New Albion’s Currency

30 Aug

In case you’ve ever wondered about currency in New Albion, here is all you need to know about it, courtesy of Kai, with help from Taliesin Ladd and Kerttu Aarnipuu (who figured this all out and wrote this. )

You guys are amazing. Without further ado:

The Lilian is the form of currency in New Albion. It’s equivalence to the US Dollar depends on the generation in which is it being used, as well as the political, economic and social environment, as any form of currency would be. They are also called Lils, the equivalent to the US’s “bucks”.

The Lilian comes in the form of a 1 L coin, 5 L coin, 10 L coin, 15 L bill, 30 L bill, and a 50 L bill. Not all of these coins and bills may have been used in one generation, but rather phased in and out of circulation. The coins are made from nickel and the bills are made from cotton fiber paper. On the coins are various locations in New Albion, including the Clocktower, the Blimp landing and the rivers. On the 15 L bill, there the Gambler and on the 30 L bill there is the Monk. The 50 L bill had an image of Jane.

After the civil war, new bills were being printed including the 1000 bill, 150 bill, 300 bill, 500 bill 750 bill and finally the 1000 bill. On the 50 L bill is an image of St. Priscilla and finally on the 100 L bill there is an image of John O’Brien. The images on the 50 L bill to 100 L Bill are placed. Jasper the Doll was printed on the 150 bill, St. Harlett is printed on the 300 bill, an image of an Albino is printed on the 500. Surprisingly, the Cigarette Girl is printed on the 750 bill, yet nobody knows why. On the 1000 is a snapshot of modern- day Crier’s Blvd.

The exchange rates are based on 1910 dollars. It is not based on modern-day dollars.

During Dolls of New Albion the currency inflation had been steadily. One US Dollar had equaled 16 Lilian at the start of Dolls. The next generation with the climb of Edgar’s business experienced a 4 Lilian increase for the US Dollar equivalent, and during Byron’s campaign for Jasper the value of the Lilian raised to 29 L per US dollar. The new police-state of New Albion flattened out the inflation raising it to 35 L per US dollar.

New Albion Radio Hour takes place during a civil war between the government and the citizens. During the civil war, taking place during the story in Radio Hour, the government had used credits, while the revolutionaries had used exclusively paper bills. The Lilian saw an increase to 73 Lilian’s per US dollar and then an increase of 153 L per US dollar after the war, during the time of the broadcast.

After the war, a boom in employment rates following the creation of Arcadia Corp. affected the Lilian’s value and caused values to steadily rise to 186 L to 1 US dollar. During GtAC, prices rose once again to 226 L to 1 US dollar.

Currently it is unknown what the price of the Lilian is compared to US dollars, but an estimate realized has been 256, had New Albion followed a similar environment as GtAC.

There are taxes on almost everything except for food and clothing. While the taxes vary depending on the district in New Albion, taxes have also steadily risen with inflation of New Albion. During DoNA taxes have raised steadily from 0.4% to 3%. During Radio Hour, the taxes spike up to 10% during the civil war, in order to pay for the war. By GtAC, the taxes lower to 8% to 7%, after the war and during the brief era of prosperity in the city. The tax rate moves steadily between the two during the years.

Lilians DoNA 1 Lilians DoNA 2 Lilians DoNA 3 Lilians DoNA 4 Lilians NARH 1
1 US Dollar (during timeperiod) 16 20 29 35 73
Loaf of Bread 1 2 4 6 14
Quart of Milk 2 4 8 12 28
A Dozen Eggs 7 10 15 35 60
Newspapers 0 1 2 2 4
A Pack of Cigarettes 3 5 7 10 15
Playing Cards 8 10 15 17 36
Screwdriver 26 28 38 43 66
Pack of Pencils (6 pack) 2 4 8 10 14
Shoes 48 56 64 72 90
Shirt 24 36 40 46 58
Skirts 28 40 52 65 74
Cost of Single-Family House 88000 94000 100500 126000 164000
Taxi Fare (per mile) 8 16 32 48 70
Stove 320 380 480 540 660
Lilians NARH 2 Lilians GtAC 1 Lilians GtAC 2 Lilians BoLH
1 US Dollar (during timeperiod) 153 186 226 256
Loaf of Bread 24 11 14 16
Quart of Milk 48 22 28 32
A Dozen Eggs 75 77 98 112
Newspapers 4 8 12 12
A Pack of Cigarettes 28 33 42 48
Playing Cards 76 93 113 128
Screwdriver 84 97 110 123
Pack of Pencils (6 pack) 20 34 40
Shoes 142 160 204
Shirt 77 96 120
Skirts 80 96 108
Cost of Single-Family House 198000 202000 220000
Taxi Fare (per mile) 86 104 130
Stove 1300 1600 1900

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4 responses to “New Albion’s Currency

  1. Phoenix Bryant (@PhoenixVox)

    August 30, 2017 at 7:48 pm

    This is beautiful, and those three are heroes ❤

  2. Jane

    August 30, 2017 at 7:50 pm

    kai ego and kerttu are my fucking heros

  3. alexanderchesebro

    September 5, 2017 at 11:10 pm

    Very well done! The lost economic history major within me rejoices a shameful amount.

  4. Cassie

    October 1, 2017 at 7:33 am

    Jesus Christ. That’s impressive.


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