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My name is Paul Shapera, a musician working under the name Mocha Lab. I make albums, theater shows, videos, dance pieces, commercials and move around a lot.

The Old Fallen/Shadows & Flames Production Promo

I don’t spend much time in the past, especially the distant past, and even now my main efforts are all on the Carnival. (I’m going to need a male singer and a female singer, which i’ll be posting about shortly here. If you know people, and the male has to be GOOD, you could let them know). However, in light of recent events, for the first time in a long time i went back to revisit past works in my past life that i did with Shaun.

We did these two shows together, The Fallen and Shadows & Flames. It was…. a hell of time. A ride unequaled in many ways. Not the least of which because we had no freaking clue what we were doing and just barrelled through and did it anyway. Hell, do i have war stories. We were still both in touch with many of the people who had worked on it back in the day, mostly due to the magic of Facebook.

I’m going to then post here the promo clip and maybe a few other clips. I have to warn you, the quality is TERRIBLE. And i don’t mean just artistically, I mean the actual video/sound is utter shit and the sound only comes out of one side and the video quality is garbage… but i don’t have any other copies, this is all that remains. I never really looked back until now and this is all that’s left. So screw it, i’m going to post it anyway.  After this we can move on to the future.





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Download The Long Lost Early Album Shadows & Flames For Free (In Memory Of Shaun Rolly Because He Asked)

Those who have some personal connection with me know the week from hell i’ve had. One week ago my best friend of 28 years, 28 gawdam years, Shaun Rolly died under utterly horrific circumstances. This is not the time nor place to go into it, but the past week has been a living nightmare of grief, rage and absolute loss of any kind of faith in the human species. I have flown to Pittsburgh for the funeral and had my spirits lifted by the comfort, connection and interaction with other friends of his i’ve met and known throughout the years.

Shaun and i have worked together on a number of projects throughout the years, including A Pirate’s Tale. But the big one, the one a certain number of people remember the best, is The Fallen and Shadows & Flames.  I’ve since redone The Fallen and released it. Shadows & Flames i never redid, but back in the day when i first made it (age 21) it was Shaun’s favorite album (and he claimed even now it still was. Go figure) and we went on  to put up this big dance oriented theater show of Shadows & Flames (and The Fallen). It was a whole, big period of my life and it was a highlight of our long, wonderful relationship both professional and personal.

It is an early work and i never saw fit to remake or release it. I would have let it lie forever.

However, the thing is this: On the afternoon before he died, literally just hours before the shitshow went down, he IMed me with the following:

I have been listening to Shadows & Flames non-stop since yesterday. Still just as powerful and meaningful as it was 10 + years ago.  Telling ya, man. You should release it on Mocha Lab. Really, you should put it out there, man.”

So… it’s his last request. I have to do it. I do not feel comfortable making money from it, you know, being a fucking last request and all and not something i’d normally release, so it’s free. It’s an early work, that fact shows (seriously), think of it as a peak into the development of an artist kind of thing. If you don’t like it, and i understand, you don’t need to bitch about it, just delete it and be on your way, it’s fucking free. (Still working through the whole grief and rage thing.)

If anyone for some reason or another pays for it, which happens, i will donate every cent to the fund for his children

(The Rolly Children
c/I Perman Funeral Home
923 Saxonburg Blvd.
Pittsburgh, PA15233)

Thanks to Dan Striker for lending me his copy of the CD (i didn’t even have a copy). I have to try now and remember the song titles. I remember they all start with the letter A… Also, the original album artwork is long since lost to the sands of time.

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Lullabies: Greensleeves With Animation

Our children’s song channel has moved. Be sure to like or subscribe at our new location:

We’ve begun adding animation our lullabies. Our first vid is Greensleeves with animation by Charles Dyson. It’s gorgeous, no? There’s more to come so subscribe and share.

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Snapshots From The Carnival Pt. 1

uncle raven's super happy fun time carnival paul shapera creepy carnival

We have dark eyed Natalia and her talking tumor. The tumor has grown from a mole to a size larger than her head. It smoke and drinks, laughs and tells ribald jokes. Natali has long wished to kill herself but rumor is the tumor wont let her.
Gregorius designs the  fun houses and mazes contained within  and without. He is said to be from imperial Russia and created labyrinhts for several tsars. It was said his masterpiece for Peter the Great was a byzantine labyrinth whose exit could only found by acheiving spiritual enlightenment. While many were lost within the maze and are either still there or long rotted awayt, some would make it out, sometimes decades later, a hazy golden halo shining around their head.

Theres an ornate prostitution tent behind the alley of games where clowns will pay you an enchanted nickel for erotic favors

Every tues at 7 bad luck marv has good luck for 1 hour. The game alley usually closes during this time although many a pretty rube has found themselves talking to him during this time, often wondering hours later what the hell they were thinking when they agreed through the fun house with him and get frisky.

There is a ghost who peruses game alley. Over the years the ghost has learned how to win every game and will try to possess luckless players who can’t seem to win anything. The luckless players usually resist the possession attempt, to their loss.

The drink tent is enormous, much larger on the inside and is made up of several clubs and bars that used to intersect with actual places in the real world. The carnival has always attracted those with a penchant for indulgence, and sometimes a barfly would be dancing off their lids yet again in their favorite haunt and when they stumbled off of the dance floor find they were now at the carnival.

The games in game alley are all winnable, but you have to know the trick. the shooting gallery is easy as long as you simply chant the first 6 numbers of pi before shooting. The cup bounce you must either belch or pass wind right before throwing, and the throwing balls can be won by whispering the name of an unrequited love before throwing.

The Androgyous One changes gender at least once a day. In actuality they are two people, twins, who both inhabit the same body.

The most horrifying hallway of the freak show tent, which often causes rubes to lose it, is  simply a hall of internal mirrors that depicts your inner essences. Despite what some think, there is no freak show. You are the freak show.

The hall of mirrors is really a maze made up of your pathologies. It can be terrifying, (although some find it masochistically pleasant), easy to get lost in, and it takes the better part of a night to get through. Some are traumatized by it while others swear it is the single most therapeutic thing they’ve ever undergone.

The carnival is full of  labyrinths. The layout is a labyrinth, various tents contain labyrinths, the ways in and out, while still open, were all labyrinths. It is an overarcing theme.  Back before the… Trouble, before the demon uprising when the Entrances were still open, people used to arrive through various mazes, the most popular not even being physical, external mazes, but inner labyrinths. The way to the carnival is like an equation. Imagine that someone gives you a mathematical equation. You work through it, going through several logical leaps and twists and arrive at the answer. For some non mathematical equations, the Carnival is the answer. You solve the equation, look up, and there you are.

The drum circle on the outer edge is where the more… wild end up. The musicians who play the circle are some of the most revered members of the carnival. Once you sit down to drum, if the groove accepts you, you will often find that the next time you are truly self aware again is weeks later and you have been drumming all that time.

There are many dancers of many types who cavort and dance around the circle in the dead of night. Many are no longer fully human, and are in transition to whatever animal form they have chosen. More on that in a minutes.

Alcohol can be purchased using laughter as currency

There is a half woman, half cat named Stacy. in her old life she was  a waitress balancing a drinking problem who worked at the greasy spoon right where Rt. 22’s about to hit 41.  She had swore for years she was getting out of that dumpy little town, and she left a time or two with guys who turned out to be half bullshit, half asshole, and all false advertising, only to slink back on the greyhound within a few months. Now she lives at the carnival, is transitioning to feline, drinks all she wants and roars through the night with the most interesting cast of characters she could ever have hoped to come to love. She is happy.

There is young flower girl named Carla who maps out the various labyrinths within and around the carnival, at least before the entrances closed. She was on track to be an engineering student with a penchant for jam band concerts and psychedelics, but she is also an addict. Her addiction is being lost. She loves the experience of being lost to a pathological extreme, but her mind is so adept at spacial orientation she has to mess with her head in numerous ways in order to get out of it enough to actually get lost. The area outside the carnival currently, including the area beyond nearby Lost Hallow, is of course her ultimate calling, and one day she will venture off and it will be a true test of her abilities as to whether she will be able to return.

There are a myriad of animals at the carnival, most of whom were humans at some point. In one of the caravan cars is a failed wizard who became a doctor. He had often attempted to combine magic and science to help his patients, but his track record wasn’t particularly impressive and the side effects were garish.
Gordon Chokmah had been raised in a Neo Post Golden Dawn cult and as a child had been taken under the wing of the cult’s healer, who recognized that Gordon’s understanding of magical mechanics betrayed a more scientific mind than most of his peers. He secretly learned the ways of medical science at night after a long day spent  learning ritual, incantations, scrying, divination and qabbalic studies. Gordon dreamed of fusing magik and medicine.
After the healer died, Gordon made a strong case to the cult’s Head Circle to send him to medical school, since without the healer around, the cult soon realized magik really sucked at healing their various ailments. Gordon possessed no school transcripts or social security number or anything like that,  but magik actually comes in wonderfully handy when you need to convince a college admissions board that an alternative version of reality is true. So off Gordon went.
Gordon learned a lot, worked really hard, and truly tried, but he wasn’t really all that good at medicine. He was mildly okay. He did graduate,  but not anywhere near the top or even the middle of his class.
Meanwhile, his cult had been seduced by a nearby Wiccan coven and half of it left to join them. Several more tried a forbidden summoning which called a garish, nasty god from an alternative reality called Mother who seduced them into running off to join her in her dimension. A few others, horrified by the crude demonic Mother god became born again Christians and the few left after that packed it in and decided to join a eco farm and become athiests. Thus there was no cult left for Gordon to come back to.
He worked at a large city hospital for a bit which serviced residents of a poorer neighborhood. He could have plugged along there for some time, but he found the job less then fulfilling. So he spent nights secretly working on magik/medicine combinations. These had varying results. He got little sleep and often went out drinking with the autopsy crew who became quite enamored with his bizarre experiments.
His drinking grew, he slept insanely little and started exploring even darker mystic arts to help his floundering ability and lack of success. His obsession with dark magic led to quite a bit of drug use and all of this resulted in his being fired and losing his license.
He got a job as an underground vet working on animals, who he was much better at healing than people.
He was fired from a succession of veterinary jobs, mostly for pilfering the drug supply, and eventually landed in a slum where his doctoring skills were appreciated by people who has no other recourse. He healed their animals, healed people as best he could and one night was woken to heal a fallen gang leader. The gang leader had been stabbed 17 times by a rival gang. The gang leaders’s girlfriend and his 2nd in command, who brought their leader in, were having an affair and wanted him out of the way, but at the same time couldn’t bring themselves to kill him as they had all grown up together and they did really love him. The doctor, staring at the damaged body, muttered that the wounds were bad and it was more likely he could save the leader if he were a ferret. This brought up the question of whether the gang leader could become a ferret to begin with, and the doctor realized, with the right psychotropic substances consumed and the right mix of magik and surgery, he could likely actually pull it off.
It took several surgeries but the doctor both healed the gang leader and turned him into a ferret. His Great Calling was thus born.
A few years later he wound up at the carnival, and while his ability to heal is touch and go, he did master the ability to turn you into your spirit animal. This process takes about a year though, and a good bit of that time one looks rather grotesque. Still, there are a lot of carnival residents who, after having has their fill at the indulgent life, are quite excited to become beasts. The doctor always has work and is well regarded, even though he’s half out of his mind half the time. Actually, this adds to his appeal.

There is a former IT consultant who is now a mermaid residing in a tank of vodka. She at one point had alcoholism and a death wish, but Raven found her and promised he could fulfill a rather odd, drunken request she was chattering on about (namely that wished she could be one of those pretty mermaids in a tank, but a tank of vodka). Her friends at the carnival wheel her tank about so she can be somewhatmobile and attend the various going ons.


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New Albion Explained: Is It Really An Atompunk Opera? -From The Geeky Athiest

The Geeky Athiest has put up a new New Albion Explained video where they posit whether the Atompunk Opera is really atompunk or cyberpunk. It’s an interesting question, one that i hadn’t realized would come up and it’s fascinating to hear their take on it.


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New Albion Ringtones Available Now!

Well all right then, ringtones from New Albion and the greater Shaperaverse are now available!

30 ringtones for 3 dollars! You can just get the whole package: 3 bucks, 30 ringtones and have at it. If you just want an individual ringtone, it’s 50 cents. All are set up to loop nicely.

Currently only on Bandcamp. I’ll put it on iTunes and other services, but you can get both Android and Apple from Bandcamp. For Apple download in m4r format and for Android (basically everything that’s not Apple) download as mp3.


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New Albion Ring Tones?

What if there were New Albion ring tones? Like when your phone rings it goes “Dolly dolly, dolly dollaaaaay, dolly dolly, heeeeeeeeeeey”

Or… like, annabel something? The Mascot 3000? I have not put any thought whatsoever into this, i was literally just lighting a fire and thought about it and thought… well that’s interesting.

Would you be interested? I’d make it really cheap, don’t worry. More importantly do any of you have any suggestions? (Can include any album from Dolls to Cabaret)


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