The Art Of PixelWayve

26 Jan

PixelWayve (you can find her under that name on Instagram or Tumblr or at Artstation has been making the most amazing New Albion art. Not only should you gawk at it (you needn’t go so far as urinating yourself like i did, although to each their own) but you should follow her now so that you can say you knew her before she blew the **** up.

She started my morning by sending this to pass along to Lauren called Lauren Is My Queen. (Isn’t she all of ours though?)

Queen of New Albion.jpg

So i checked out some of her other art and holy bejeesuz on a bungle stick…

Through Veils And Gates And Seas Of Slate

Through Veils and Gates and Seas of Slate.jpg

Gabriella Gadfly In A Cyberpunk Enigma

A Cyberpunk Enigma.jpg

Oh, You Are Magnificent

Oh, You Are Magnificent.jpg

Take Chances, Raise The Dead, Get Messy (Annabel McAlistair and Mrs. Frizzle)

Take Chances Raise The Dead Get Messy.jpg

The Forgotten Meme


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One response to “The Art Of PixelWayve

  1. PixelWayve (@PixelWayve)

    January 28, 2019 at 2:40 pm

    Two days later and I’m still flabbergasted and don’t know how to properly respond. Thank you!! Seriously, thank you so much for creating a fascinating world and beautiful characters that inspired me to create this art


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