Henry The Alchemist Art by Breadwaisly

26 Oct

I got sent this awesome piece of art of Henry and had to post it. By Olga (Breadwaisly):

Henry The Alchemist by Breadwaisly Paul Shapera new Albion

There is nothing else to report. Despite reports to the contrary there is no secret podcast, these rumors are clearly lies meant to lure poor, unsuspecting innocents into whatever nefarious plots morally questionable parties have devised for them. There is nothing to see here other than this wonderful art. Go about your day.

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One response to “Henry The Alchemist Art by Breadwaisly

  1. Crazy Theorist Scientist

    October 26, 2018 at 6:00 pm

    Oh yeah such a shame that there isnt a secert podcast. I bet if there was one, I would be sitting around waiting on a seat of springs for more astonishing tales of the highly improbable to comes out. Cause I would imagine so far there would only be one story out and might have been so good that it drives me crazy thats there only one so far. But thats only of there was a secret podcast hidden around.


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