renovated the language and prayer programs to such an extent that his programs are still in use today with only minor adjustments.

– Araki Haruhisa was a decorated samurai when he accidentally made his way to the Decadent Abbey. He was meditating deeply by staring into a Mandala, (horribly dangerous things) and assumed that his walking into it was simply a vision. Alas it was not. He ended up travelling the corridor between worlds and ended up at the Abbey.

He had a difficult adjustment since his inability to get back to the “real” world meant he had abandoned his duties and his lord. This was utterly unacceptable and his honor would not permit him to continue living if it were indeed true that he stood no chance of returning to his post. The thing was, he was a spectacular warrior and the Abbey was in need of some martial training. The Caretaker at the time, Ebele Okadigbo, who was theoretically part of the Templar administration even though she had never heard of a Templar before arriving at the Abbey nor in fact had seen a European in her life previously, recognized that someone with Araki’s gift for war and patience for teaching was invaluable to the Abbey’s survival. She thus made the decision to lie to him. She told him it might indeed be possible to return in 7 years time and in the meantime begged his assistance.

A patience for teaching was indeed critical since many of the people he was training were in various states of descending sanity. Still, the program that Araki began lasted long after his departure, and the present day system derives directly from his methods.

Seven years passed. Araki was no fool. He knew there was no way back, but Ebele’s lie had allowed him to retain his honor while performing a duty that he grew to see was more and more useful. Even though the seven year deadline was ultimately meaningless, it had assumed a psychological importance. As the time neared, Araki watched Ebele slip. His respect for her and her abilities was boundless. But she was wearing down. Back in her tribe, the roots of a spicy radish like plant were chewed to help keep mental focus. Thus Ebele was constantly chewing horseradish root, her breath reaking, her greying hair disheveled, and a wild look in her eye spoke of impending dementia. It broke Araki’s heart. He could live with it perhaps, but he was seeing signs of his own slippage. He drank a bit too much. Muttered a bit too much. Made gutteral noises and then caught himself doing it. He would sometimes become just a little over obsessed with performing menial tasks an exact number of times in an exact rhythm and would have to start again and again to get it just right.

Thus at the seven year mark he went to the roof of the Abbey. He sat in meditation for 8 hours until the sky shifted and one of the abominations broke through, on its way back from Earth into the foggy Veil. Araki leapt up, ran across the roof and leaped off onto the thing. Sword in hand he rode it into the fog, into his last great battle.

– Ebele Okadigbo was born somewhere in the middle of Africa. She could not say for certain. her tribe was never concerned with their placement on the continent, if they ever even knew of the larger continent, and none of the Abbey residents were ever able to place her accent and dialect.

She could run like the wind and learned from her mother the skill of organization. It was her tribe’s custom to use resources to their fullest. A single slain animal could have literally a hundred uses and the tribe’s notion of respect and spirituality demanded every possible use be made. She inherited from her mother a talent for this. You could bring her 5 animals and allocate their resources dazzlingly. She could not only come up with 500 uses, but allocate them taking into factor the changes in resources given the other animals, time of year, upcoming weather, tribal population and usage from day of the week to month of the year all in a matter of minutes.

It was her tribe’s custom for each member to take a number of Spirit Quests throughout their lifetime. (This was not the word used, but she learned this term from another Abbey resident, rather liked it, and would use it herself when explaining her backstory to other residents.) Not everyone survived every spirit quest. The one she took on her 30th birthday was the one she did not survive.

Learning the truth about the world is not always a good thing, and Ebele was truly devoted that quest to discovering the truth behind the curtain of reality. She ended up falling through a crack. She did not end up at the Abbey right away. She stumbled across it a week later. By then she had lived through a nightmare that would break most, although for her efforts she had actually killed a Rake, which is no small feat. She wore its head around her neck along with the teeth already there and this did in fact make a few of the horrors who stumbled across her think twice before approaching.

Once at the Abbey it was obvious she could be enormously useful in administration, an often needed and rare find. Within a few years her mentors’ alcoholism had got the best of them and she assumed control, her tenure being noted and distinguished, although the word distinguished is not one you hear used often when discussing the Abbey.

She watched Araki fly into the Veil on the back of a horrible thing that night and cheered and cried. The next day she put on her old Rake’s head necklace and left out the front door through which she had come decades earlier, spear in hand.

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Notes On The Decadent Abbey

The Decadent Abbey, A Slender Man Opera is the new working title.

Notes on The Abbey:

  • It is important to understand, that throughout the course of history, while many different groups and Orders from various cultures around the world have claimed control of The Decadent Abbey for various periods of time, this control is often eventually an illusion.For instance, when a European religious Order of Knights took over site of the Abbey in the 12th century from the Shaolin Monks who had been acting as caretakers for five centuries, in truth the Shaolin discipline had fallen apart over a century earlier. The fact that the Shaolins maintained a semblance of order for almost 400 years was nothing short of miraculous. The Templars lasted in the Abbey long after their order had been gutted and disbanded in the “real” World, but they were only an organized administration for 2 centuries before they too fell into disarray and the Abbey fell back into the usual state of chaos it existed in. Never the less, when the next group came along in the Victorian era, theoretically the Templars were still in charge, even though there were still actual practicing Shaloin monks and absolutely no true Templars (although the Christianity the Templars had briefly popularized remains practiced by a small cross section up until present day).
  • There is a basement region to the Abbey that is built out of rock and contains a wondrous series of stone heads and drawn representations of various horrors. The heads are believed to chronicle a series of Olmec administrators who had presided over the Abbey beginning around 1200 BC. The portrayals of the horrors have been particularly useful. Most are completely accurate depictions of the actual abominations that pass through out of the Fog as they try to find cracks and make it into the World. How the Olmec administration managed to gain such detailed insight into such utterly deadly monsters remains a mystery. Rakes, Slender Men, Goatmen, Smiling Canine,  and Seed Eaters are all overhwelmingly fatal and the percentage of surviving victims across history remains in the single digits.
  • It is “Laughing” Renaud, an actual monk who eventually descended into madness (as many do), who is credited with putting together the Abbey brewery that still functions today. It is speculated that alcohol has been made there many times over the course of the centuries, but methods to do so are purged with occasional regularity when a new Order comes in, determined to keep discipline and order. Discipline and order are rarely kept long, and inevitably the production of alcohol begins again. The same with poppy seed harvesting.“Laughing” Renaud is still remembered fondly, as the beer the Abbey brews is referred to as Renaud instead of the various words for beer in the languages spoken by Abbey residents. How he managed to get the supplies into the Abbey from the World is a matter of legend. Apparently he was in touch with an occult order operating out of Prague. Whether they understood who they were in occult contact with is a matter of speculation since it is a long tradition to play tricks with the various occult groups who inadvertently make contact with Abbey residents. Still, using whatever pentagram based system of Magick they employed, the Czech magicians actually managed over a 6 months period to send Renaud the equipment he needed to start a functioning brewery beyond the simple buckets and hoses used up until that point.That the brewery remains functioning today is a minor miracle. Disorder and insanity sweep through the Decadent Abbey with great frequency. Many long term tasks are abandoned, neglected or destroyed. Renaud himself spent his last 10 years stark raving bonkers and yet maintained the brewery with care and precision.


  • While the very existence of the Decadent Abbey is almost utterly unknown, occult and religious groups do at times manage to make contact with it, usually believing they have contacted some astral plane, sephiroth or even demonic presence. There are all sorts of occult symbologies drawn and carved about various rooms and chambers of the Abbey, some of them to receive such attempts at contact. For some unknown reason a series of pentagrams in a few connecting rooms off the obsidian hallway of the southeastern wing of the Abbey seem to be the most potent. They were likely carved by Marcel DePaulo, a student of John Dee who had foolishly found and crossed his way into the Abbey, never, of course, to leave.  DePaulo’s pentagrams have “rung” almost like psychic telephone lines throughout the centuries and residents will interact with the occult group on the other side for all sorts of purposes. Some will simply play the part of some spiritual entity for laughs, some will try to procure items or simply enjoy contact, and some will desperately try to use this to find a way to leave the Abbey.One girl, Natasha Laws, was contacted by a Parisian clerk who was big into the Rosicrucian scene popular in Paris at the time, but instead of trying to leave to join the young man who had fallen in love with her, eventually convinced him to cross over to the Abbey. Apparently they were quite happy together. They eventually ended their days in Fosters Wing as heroin addicts, but even then were deeply in love.
  • Gardening and food production is obviously a top priority, and even during periods where mental and physical deterioration of the residents is at its worst, somehow, some residents have always managed to keep it going. During the worst breakouts of chaos and insanity it is actually the heroin and opium addicts who have traditionally pulled it through.How the original tilling supplies, the earth itself and the water that fills that cisterns were first brought to the Abbey across the Seal is a mystery. Food production has been going on since before any records show, although since papers tend to get burnt during times of mayhem and turmoil, lack of older records is no surprise.It is clear from various surviving documents that poppy production has been going on since about 1500 BC when one of the Vedic administrations began cultivating it.
  • Drug addiction in the Decadent Abbey is rampant and always has been. The nature of the Abbey and its location breeds mental and emotional instability as well as substance abuse. Getting substances is quite difficult of course, although through occult contacts not out of the question. Cultivation is the traditional method and opium seems to be one of the first substances favored. Heroin addiction at the Decadent Abbey is thus a problem literally thousands of years old. When certain new Orders suddenly show up, vowing to whip things into shape, they have tried to eradicate all poppy and alcohol production, but the Abbey is big and labyrinthine. There is always a room or a chamber in some wing where someone or some small conspiracy keeps it going. A problem is that while the addiction and degradation inherent in such abominable substances is of course detrimental to health and vitality, addicts to various incarnations of the poppy seed are also the most immune from the waves of insanity that wash over the Abbey periodically, not to mention the gradual descent into madness most residents face regardless. Thus, during the times of greatest chaos and turmoil it is the addicts who have managed, despite their physical deterioration, to keep the gardens going. While this must seem ridiculous, welcome to life at the Abbey.

    Nowadays Fosters Wing is simply given up entirely to the worst of the addicts. It’s the crackhouse section of the Abbey. Food is brought there daily by residents from other sections and wings, as few who end up in Fosters Wing still do anything that could be mistaken for work. Many of the residents in the rest of the Abbey have various vices but remain high functioning or at least in various states of functionality. There is a far point in the downwards spiral most residents eventually undergo in which some will inevitably arrive at Fosters Wing and then that’s that.


  • If we were to get into sexual deviancy we could fill an encyclapedia. The western religious orders who foolishly make their way to the Abbey, including the ones who attempt to take over administrative duties, are often the most colorful when they finally abandon their carefully controlled libidos and give way to carnality. Many of the most bizarre sado-masochistic rooms where residents indulge their sexual appetites were in fact originally put together by these religious orders under various rationalizations.
  • The most nefarious sexual escapades were probably those organized by Grimm Talbert in the 18th century. He had been a Jesuit who had hung onto his convictions for years and provided strong and stern leadership against a particularly vicious  wave of abominations who had risen up that century to assault the crack in the Walls. After the last wave had broken, Grimm resigned and suffered a series of mental breakdowns culminating in a rather ferocious sexual appetite. Orgies, bondage soirees, all types of group carnality was his specialty, and over the course of 3 years he orchestrated the height of sexual over indulgence in a place not known for chastity. He went too far, his lust giving way to madness, and one night, unable to quench his over active thirst, he foolishly summoned a succubi into the body of a young woman he had formed a sex magick ritual around. With the succubi unleashed within the abbey, all hell broke loose and it was basically another attack all over again. To his credit, Grimm organized a magnificent resistance, stopped the monster and the others it was summoning, and put it down decisively. He then committed suicide and fell over the side of the veranda into the waiting chaos.
  • It is wrong to assume that every resident of the Abbey comes with some fatal flaw or lurking temptation. Most are perfectly nice, normal people who get to the Abbey by pure, tragic accident. Some are part of some group or Order who discovers the existence of the Abbey, a very rare thing in itself. Some misunderstand what the Abbey is and what its purpose is. Some understand perfectly and because of its extreme importance to the fate of all earthly denizens, attempt nobly to administrate and keep the Abbey running as efficiently as possible. The location of the Abbey is such that the human psyche cannot help but be degraded over time. It is a mathematical certainty, although there are residents who have stayed moderately sane and functional and carried themselves quite honorably, minus numerous odd ticks.
  • There are numerous ways to get to the Abbey. We will not list many here but will mention a few:-
  • Mirrors are common. Recursive loops are a surefire way out of reality to the Outer Walls. Line up two mirrors facing each other, stand in the middle and perform a simple Opening Ritual, or use meditation or prayer to achieve an Alpha state. It’s that simple. You will then be able to step into the corridor. At the end of the corridor, usually about a half hour’s walk is the Abbey. This is enormously dangerous as numerous entities prowl the corridors. Don’t forget, when you open a way out you also open a way in. Assuming you don’t get disemboweled or the soul sucked out of you like jelly in a doughnut, you’ll eventually arrive at a large door. By the time you’re at the door the odds of you finding your way back are enormously slim. Once through the door you will never see your world again. Don’t be too upset, most Abbey residents are very welcoming.
  • The overindulgence in photo taking in modern times is a hotbed of recursive looping. Too many photos taken of the same moment, a photo taking an image another camera is imaging which yet another camera is imaging at just the right angles will set up a rift, usually around a person caught in the middle. The riff will not open then and there.  it’s like a breeze that begins which will eventually turn into a tornado. Normally a Horror will sniff out this rift and get them first, but on the off chance this doesn’t happen, they’ll get sucked out to the Other Side and with a bit of luck make their way to The Abbey.
  • Some have actually managed to escape from the abomination that abducted them. Slender Men for instance: it’s nearly
    impossible to escape them once they have you on Earth, and once they get you back past the Veil, forget it. But it is enormously difficult for them to work their way into the World and while easier to slither back out, this is still tough. It is the moment right when they have exited the earthly bubble where you are most likely to worm free. The odds that you will happen to be where the Decadent Abbey is are slim of course, but this happens more than one might think. If you can worm free you’ll drop down to the Abbey. A Slender Man hasn’t managed to breach the Abbey in over half a century, although Rakes have a bit more luck. Still, they don’t stay long. The arcanum and weapons residents have on hand to protect the Abbey are formidable, although it is no secret Mother has been trying to find ways in for as long as the Abbey has stood.
  • There are more cracks in the walls of reality than one might think. There’s currently a popular prescription pharmaceutical that enables the mind to perceive some of these cracks. Often, that’s enough. Once perceived, the pull from beyond will grow in intensity until the poor citizen is sucked through assuming a horror doesn’t use it to slither in and take them first, and and if they’re not caught by something horrible and crawling, they may find themselves at The Abbey. If they’re lucky of course.
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