New Albion Cabaret Fundraiser (Wanna Have A Video Of the Show?)

25 Jun

The New Albion Cabaret GoFundMe is live now!

The New Albion Cabaret is a special live performance of fan-favorite selections of Paul Shapera’s New Albion omniverse performed by the original singers on Oct 27th, 2019 in St. Albans, north of London, UK.

Donate so that we can make a video of the event! Watch your favorite performers sing your favorite songs from the New Albion series! Can’t attend the show? No problem! If we raise enough money we’ll record it! Videographer Charlie Dyson will record a 3 camera shoot (two manned and one static) and edit an awesome video of the event. All donations over £10 will automatically receive a copy of the finished concert film.

If we cover costs for videotaping, all remaining money will go to… wait for it because it’s a shocking innovation… paying the performers and crew! Holy bojangles, what?!? The performers get paid for their time and effort?!? The mind boggles! Seriously, our people should be paid and you can help make this happen.

Donate today and ensure that there is a recording of this unholy monstrosity. Help soothe the hysterical tears of the poor performers, weeping over the trauma of being involved in such an infernal ritual of darkness, by collected a few pieces of silver so they can go drink away their regret. Or, you know, pay their insanely expensive London rent. But most likely try to erase the horrors they will have witnessed the night of cabaret with a week long alcoholic binge they pray will decimate all memories of their shame. But the memories wont be erased because there’ll be a video! HA! Checkmate!

So yes, donate today. Video. Pay people. Two good things to come out of this unholy gathering.

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