New Track ‘The Path From’ Out Now

28 Aug

It’s a 12 minute instrumental track. Just so you’re warned. Because i wanted to. And with this down, we will focus on getting the merchandise out and then when September begins, begin work on Act 3 of Lost Hollow. This track is the journey between worlds, from Lost Hollow to New Albion. Raven accompanies them and offers some occasional commentary along the way.


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2 responses to “New Track ‘The Path From’ Out Now

  1. Ryan

    August 28, 2017 at 4:00 pm

    Whoa, Sarah is Mother? Now there is a twist I did not see coming. Heck, any mention of Mother was not on my radar. Damn. I really need to get around to Shadow and Flames and The Caravan.

  2. absolutionjailor

    September 1, 2017 at 2:21 am

    So, odd story: your blog shows suggestions for your older posts. I should have been content to listen, but I clicked and read instead.

    I ended up reading about you meeting your birth father as otherworldly instrumentals played in my head, and it was the strangest feeling.

    It’s that guilt of voyeurism, of reading something intensely personal for another, something that my own life would have never encountered without this window into your own life.

    The journey of your aunt trying to find her brother, the fear of your father’s response to your ramblings and thanks, and then his response.

    The wanderlust in your blood. The joy of life, in all its twisted, shady, horrible, beautiful forms.

    Guided by your music, I felt as Lloyd and Raven must have felt. A window into the expanse of every story never told. I happily resist the urge to want to change what I’m seeing, but I suppose if I live long enough, that will change.

    Thank you for your wisdom, your music, and your stories. This one is a triumph.


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