Gabriella Gadfly IS OUT NOW! Also: What Comes Next

13 Feb

Gabriella Gadfly Cover The Ballad Of Lost Hollow Act 3 Paul Shapera

First of all, let me thank each and every person who has bought Act 3. It is a wonderful thing that fills me with joy each and every time. I am more grateful than you can possibly imagine. Thanks to you i can live another day and write more albums, and we’ve got quite a few on the way. Here is the plan:

During the next year (give or take) i will release two albums. One will a collection of stories from different eras of New Albion, but the bookending story will be centered in the dieslepunk era. It will be on the dreamier side. It may even feature some old, familiar faces and voices we haven’t heard in awhile (IF it works out.) This will be a very fan centered album, as you’ll kind of need to be somewhat familiar with the general lore to really appreciate it. The current working title is Dead Things And Broken Love Stories. It will likely be dreamy and sad.

I will also put out the Balkan Rock album. The current working title is Hajduk and Janissary, but i’ll likely change that title. Most of it is written, although a little under a third need redone. I will hopefully be using local Serbian talent. I aim to sit down with the guitarist from Carnival in the next couple weeks and have a long discussion about how to pull it off. I want to use as many live musicians as possible, but there are numerous constraints, too, so it will likely be a cross between my own studio instruments (for drums and bass and keys) and other musicians for guitar, accordion and hopefully violin. It’s a full 90 minute rock opera. It stands well alone and doesn’t require any New Albion knowledge whatsoever to get into. For those of you who really LIKE the New Albion connection, it tells the story of the early life of the Monk from Dolls (and her father).eg

After that i aim to make a space opera. It will jump ahead a bit (how long i’m not sure) but it IS the New Albion world in space. For this project i’m thinking of doing something odd: i will release smaller acts, the length of the acts in the originally New Albion Trilogy, 20 something minutes, on their own, more frequently. So, perhaps the Space Opera will have 6 to 8 Acts. Each Act will be released every 3 to 5 months, and when they are all finished then compiled into a full, giant album.

That’s the plan. The Space Opera has awhile til fruition and i will mull it over during this next year when i work on Dead Things and Janissary. (Although i believe i have the skeleton of the first act sort of figured out).

In the meantime, i hope you all enjoy Gabriella Gadfly. We’ll a bit more about it tomorrow, but for now, THANK YOU. THANK YOU so VERY much for your support and love. You’ll never know how much it means to me.


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3 responses to “Gabriella Gadfly IS OUT NOW! Also: What Comes Next

  1. Annecy

    February 14, 2018 at 4:13 am

    I know you have the Tales from New Albion album pretty much all mapped out by this point (and I cannot wait to hear it!!), but I just want to say that I hope so much that there will be more about the Cigarette Girl in it. I mean thinking about what the world really needs, a song about the Cigarette Girl is high on that list. I love how she works in the world that she’s in; it’s so edgy, brilliant, multifaceted and unexpected, exactly the way that she is. She’s my favorite New Albion character, which is really, really saying something (talking about a world that includes people like Annabel, Alex, Jacqueline, Lee, Helen, Sam, Alice, etc)!!

  2. Aubrey Slyce

    February 14, 2018 at 5:21 am

    Hi Paul’s fans, we can all agree that his work is amazing right? And I don’t know about you but I’m extremely hyped for the upcoming operas. Act 3 is arguably my favorite but anyways . . . For those of you who love Paul’s works or are just getting into his stuff then uhhhh feel free to join the New Albion Discordian Society. it’s a fan server where we all scream and cry about Paul’s work and it’s truly amazing. (he’s also there and pops in from time to time)

    that is an invite link to the server. Feel free to get a discord account and join us!! it’s an amazing time! Also, Paul if you’re reading this you’re amazing and officially the best, ok thanks bye! (also Paul if you don’t want this here I’m sorry and please don’t be mad the NADS just want m o r e )

  3. Quinn W Buckland (Formerly The Geeky Atheist)

    February 14, 2018 at 7:33 am

    Paul Shapera doing a space Opera? Forgive me, but I believe I may have swooned a little.


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