Join Me Sunday To Hear The Lost Fairy Streaming On Youtube In Its Entirety

24 Aug



The Fairypunk Trilogy concludes tomorrow. What will happen? Will Oliver Marsh belt a groin melting operatic high note? Will Liel Bar-Z sing a face liquefying verse that makes you soil your poor jeans? Will Kerttu Aarnipuu melt your heart and wish the meme would  come over to your house to curl up on the couch with you, eat ice cream and watch Netflix? Will Vivian Moonic as the Mayor refuse to put up with your bull****? Will Evil Lauren once again make Paul do bad things or will he finally break free of her evil spell and make a giant 70s soft rock album with a ton of Coca Cola sponsored product placement? What refreshing beverage will you be drinking at tomorrow’s listening party? Mmmm, nothing like a listening to Lauren despair of life and the absence of goodness in humanity with an ice cold coca cola.

Will Paul bring all the forces at his disposal that he can muster in a desperate attempt to sweep you off your feet and wrench your heart at the same time? Find out the answer to all these questions and more, tomorrow, 7PM UK time, 2PM east coast US time.

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