Biopunk? Or Fairypunk

01 Dec

I have been hard at work on what i have so far billed as The Biopunk Fairytale, the next chapter of the 3 part Fairypunk series which began with The Forgotten Meme

The issue i’ve run into is that the direction the music has taken is….

There is no such thing as biopunk music. I can do whatever i want. But if you call something biopunk it SHOULD… you know… SOUND biopunky. Or at the very least, not sound… not biopunky.

So if something doesnt exist, how can you sound or not sound it?

Well, you can. If i made Mongolian Folk Rock (which is totally a thing i just discovered this morning and is awesome and you should totally check out:)

If i made this (hmmmmmmm) and called it biopunk people would rightly raise their eyeballs andquestion how tf this is biopunk.

The music im making is LESS synthy and texhy then the cyberpunk fairytale. Its more tinkly and spacey and jazzyand organic, although certainly with some of those cyberpunk elements in there. Does it sound likebiopunk?

Well, i can call it biopunk, release it, and let the debate rage.

Or, i could decide that whats happening is that its evolving into fairypunk, and follow that use. Certainly The Broken Cyborg sounds a lot mroe fairytale like than its predecesor. Thematically, one could argue that the third album, the one after this one, is a bitmire truly biopunky than this.

Hey, whats in a title?

A lot. Its a promise. It says Biopunk you expect to hearing SOMEthing that makes you think “oh yeah, definitely”. It says Fairypunk then you better believe im going to deliver a fairypunk sound.

The Broken Cyborg, A Fairypunk… Tale? A Fairypunk Biotale? A Fairypunk Adventure? A Faieypunk Odyssey? (Odyssey seems a bit much)

Maybe im just tripping, as i am wont to do. I have been making this album folloeing a particular muse, not a particular title. So maybe i will change the title, though. Just a heads up.


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3 responses to “Biopunk? Or Fairypunk

  1. Derontomy

    December 2, 2018 at 10:14 am

    I wouldn’t worry about the title so much yet if I were you. Usually, when I write I just use a placeholder title until the end and then when everything is truly in place I know what kind of a title I want to go for. Most of my text files are called “Weird idea” or “Monsters and pianos” titles are fluid until the end so I would just focus on the music for now ^^

  2. Helennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn... don't you want me

    December 2, 2018 at 1:03 pm

    What about…. “The Broken Cyborg, A Fairypunk Catastrophe: This time everyone dies”

    First word I associate with “Biopunk” is “Biodiesel”, so I imagine it to be Dieselpunk, with ethanol. And maybe that bio gun from Unreal Tournament 1999, I don’t know.

    I have no idea what to expect, but I expect it to be great.

  3. Chaoko99

    December 16, 2018 at 6:44 am

    Personally, I always associated biopunk with “Biosonic” by Steve Roach. It’s a weird album, but it gets me that feeling.


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