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My name is Paul Shapera, a musician working under the name Mocha Lab. I make albums, theater shows, videos, dance pieces, commercials and move around a lot.

Happy New Year (And Some More Vadvi Art)

the ballad of lost hollow art by vavdi

Welcome to the end of 2017. Hope you all made it in one piece.

Next year there is a possibility we will see 2 albums within the year. On Feb 12th Act 3 of Lost Hollow comes out. After that, we will either get the Balkan Rock Opera together or a Tales Of New Albion type of album. The latter will be a collection of short stories type songs like the faerie tale albums, but in and around different aspects of New Albion using a framing device. Likely both of these albums will happen before i move on to the next epic, which is likely to be a space opera. Likely. I could get distracted by another idea, but that currently is the plan.

See you all on the other side of the new year. Have fun and my love to all of you.

the ballad of lost hollow art by vavdi

Han watches Hank after Hello AI

the ballad of lost hollow art by vavdi

the ballad of lost hollow art by vavdi


the ballad of lost hollow art by vavdi

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Amazing Raven’s Carnival Art By Shibara

Uncle Raven's Super Happy Funtime Carnival by Shibara

This. Is. *******. Awesome.

Find more from them at


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Attack Of The Crab Monsters

– Poem by Lawrence Raab

Even from the beach I could sense it—
lack of welcome, lack of abiding life,
like something in the air, a certain
lack of sound. Yesterday
there was a mountain out there.
Now it’s gone. And look

at this radio, each tube neatly
sliced in half. Blow the place up!
That was my advice.
But after the storm and the earthquake,
after the tactic of the exploding plane
and the strategy of the sinking boat, it looked

like fate and I wanted to say, “Don’t you see?
So what if you’re a famous biochemist!
Lost with all hands is an old story.”
Sure, we’re on the edge
of an important breakthrough, everyone
hearing voices, everyone falling

into caves, and you’re out
wandering through the jungle
in the middle of the night in your negligee.
Yes, we’re way out there
on the edge of science, while the rest
of the island continues to disappear until

nothing’s left except this
cliff in the middle of the ocean,
and you, in your bathing suit,
crouched behind the scuba tanks.
I’d like to tell you
not to be afraid, but I’ve lost

my voice. I’m not used to all these
legs, these claws, these feelers.
It’s the old story, predictable
as fallout — the rearrangement of molecules.
And everyone is surprised
and no one understands

why each man tries to kill
the thing he loves, when the change
comes over him. So now you know
what I never found the time to say.
Sweetheart, put down your flamethrower.
You know I always loved you.

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The Grand Cyberpunk Gala Of Gabriella Gadfly Release Date


God, i love this piece of art. By Vadvi.

So, Act 3, the final act of Lost Hollow is due to be released on…… drum roll…

Monday Feb. 12.

I have confirmation from all the singers to record the week the last week of January, first week of February. I have in fact just bought the first of several plane tickets as i will need to go to Frankfurt this time (Dortmund first actually, then a bus to Frankfurt) and then London. Lots of singers, lots of travel.

Although to be clear, in sticking with the intimate approach this series’ albums take, Act 3 is really just a little chat. Don’t get your expectations over worked. Act 2 was just a little intimate snapshot of lonely guy makes a pass at younger woman and strikes out, and Act 3 is just a little chat. A little girl talk. That’s it.

I will video blog the trip and recording sessions, and in the meantime, i will post any and all Lost Hollow fan art while we wait for Sarah De Buck to send her cover art. (I juuuuuuust sent her the demo tracks so we’re going to have to wait just a hair).

Merry Christmas, Hank.


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Ballad Of Lost Hallow Act 3 Update


Awesome art by Vadvi. Check out her work at

Yeah, i’m done composing. It’s all there. I’m finishing up the week by making sheet music for the singers, after which i have some hired jobs to get to (a modern dance piece and a perfume thing). The singers will likely record end of jan, beginning of feb. We’re trying for end of January, but i’ve only spoken with the voice of our AI leader (since that is the most tricky to arrange). Other than brush up work, it’s made, it sounds great and i am enormously pleased. I guarantee this will be an hour long experience well worth the wait. I have stuffed all teh feelz in. All of them.

If the singers do record end of jan we are on time for a mid Feb release. By Valentine’s Day. Awww.

So there you go. Act is titled The Grand Cyberpunk Gala Of Gabriella Gadfly, and features the whole gang, Lauren, Psyche, Rhys, as well as newcomer Jessica Singer (our sweet, AI badass). Probably next week i will be sending the album with demo vocals to Sarah De Buck to begin cover design. So stay tuned for the cover. See you soon, sweetlings.


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You asked for it, you got it. Merry Xmas. Snuggle up with Raven Baby in this 21″ x 61 body pillow cover. (You provide your own pillow.) $40, plus shipping (Shipping is $10 in the states and $15 in Europe). Raven is a lonely boi. He needs your love. Won’t you give it to him?

You can buy it over on Bandcamp.


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The Slenderman Musical Has Been Remixed And Is Out Now!

Just in time for Christmas! Nothing gets you in the spirit of Xmas like a romping tale of Slender shenanigans. Slenderman, ghosts, secret holy orders, sub-realities, monasteries on the outside of the world where everyone slowly descends into madness, some quality time with mother, and of course the infamous incident that takes place in Act 3 which makes this hands down the most divisive album of my career.

Of course, really, this is a story about isolation and connection, despite the cacophony of surreal and absurd horror tropes that march through this piece.

There has been a recent surge of interest in this tale, and despite all the hubbub about the Act 3 incident, the real issue i have is with its poor mixing. It’s driven me crazy all this time, and so now, in the holiday spirit, i have gone back and remixed it so it sounds far more listenable. There is a plot point near the end that i do realize is stupid and was a poor choice, and which i have changed. (I am prepared to defend why i changed this and why i didn’t change any of the other controversial bits.)

Act 1 is one of the best single acts i have ever made and act 3… is the literal definition of love it or hate it. Sounding a bit better than before, ladies and gentlemen, The Slenderman Musical! (Also, a purchase of this album gets you a Christmas Eve visit from SlenderSanta!)


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