Census of Known Floozies by Phoenix

23 Oct

So there’s this big headcanon going around about the Floozies from Raven’s Carnival. It goes as thus:

There was on original Floozy, Violet who came to the Carnival. Raven took a liking to her and gave her a job. Over time an unusual thing happened which surprised even Raven, but he went with it, as it was truly interesting. Violet started multiplying. There is currently twelve of her. They all took up jobs and in no small way, run certain day to day details of the Carnival that Raven is frankly glad to not have to manage. This goes so well that many of the working folks there become “Honorary Floozies”. The Twelve obviously are held in particularly high regard and are the go to people for keeping things civil and running, with Raven as the final say, of course, but as said, he’s pretty much fine with things. The floozy/Raven relationship is complicated and not something we need to go into here.

This then, is the list of all Carnival workers, that is, honorary floozies. Floozy is kind of synonymous with “carny”, and so yeah, the guy who works one of the game booths is totally delighted when Violet calls him a floozy. That’s how the culture works there.

  1. “Violet” – (the original template for the original Floozies) Raven Baby’s #1 Stage Manager
  2. “Ticket-Tape Rayne” – handles all ticket sales for carnival attractions
  3. “Red Delicious” – sells candy apples
  4. “Dippy Weiner” – sells corn dogs
  5. “Candy Floss” – sells cotton candy
  6. “Poppy” – sells popcorn
  7. “Sugar Baby” – sells funnel cakes
  8. “Frostine” – sells ice cream
  9. “Hot Buns” – sells burgers and fries
  10. “Bubbles” – runs the dunk tank
  11. “Goldie” – runs the fish bowl game
  12. “Sammy Slammer” – runs the high striker game
  13. “Alda Single-Lady” – runs the ring toss game
  14. “Milky Jugs” – runs the milk can game
  15. “Li’l Squirter” – runs the water gun shoot-out game
  16. “Daffy Deadeye” – runs the shooting gallery
  17. “Blow-It-Up Betty” – sells balloons
  18. “Mirage” – supervises activity in the Hall of Mirrors
  19. “Hazy Mazie” – assists in the design and maintenance of all labyrinths
  20. “Carrie Crankshaft” – operates the carousel and oversees its maintenance
  21. “Bunny Hill” – operates the roller coaster and oversees its maintenance
  22. “Wheelie Wendy” – operates the Ferris wheel and oversees its maintenance
  23. “Bump ‘n Grind” – operates the bumper cars and oversees their maintenance
  24. “Caterpillar” – operates the music express and oversees its maintenance
  25. “Lila” – operates the tunnel of love and oversees its maintenance
  26. “Harmony” – one of Raven’s back-up singers for his performances, and a bit of a diva
  27. “Melody” – one of Raven’s back-up singers for his performances, and a skilled actress
  28. “Rhythm” – one of Raven’s back up singers for his performances, and his best dancer
  29. “Fooly Folly” – manages the Carnival’s clowns
  30. “Bonny Barker” – manages the Carnival’s sideshow attractions
  31. “Miss Fortune” – operates a fortune-telling tent
  32. “Dr. Stitchright” – performs surgical procedures for those who choose to join the sideshow
  33. “Pastel” – creates promotional materials displayed throughout the Carnival
  34. “Sinderella” – performs most custodial services needed in the Carnival
  35. “Madame Mauve” – the manager of the pleasure palace behind Door #1
  36. “Pansy” – a sex worker behind Door #1, caters to clientele preferring an innocent aesthetic
  37. “Orchid” – a sex worker behind Door #1, caters to clientele preferring elegance and grace
  38. “Thistle” – a sex worker behind Door #1, caters to particularly kinky clientele
  39. “Juicy Marinade” – the manager of the pleasure palace behind Door #2, a chef
  40. “Cheesecake” – a baker behind Door #2
  41. “Artemisia” – the manager of the pleasure palace behind Door #3, and an artist
  42. “Symphonia” – a conductor who organizes the music behind Door #3
  43. “Crystal Methany” – the manager of the pleasure palace behind Door #4
  44. “The Lady of the Lake” – the manager of the pleasure palace behind Door #5
  45. “Lacy Bobbin” – designs and creates the costumes used at the Carnival
  46. “Powder Puff” – designs and applies the make-up effects used at the Carnival
  47. “Buffabelle” – deals with rowdy and unpleasant guests in her capacity as security guard
  48. “Flower Plower” – the groundskeeper, oversees landscaping
  49. “Wrench Wench” – oversees the general maintenance bay at the Carnival
  50. “Butterscotch” – Raven Baby’s personal assistant and gofer
  51. “DJ Delightful” – (formerly known as Shira) operates the Carnival’s radio broadcast


(Names in PURPLE are the original 12 Floozies, a hive mind and collective intelligence who are all clones of the Original Floozy, Violet.)

(Names in BLACK are women who have been accepted into the Floozy community as “Honorary Floozies”)

(Names in BLUE are men who have been accepted into the Floozy community as “Honorary Floozies”)

(Names in RED are non-binary individuals who have been accepted in the Floozy community as “Honorary Floozies”)


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6 responses to “Census of Known Floozies by Phoenix

  1. Sophie (simplybutterfree from NADS)

    October 24, 2017 at 3:07 am


  2. S-u-c-c

    October 24, 2017 at 5:58 am


  3. Matthew

    October 26, 2017 at 3:53 am

    There’s a definite Ponyville vibe to some of these names. Which makes me want the most bizarre crossover ever…

    • Phoenix Bryant

      October 27, 2017 at 9:43 pm

      The general vibe I was going for was “My Little Pony, as named by Raven.” Something something My Little Floozy? IDK…

  4. Maria Spir

    January 13, 2018 at 9:02 pm


  5. Mega LunaLexi

    June 8, 2018 at 10:49 pm

    YOU DID N O T HAVE TO DO THAT LAST ONE AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA (but thank you my heart is shattered yet again love ya Paul)


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