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My name is Paul Shapera, a musician working under the name Mocha Lab. I make albums, theater shows, videos, dance pieces, commercials and move around a lot.

The First and Final Frames of Famous Films

Here’s something totally worth your time.

The first and last frames of some great movies. Illustrates how to do it. “What can we learn by examining only the first and final shot of a film? This video plays the opening and closing shots of 55 films side-by-side. Some of the opening shots are strikingly similar to the final shots, while others are vastly different–both serving a purpose in communicating various themes. Some show progress, some show decline, and some are simply impactful images used to begin and end a film.”

Here are the films in this piece in order of appearance.

  • The Tree of Life: 00:00
  • The Master: 00:09
  • Brokeback Mountain: 00:15
  • No Country for Old Men: 00:23
  • Her: 00:27
  • Blue Valentine: 00:30
  • Birdman: 00:34
  • Black Swan: 00:41
  • Gone Girl: 00:47
  • Kill Bill Vol. 2: 00:53
  • Punch-Drunk Love: 00:59
  • Silver Linings Playbook: 01:06
  • Taxi Driver: 01:11
  • Shutter Island: 01:20
  • Children of Men: 01:27
  • We Need to Talk About Kevin: 01:33
  • Funny Games (2007): 01:41
  • Fight Club: 01:47
  • 12 Years a Slave: 01:54
  • There Will be Blood: 01:59
  • The Godfather Part II: 02:05
  • Shame: 02:10
  • Never Let Me Go: 02:17
  • The Road: 02:21
  • Hunger: 02:27
  • Raging Bull: 02:31
  • Cabaret: 02:36
  • Before Sunrise: 02:42
  • Nebraska: 02:47
  • Frank: 02:54
  • Cast Away: 03:01
  • Somewhere: 03:06
  • Melancholia: 03:11
  • Morvern Callar: 03:18
  • Take this Waltz: 03:21
  • Buried: 03:25
  • Lord of War: 03:32
  • Cape Fear: 03:38
  • 12 Monkeys: 03:45
  • The World According to Garp: 03:50
  • Saving Private Ryan: 03:57
  • Poetry: 04:02
  • Solaris (1972): 04:05
  • Dr. Strangelove: 04:11
  • The Astronaut Farmer: 04:16
  • The Piano: 04:21
  • Inception: 04:26
  • Boyhood: 04:31
  • Whiplash: 04:37
  • Cloud Atlas: 04:43
  • Under the Skin: 04:47
  • 2001: A Space Odyssey: 04:51
  • Gravity: 04:57
  • The Searchers: 05:03
  • The Usual Suspects: 05:23
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The Amusement Park From Hell

You would assume that an amusement park who’s primary goal is to portray the most revolting and horrifying depictions of what happens to wayward sinners in Hell would be located in Kansas and be funded by Ken Ham or some evangelical sect, but actually our park today is the Wang Saen Suk Hell Garden, a park in Thailand which depicts the Buddhist hell of Naraka.

At the start of the garden trial sits a giant “fat Buddha” statue. After a series of relatively peaceful, spiritual scenes, the visitor turns a corner to see a diorama depicting Buddhist hell. Two large figures named ‘Nai Ngean’ and ‘Nang Thong’ stand high above the tortured souls of the garden; their emaciated appearance, long necks and distended bellies seems to mark them as Preta, the ‘hungry ghosts’ of Thai folklore.

Wang Saen Suk Hell Garden

Wang Saen Suk Hell Garden


After this first area come illustrations of the specific punishments for a list of very particular crimes. These include depictions of human sinners being ripped apart by the dogs of Hell, burnt alive in boiling cauldrons, disembowelled by birds, and having their head replaced with that of an animal.

Wang Saen Suk Hell Garden



Wang Saen Suk Hell Garden

Wang Saen Suk Hell Garden

Wang Saen Suk Hell Garden


Donation boxes located next to each scene encourage penance through charity. They also detail the sins likely to incur the depicted torture; these range from a woman being crushed in a vice for committing aborticide, to a man having his head savagely knocked off for undermining Buddhism.

Wang Saen Suk Hell Garden

Wang Saen Suk Hell Garden


Hell has 136 pits, but individuals are able to be reborn from each. Loganta, a special pit reserved for those who have hurt their parents or monks physically, is the only cold pit and those sent there are said to remain until a new Buddha is born.

Wang Saen Suk Hell Garden

Wang Saen Suk Hell Garden

Wang Saen Suk Hell Garden

Wang Saen Suk Hell Garden


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My Strange And Slightly Traumatic Past 2 Months

I haven’t posted much in the past two months. I’ve had a baby so there’s that and my 6 year son developed seizures, on average about 8 or 9 in a 24 hour period, 2 to 3 at night (while sleeping) and 5 or 6 in the day.

The weirdness around it is such that despite that when i get to the most recent part of it i’m going to look like a complete nut, i’m going to go ahead and place this chronicle on the internet in case anyone else finds themselves in this position, either themselves or with their children.


About 2 months ago, my 6 year old son Adam started doing this weird little tick. He would grimace, one side of his mouth would grimace he’d go “huh huh huh huh huh” for 20 to 30 seconds. Now, kids are weird so we didn’t think so much of it, but our eyebrows were raised. My wife first noticed it while he was watching TV.

One morning however, he was sound asleep and suddenly he popped open his eyes and did it, half his mouth upturned, “huh huh huh huh huh huh huh huh “….not looking at anything, just… doing it, and then he simply fell right back asleep.

He was not awake or aware he was doing this. This is when we started shitting out pants a bit.

After that, however it grew. And it grew quickly.

What was a “tick” it soon became obvious was some type of seizure and it got bigger and more pronounced. The entire side of his face would grimace and freeze, he’d stare wildly, his eyelid would flutter, his jaw would quiver, his arm would raise and stiffen and he’d go “heh hehhh ehehhh hehehehhhh ehehh heh heh” for a full minute.

And it continued to grow. When it would hit, along with the grimace and weird laugh he would move, doing something repetitively, like  turning to the wall, turning back, turning to the wall, turning back, turning to the wall, turning back, turning to the wall, turning back, etc. Arm rigid, that grimace, and after awhile the laugh became a snort. Loud snort. It would go on a for a minute or so.
He would do this 2 to 3 times at night, out of a sound sleep. I slept in his room with him and he’d wake me up several times a night with that “heh heh heh… heh. hehhhhh… heheh…” or that snort. 5 to 6 times also during the day.

While this is happening, please don’t forget, we had a baby. All this is going on and we have a newborn and my wife had a very brutal birthing experience. I am currently in eastern europe, which is a hell hole for giving birth. I mean that. This is not first world civilization and it’s a disgusting hell hole that cares not one, small, tiddle for women’s psychological, emotional, or even physical well being. Don’t get me started on this one. In any case, i digress.

Obviously we, and by we i mean i since my wife had to stay home and nurse the newborn,  took him to doctors and of course to a neurologist. He had an EEG and actually had a seizure during the EEG. The EEG showed the seizure, no doubt. The neurologist looked at it and said he had some type of epilepsy and we should start meds.

I mean, of course it’s bloody some type of epilepsy. Jeez, look at this shit.


A few other doctors suggested it could fit psychogenic seizures. By psychogenic, i mean there’s a possibility it’s NOT epilepsy and it’s psychological. They couldn’t prove it, they didn’t have the expertise and it wasn’t their field, but there were some oddities.

That grimace on the side of his face? It changed sides. Randomly. it wasn’t always the same side. The fact that this began just before birth of a sibling could suggest psychogenic. I took him for an MRI (a damn scary experience for a 6 year old). His MRI was clean as a whistle. There’s more, but you get the idea.

There were two columns, one epilepsy, one psychogenic. Both lists were long and you could argue for either. This is important because epilepsy meds are serious. Really serious. The side effects are serious. Their effects on a developing brain are serious. I’m not against them, but you should NOT give them to a child who does not absolutely need them.

So what the fuck do we do?

A very dear friend of ours who does alternative healing methods insisted it was psychogenic from the get go. He was adamant and he cares very deeply for adam.

He thought long and hard about how to try to treat it. Lost sleep over it. Finally, shortly before going to Belgrade to get another opinion and then start meds, my wife and i went to his place, without adam to do a session.

Here’s where it gets weird. Bear with me. This next bit is at times going to sound a little… odd.

Using actupunture, on ME, he recreated Adam’s pathology map. (i repeat, mky little boy was not present) I… inexplicably entered an altered state of consciousness, and trust me, i know a bloody altered state of consciousness when i see one. In a very strange way that i cannot really explain or describer rationally, i became my son. I took on his pathologies and his psychological… state. i don’t know how to describe it. I became him in a very real way, although i was lucid the entire time. My personality changed and i saw and described things from another…. mindset. my little boy’s. I am not, at ALL a new agey type of person. I’m a pretty cynical guy. This is what happened and i cannot explain it fully or describe it raiotnally. Our friend and my wife asked me questions and had me explore and explain mental maps from my son’s perspective.  I explained things from my child’s inner, mental perspective. I described things. I could not think entirely like myself. I could not think in complex terms. I answered questions and talked at legnth about the mental images i saw, including mazes and rivers.

We gained a great understanding and formulated a plan based on that. The officially description of what happened from the methodological perspective is, as kooky as this sounds, i took on his pathologies so that i could bring them to the surface for my son. My boy, at 6 years old is too young to go through this psychodrama technique himself.

According to the methodology’s rationale, as his father, i am tied in him in ways beyond the physical, and can do this in his place.

I know this is utterly ridiculous. Prior to this insane afternoon i would have told you VEHEmently the same thing.

The session lasted 4 hours. Afterwards we picked up my boy who was with my wife’s brother for the day, brought him home, and began doing the things i had said were needed from my altered state.

From the moment i picked him up he has not had a seizure. He went from 8 to 9 of these fuckers a day to nothing. Nothing. As of this writing it has been 10 days.

He has changed, though.

What had happened is that he was growing in such a way as to be a “good child”. Always nice. Rarely angry. He became what was wanted from him, but to do so, he pushed all anger, all negative emotion down. locked it down until it only existed as an inner alter ego. He could not pack in any further. it had to come out and so… the seizures.

With the release of his pathological knot and the stopping of the seizures, all of this negative emotion is now pouring out.

He was hell to deal with for the 3 days following that session. He was… holy shit he was a walking rage machine of releasing frustration. All the stuff we never saw because he had it locked away is now pouring out.

It was difficult to deal with and must be dealt with… so carefully it is one fuck of a challenge.

You canNOT, absolutely cannot respond with anger. Cannot. But the pathology is trying like hell to produce an angry response. Obviously, as a parent you cannot be permissive towards unacceptable behavior either. but you also have to let it all come out. It will run its course as long as you don’t fuck up.

Calm, sympathetic firmness. You must hold your ground, but not attach with negative emotion.

I could do this, no problem. I spent weeks swearing i would do anything, ANYTHING if i could make these seizures go away. If this what i have to do, no problem. I would be a rock.

The living Anger Machine lasted 3 days. Then it subsided and my little boy returned.

I had a child who was having seizures, for a couple months. Lots of them. We tried a very weird psychodrama technique, one which the child WASN’T EVEN PRESENT FOR, and boom, from the moment i saw him next, he stopped having them.

There you go. This is not some piece of fiction, this is all very real, this is what my life has been for the past 2 plus months.  Different people may have different reactions, but if anyone out there ever goes through this, you are not alone. We were so very alone and so very scared and so very lost as to what to do and so, so very worried. Lots tears shed and lots of self flagellation for being such utterly shitty parents that this could happen. We debated whether to pull him from Kindergarten, i prepared myself for dealing long term with a kid with epilepsy, i watched while he had all these freaking seizures that i couldn’t hug, kiss and snuggle away. I still don’t know what the FUCK has just happened, but suddenly it’s over?

I sat in my storage basement and cried. My wife has cried more in the past 2 months then i’ve seen her cry in the past 2 years.

And now… it’s…. it’s apparently over. Sometimes you simply don’t know what the fuck.

We’ll pick up again posting here on the blog. Actually, Act 1 of the Slender Man Opera is basically done and i’ll be posting the first 2 songs over the next couple of days.


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A Peek At The Queen’s Vagabond Performance Of The Dolls of New Albion

Queen's Vagabond present The Dolls of New Albion

Playing all this weekend is of course the Queen’s Vagabond performance of Dolls, which i hope is going wonderfully. There a video trailer and some pics to check out so why don’t we do that? Hopefully they will have a smidgen of actual performance video they’ll send along for me to put up after this is all done (just a song or so would be lovely).

Here is the trailer for the performance:

There’s also a lovely review by Muse Magazine here

There’s still a few shows left and at one point there were tarot readings available, which is a quite brilliant idea.

So once again, good luck to the cast and crew, spank spank spank, people!

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Queen’s Vagabond present The Dolls of New Albion, Live Performance, March 19-22, Kingston Canada

Queen's Vagabond present The Dolls of New Albion

Oh! Well shiver me wires and dials. There’s a performance of Dolls next weekend!

Queen’s Vagabond present The Dolls of New Albion
The Rotunda Theatre, Theological Hall
March 19-22
Tickets $15

Here is the link to their Facebook page which you should TOTALLY check out. They’d got scads of videos featuring both production staff and cast members. I’m REALLY hoping i can get some video footage of the performance. (Really. Hoping. Hint hint.)

Looking good. I wish i could attend, but alas, thousands of miles away + newborn baby = not even remotely possible. But looking good.  I will keep ya’ll updated as i get updated. But for any members of the cast and team who may read this: OMG I FREAKING LOVE YOU AND YOU GO AND YOU FUCKING ROCK THIS SHIT. SPANK THAT SHOW.


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Professor Elemental

professor elemental

Yes i know, we’ve moved a way away from steampunky things, but none the less we’re going to feature a very steampunky musician, Professor Elemental.

The reason is this: I quite enjoy listening to him. I never featured him back when i was featuring steampunky things, and yet, of all those things, he is what i still listen to. I actually love the guy. His songs are really funny, but they’re also really, really clever and have utterly stellar lyrics.

As those who know me on Facebook can contest, i freakin’ LOVE tea. I mean i LIVE on the stuff. I don’t drink coffee. It’s not that i don’t that i don’t like coffee, but it gets in the way of a cup of tea and i’d way rather have the cup of tea. I ran out of tea a little bit ago AND YOU DO NOT WANT TO FUCK WITH ME OR BE AROUND ME WHEN THE TEA RUNS DRY. SERIOUSLY. THEY INVENTED THE WORD SKULLFUCK BECAUSE O F WHAT I DO WHEN THERE’S NO TEA. Why do i mention this? Because Professor Elemental understands. I actually got immense pleasure out of watching this while waiting for reinforcements to arrive. (I can’t just pop round to the shop and grab some more. I live in a REALLY friggin’ remote place in a country with no proper tea except in one city 3 hours away. And that ONE tea shop couldn’t deliver for two weeks because… because it’s the Balkans.

Right, so THIS:

You see how i love this beyond words.

But wait, he IS always that clever. As we can witness here:

Yay! I mean come on, how can you not enjoy this? All right, one more:

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From The Story Of O To 50 Shades Of Grey

One of the best things that can come out of the entire 50 Shades of Grey hooplah is a lively and frank discussion of sexual and emotional abuse, what constitutes it and how to stop it.

This is however not the discussion we’re going to get into today. Nor are we going to discuss the finer points of BDSM (bondage, discipline, sado-masochism) as i am utterly unqualified. I applaud everyone’s consensual sexual  adventures but personally, i’m not into the whole pain thing. I want my pleasure to be pleasurable. Although i have gone to Indian restaurants and when asked how spicy i want my meal have told them to go ahead and hurt me, so, you know, i can maybe sort of understand.

This post obviously has lots of triggers. These are 5 pretty friggin’ kinky and potentially fucked up books, depending where you fit on the sensitivity scale.

What i’m interested in discussing today is the literary lineage. With a certain regularity, every few decades, an erotic BDSM book pops up, sells inSANEly, and is a huge cultural deal. Plenty of erotic fiction is published in between, but the thing of which i speak smashes into pop cultural. EVERYone knows about it and discusses it at some point. Like 50 Shades of Grey. Say what you will about it (like it sucks) you HAVE discussed it. Everyone around you has too. It is the latest in a line of blockbuster erotic fiction where a (mostly but not always) woman  goes through all sorts of fucked up, kinky, submissive, sexy time weirdness.

1. Justine or The Misfortunes of Virtue by the Marquis de Sade

Justine Marquis de Sade

This is an early novel and is paired with a later work Juliette, or Vice Amply Rewarded. Justine and Juliette are sisters. Justine is virtuous Juliette is… not.

Ah the Marquis de Sade. What can be said about him that hasn’t? The trail of BDSM blockbusters begins with him and might as well end with him because the shit in his books is so fucked up no one has topped it yet.

Justine was written in 1791. The plot concerns Justine, a 12-year-old maiden (“As for Justine, aged as we have remarked, twelve”) who sets off, to make her way in France. Juliette and Justine lived in a nunnery, where the Abbess of the nunnery corrupted Juliette (and attempted to corrupt Justine too). However, Justine was sweet and virtuous. When the Abbess found out about Bertole’s death she threw both girls out. Juliette’s story is told in another book, and Justine continues on in pursuit of virtue, beginning from becoming a maid in the house of the Usurer Harpin, which is where her troubles begin anew. It follows her until age 26, in her quest for virtue. She is presented with sexual lessons, hidden under a virtuous mask. The unfortunate situations include: the time when she seeks refuge and confession in a monastery, but is forced to become a sex-slave to the monks, who subject her to countless orgies, rapes, and similar rigours. When helping a gentleman who is robbed in a field, he takes her back to his chateau with promises of a post caring for his wife, but she is then confined in a cave and subject to much the same punishment. These punishments are mostly the same throughout, even when she goes to a judge to beg for mercy in her case as an arsonist, and then finds herself openly humiliated in court, unable to defend herself.

In her search for work and shelter Justine constantly fell into the hands of rogues who would ravish and torture her and the people she makes friends with.

Here we see the basic meme begin. Shy, innocent girl learns all about seediness and not just sex, very dominance oriented sex. Lots and lots of rape. As far as Marquis de Sade works go, it’s a breezy walk in the park.  By the time he gets to Juliette or heaven forbid, The 120 Days of Sodom… 120 of Sodom is so fucked up i can’t even… we’re not going to talk about. Seriously i’m still scarred and it’s been many,. many years since i read that fucker (or as much of it as i could before i just starting cursing and through the book across the room. To quote Dorothy Parker: “This is not a book to be tossed aside lightly. It should be thrown with great force.”

Fucking Marquis de Sade, Christian Grey would weep like a little wounded puppy if he ever encountered the MdeS.

2. Venus In Furs by Leopold van Sacher-Masoch

Venus in Furs by Leopold von Sacher-Masoch

How influential is Venus in Furs, a book published in 1870? The word masochism is literally named after the author. Yeah. I’m gonna say reeeeeeEEEEEEAL influential.

However, in a refreshing change of pace this book, actually features a man being dominated and humiliated by a woman.

The story tells of a man, Severin von Kusiemski, who is so infatuated with a woman, Wanda von Dunajew, that he asks to be her slave, and encourages her to treat him in progressively more degrading ways. At first Wanda does not understand or accede to the request, but after humouring Severin a bit she finds the advantages of the method to be interesting and enthusiastically embraces the idea, although at the same time she disdains Severin for allowing her to do so.

Severin describes his feelings during these experiences as suprasensuality. Severin and Wanda travel to Florence. Along the way, Severin takes the generic Russian servant’s name of “Gregor” and the role of Wanda’s servant. In Florence, Wanda treats him brutally as a servant, and recruits a trio of African women to dominate him. (You can just go ahead and read all the shades of racism into that last bit that you want. You wouldn’t be wrong about any of them. See, it’s particularly humiliating to have BLACK women dominating him, because, come on, how low can you go? Apparently this is the lowest.)

The book caused an enormous stir which echoes even today. There’s a famous band named after it, there’s a Velvet Underground song, there’s plays and apparently there’s a new movie coming out directed by Roman Polanski.

The book is the exact gender reverse of 50 Shades. As one woman put it: “Severin likes women. Severin likes women who are filthy rich. Severin likes women who are filthy rich and treat him like shit. Wanda is that woman.”

3. The Story Of O by Anne Desclos (under the pen name Pauline Réage)

story of o Pauline Reage

 The Story of O was HUGE. Published in 1954 in France it was an international sensation. Banned, obscenity charges, the works. Desclos did not reveal herself as the author for forty years after the initial publication. She wrote the novel as a series of love letters to her lover Jean Paulhan, who had admired the work of the Marquis de Sade.

In the Story of O we get the true precursor to Shades of Grey.

Story of O is a tale of female submission involving a beautiful Parisian fashion photographer named O, who is taught to be constantly available for oral, vaginal, and anal intercourse, offering herself to any male who belongs to the same secret society as her lover. She is regularly stripped, blindfolded, chained and whipped; her anus is widened by increasingly large plugs; her labium is pierced and her buttocks arebranded.

The story begins when O’s lover, René, brings her to the château of Roissy, where she is trained to serve the members of an elite club. After this initial training, as a demonstration of their bond and his generosity, René hands O to his elder stepbrother Sir Stephen, a more severe master. René wants O to learn to serve someone whom she does not love, and someone who does not love her. Over the course of this training, O falls in love with Sir Stephen and believes him to be in love with her as well. During the summer, Sir Stephen sends O to Samois, an old mansion solely inhabited by women for advanced training and body modifications related to submission. There she agrees to receive permanent marks of Sir Stephen’s ownership, in the form of a brand and a steel tag hanging from a labia piercing.

Meanwhile René has encouraged O to seduce Jacqueline, a vain fashion model, and lure her to Roissy. Jacqueline is repulsed when she first sees O’s chains and scars, although O herself is proud of her condition as a willing slave. However, Jacqueline’s younger half-sister becomes enamored of O, and begs to be taken to Roissy.

At the climax, O is presented as a sexual slave, nude but for an owl-like mask and a leash attached to her piercing, before a large party of guests who treat her solely as an object. Afterward, she is shared by Sir Stephen and an associate of his who is referred to only as “The Commander”.

Some early editions included several different variations of an epilogue which note that O was later abandoned by Sir Stephen, though there is debate as to whether Desclos intended it to be included in the finished work; in one such version, O is so distraught by the threat of this abandonment that she insists she would rather die and asks for permission to commit suicide, which is granted.

You will be shocked to hear that there have been enormous heated debates surrounding the book from multiple sources and it is still discussed today.

4. The Claiming Of Sleepy Beauty by Anne Rice

The Claiming Of Sleepy Beauty by Anne Rice

The Sleeping Beauty Quartet is a series of four novels written by American author Anne Rice under the pseudonym of A. N. Roquelaure in the 1980s. It wasn’t until the 1990s that Anne Rice came out as the author, which caused sales of the books to explode. The books were read and discussed far and wide, causing many debates across the cultural landscape. Some of the most interesting debates about this quartet came from various feminist factions focusing on all sorts of different aspects of these works. both positive and negative.

In the first chapter of the story, Beauty is awakened from her hundred-year sleep by the Prince, not with a kiss, but through copulation, initiating her into a Satyricon-like world of sexual adventures. After stripping her naked he takes her to his kingdom, ruled by his mother Queen Eleanor, where Beauty is trained as a slave and a plaything. The rest of the naked slaves, dozens of them, in the Queen’s castle are princes and princesses sent by their royal parents from the surrounding kingdoms as tributes. In this castle they spend several years learning to become obedient and submissive sexual property, accepting being spanked and forced to have sex with nobles and slaves of both sexes, being publicly displayed and humiliated, and crawling around on their hands and knees like animals until they return to their own lands “being enhanced in wisdom.”

In the castle Beauty meets another slave, Prince Alexi, with whom she copulates passionately. After that he tells her about the long adventurous journey he had in the castle. Alexi previously had been a stubborn prince who fought back all the attempts to break him, until the Queen sent him to the kitchen to have him tortured by crude kitchen servants. Alexi received such a savage and merciless punishment there that he began to lose his senses and, after some particularly humiliating training at the hands of a strong stable boy, Alexi became a totally surrendered slave, playing various sexual games at the Queen’s commands.

The moral of Alexi’s story notwithstanding, Beauty willfully disobeys, and the book closes with her being sentenced to brutal slavery in the neighboring village while her master weeps.

5. 50 Shades Of Grey by E. L. James

50 shades of grey by E. L. James

And here we come to the current darling of pop culture. Bought en masse, decried and slandered (amongst its critiques is that it’s horribly written, which is very true. Although not to single it out for this vice, Venus In Furs is pretty badly written in parts also, but in a different way)

I have nothing to add. You all know what it’s about. I haven’t actually read it (i haven’t actually read any of these in their entirety. I’ve read several chapter here and there of nearly all at some point, but this genre isn’t my thing and i am NOT friggin’ opening up a Marquis de Sade book again. I read as much of 120 Days as i ever need to and will happily die without reading any more).

So read 50 Shades, don’t read it, PLEASE talk about abuse and abuse awareness, seriously, that is the best and most important thing that can come from all this, but know that after all this dies down, if you wait 20 years, the next BDSM best seller will come out of nowhere and titillize another generation.

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