Best Of Fan Art Nov 2018

25 Nov

There’s some lovely ones this month. Here they are.

A Letter by Wyatt

Annabel McAlistair Is Raising Up The Dead Yall by Spudnick

Helen And Han Mi by Zakle

Annabel And Jasper by UnityUmbra

Raven and Lloyd (and Table) by MaskingTape

Raven Watercolor by Sleek

Also. WE HAVE COVER SONGS! YAY! Yes, we post cover song here. The first is The Vizier by Kaibion

The Vizier (cover by Kaibion)

The second is Brija by Keets (Kerttu, The Forgotten Meme).
Brija (cover by Keets)

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One response to “Best Of Fan Art Nov 2018

  1. Helennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn... don't you want me

    November 30, 2018 at 11:34 am

    I love the Annabelle and Jasper one! It really captures the emotions of the scene.


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