The New Albion Radio Hour Presents: Astonishing Tales Of The Highly Improbable

02 Dec

There are enough episodes out, with a new one due tomorrow or so (that contains my favorite chapter of the story so far and one that will definitely cause excitement amongst those looking for interesting lore crumbs), that i think im ready to finally, properly announce the existance of The New Albion Radio Hour Podcast.

There is a lot of lore in the NA universe that doesnt get to be explored in the albums, only touched upon. And, i like making stories. So this podcast is a way for me to tell some periphery stories in the Shaperaverse and go into greater detail about certain elements that are unlikely to be touched upon in the albums. We’re about… 6 to 7 episodes in and this first season tells a very long form story broken into nice, bite sized chapters. The first few episodes deal with a person called Michael and the past few with someone called Jill, two names that are familiar to anyone who has read the book or listened to Raven’s Storytime Theatre. But who these people are and any details of their exploits have never been discussed. Until now. And their exploits intersect with many odd and interesting bits of NA lore, some of which i know the fanbase has asked for more information about.

For those interested in stories in the NA universe and deeper lore dives, then i have a podcast for you. Each episode is not too long and you can find it all here:

It is also available through iTunes although itunes is lagging behind a few episodes. This will be rectified shortly.

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