Blood Red Dogs Merch Now Available!

21 Mar

Hoodies! T-Shirts! Posters! Phone cases! What! Art by the fabulous Pixelwayve: Check out her inceredible array of delights, sights and frights.

Merch available through Bandcamp here

I could’ve included sweatshirts and backpacks, but let’s see what sells. If there’s a demand for sweatshirts let me know. All of the other designs can be available for hoodies and sweatshirts too, you just gotta let me know you want them.

We got oxblood black (seriously, i have discovered through going to through shirt options that oxblood black is now my new favorite color), we got red, we got black, we got maroon… don’t be shy and walk on by, come on in and give it a try.

(Actually years ago my buddy and i went to New Orleans and ate dinner across from this place that had a live, drag queen show and this guy stood outside trying to entice people to come in. He said that line “don’t be shy and walk on by, come on in and give it a try” about a thousand times as we ate dinner on the veranda above him, so much so that years later it is still burned into my brain. Turned out to be a good show, too.)

Anyway, step right up, step right up, everyone’s a winner, bargains galore, it fillets, it chops, it dices, slices, never stops, lasts a lifetime, mows your lawn,  picks up the kids from school, gets rid of unwanted facial hair, it gets rid of embarrassing odors, lengthens, strengthens, it’s the only product you will ever need. Batteries not included.




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One response to “Blood Red Dogs Merch Now Available!

  1. Helennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn... don't you want me

    March 22, 2019 at 12:35 pm

    Nice! I’m definitely getting the phone case. I’m very Team BRD, they should have finished off Warrior Princess Jane when they had the chance.


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