The Fairy City Of Victoria: Fairy Tales For Homeless Fairies

12 Mar

As the praise continues to pour in for The Broken Cyborg, (Aw shucks, y’all), there have been some questions regarding the fairy city of Victoria.

For those interested, the backstory of the fairy cith of Victoria is covered here in this album, which is well worth a listen for those interested.

One last note, because it sort of drives me crazy: a comment on the album mentions how in the song Adore an adult male is singing a romantic song of desire to…. an 11 year old? Oh hell no. No no nononononononono. I dont where this idea comes from, but that is SO wrong and that sort of thing is something i would never, in a billion years be putting in any form on an album or anything for that matter. Look, at no point AT ALL does it even suggest that the Reggie Smith singing the song Adore (who is the original human taken by the fairies and replaced by a changeling who is the Reggie Smith we meet in the other Reggie Smith song) is singing to a kid. Why on earth would you think that?!?

Now, i do understand the song has a slight creep vibe, i mean, someone coming in to sit with you at night and gaze longingly at you in adoration is a little creepy, but we’re talking… you know, normal creepy. Not horrible, frankly offensive creepy. Reggie Smith the human is, after all, lonely to a degree unimaginable. He’s been taken from his life, from his parents, from his very species and raised in a place and species so foreign, he will never fit in or belong, or be able to know basic human love, something he still psychologically and biologically yearns for. But he’s not freaking Michael Jackson. He’s yearning for someone he spied on the street who is his own bloody age. Someone who may not even pereceive him since he doesnt spend most of his time quite in phase with the human world.

Sorry. Had to clear that up. The comment drives me nuts, i cant erase it and there are some things that i have no wish to ever bring up in my work.

That aside, the album is a collection of musical short stories that never the less form an overarching tale that centers around the very city of Victoria we find some years later in The Broken Cyborg.


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2 responses to “The Fairy City Of Victoria: Fairy Tales For Homeless Fairies

  1. J

    March 12, 2019 at 2:57 pm

    That comment has always driven me crazy too. I wonder, if you can’t contact that Bandcamp user who left the comment, if you can contact Bandcamp and ask that they remove it? “Adore” is actually one of my favorite songs of yours and it’s really unfortunate to have that comment associated with it in such a visible location.

  2. absolutionjailor

    March 12, 2019 at 8:56 pm

    You really knocked it out of the park Paul. This album, the experience, it is exactly what I fell in love with when I first found your music. Drama, hint of culture, tint of gay, a whole lot of silliness and wonder.

    Much like the queerness in New Albion, my love for your work intensifies with each and every day.

    Also the comment about Adore breaks my heart. It’s a song I love and see a strange, otherworldly draw. There is something that binds them, and as each matures (at the same rate and are the same dang age in clearly) that draw might take on different meanings through life.

    Especially since in the first Reggie Smith it mentions that he is old enough to make certain choices in exchange for money, and specifically mentions he ages away from being able to see his friend.

    But some people see a thing and think they see the whole picture. For my part I’ll do what I can on the server to clear up misunderstandings, though to be honest most people on the Discord server are great about wanting to get a clear picture about things before they make any judgements or further any miscommunications.


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