My Wonderful Letter From Cassandra

31 Aug

I get emails from fans (which i love). I get IMs and messages on FB. I’ve even gotten to meet a few in person (my favorite). You do not WANT to know the horrifying shenanigans they get up to on the New Albion fandom serve on Discord. You know what i’ve never gotten? An actual physical letter. With art. Sent by honest to god snail mail to my god forsaken house in the boondocks of the balkans. Not even on my birthday (Sept 25th). Until now.

Cassandra Griffith, Cassie, sent me 4 pages of art along with a beautiful letter. I’ll show you the art. The letter is private. But let me assure all would be ruffians and heartbreakers: i love Cassie, she is the official best friend of Sonmi growing up (Boom. Canon.) and if anyone out there ever messes with her, think of me as her personal Uncle Raven with a knife collection. I will gut you while singing showtune medleys.

Thank you, Cassie. You’re awesome and i don’t deserve you.



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