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My name is Paul Shapera, a musician working under the name Mocha Lab. I make albums, theater shows, videos, dance pieces, commercials and move around a lot.

Listen To The Opening Song of Miss Helen’s Weird West Cabaret

Here it is folks. There’s a second video coming that features Lauren actually singing her take.

Featuring Lauren Osborn.

Artwork by Sarah de Buck.

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Preview of the Opening Song to Miss Helen’s Weird West Cabaret Coming Tomorrow

Still not really named. I can’t sweat the name right now and Miss Helen’s Weird west Cabaret gets across everything that needs gotten across at this stage in the game.

So yeah, the opening song will be coming out tomorrow (Sunday). It missed one tiny 5 second spoken bit to be performed later by Psyche Corp, but you’ll live. (there’s a scratch track performance of the spoken bit)

I’ll be finishing up Helen’s backstory song tomorrow. The carnival bits need a better groove.

See you then.

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Professor Elemental: All In Together

With all the hooplah going on over Brexit, let me not only post this but state that this is unquestionably the England and the English spirit that i personally know.


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I Wanted To Post Today But Then

I Wanted To Post Today But Then

Lauren sent me her vocals for the opening song! YAY! Happy day! So of course i’m putting the vocals to the music and discussing with her how we’re going to approach this character and she’ll have video of her singing it and it’ll be awesomeness.

Lauren is playing Miss Helen, the cabaret’s MC. I had said Miss Hannah in previous posts, but i can’t have Hannah and Han-Mi as the two female leads. The names are too similar. Besides, i had intended Helen as the character is named after someone specific.


Miss Helen the MC by Sarah deBuck


It’s super double happy yay good news because i also have the next 6 days home alone to work on the piece. I’m on a 4th song, which happens to be Helen’s backstory. I should be able to finish it in 3 days if all goes well. And of course i’ll have the opening number with Lauren’s vocals out to ya’ll fine folks as soon as Lauren finishes fiddling with it and i get an acceptable mix down. ( I’d been having some issues with the instrumental bit that begins the song and had left it for later. Now would be later.)

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Who Doesn’t Love An Evil Carnival?


It’s just such a perfect trope. I’ve used it already on The Fallen album, which we’ll showcase here today. However i am going to revisit that trope on the Weird West Cabaret. I’ve finished the Sheriff song (not really, but it’s close and i should step away from it for a spell) and it’s time to do Miss Helen’s song. Which is likely to be a pair of songs. In her backstory we address the Carnival that prowls the desert outside of Lost Hallow and only appears every few years.

It serves a very different function from the one in The Fallen, but there is a theoretical bent in which it could conceivably be the same carnival. It wouldn’t be during the time of the Angel, in fact it might after Raven’s time there. At the end of the Fallen, (this is not clear in the album only in the stage show), the Demon rescues the Angel from Raven’s Carnival by making a deal with Raven that he will return to the Carnival if Ravem allows the Angel’s release. Raven releases the Angel, the Demon takes her away, they spend a tender night together, and then, just before sunrise, Raven appears to escort the Demon back to the Carnival. And that’s how The Fallen ends.

Except.. in my mind, the Demon, having escaped and overpowered Raven once, could do it again. And he didn’t promise Raven he’d stay forever. So he could, in theory, rise up later down the road and take Raven down. Thus we still have the Carnival post Raven.

OR the Carnival predates Raven. Raven uses it for his own ends, but the Carnival exists before he comes along and certainly after. This is a strong possibility.

In the Cabaret the purpose of the Carnival is vastly different than in the Fallen. Indeed there may be no reason to link them together at all. But as i said, there is weird and obscure reason that one wouldn’t even begin to understand until the album after the Cabaret album in which you COULD have it be the same Carnival at a different time period and it would work, and it links Shaperaverses.

Which reminds me, the Cabaret album will not be a double album. It will run in the 40 something minute range ( i think) and be essentially Book 1 of the Lost Hallow series (or Act 1, however you want to see it.)  I don’t know whether there will be 2 or 3 acts/books yet.

Anyway, evil carnival. So here is the original evil carnival bits from The Fallen. The Angel is sung by Jen Folden.


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Dear UK, good luck today. And just remember, we love you.

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The Band That Never Was episode 6

So Matthew Broyles has released a new Band That Never Was podcast episode, and of course i shall post it because, as stated every single time an episode comes out, i love listening to this. It’s a spot on reminiscent of a certain time of life, which they capture perfectly and which i recall myself with the same string of emotions they do.

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