Congratulations To The Crew and Cast of Thistle N’ Thorn On Their Completed Run Of Dolls

21 Aug


Thistle N’ Thorn belted out their last show last night. With any luck they are all thoroughly hung over and proud of the themselves. We here at Shapera Laboratories would like to congratulate them on their (i’m sure) wonderful run, and offer them some hot, spicy hangover breakfast food (when i lived in NYC there was this place that delivered this insanely amazing huevos rancheros and when we were painfully hung over we’d just call up and a half hour later someone would show up with these giant aluminum bowls of huevos rancheros and black beans and rice and omg it was like heaven itself in your mouth and if i could i would order you all huevos rancheros right this second).

Word is they might have some video of the performance coming, so if this is the case i will let all you other fine folks know so you can grab a glimpse.

Til then, hats off to you fine people. A big, Shapera Laboratories hug to each and every one of you.


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One response to “Congratulations To The Crew and Cast of Thistle N’ Thorn On Their Completed Run Of Dolls

  1. Martin

    August 25, 2017 at 10:03 am

    I saw the show on the Wednesday night, it was very well done, especially given that it was performed in-the-round with the audience on all four sides. Minimalist, only a table and a suitcase with a couple of props in for stage dressing, but when you have to set up and clear in a few minutes for each performance then less is more. I thought the singing was excellent, so I hope the audio quality is good on the video.

    I had never encountered your work before I found the entry in the Fringe program. This show impressed me enough to buy the trilogy, which I am enjoying tremendously.

    As a side note – The Mechanisms are performing The Bifrost Incident at the Fringe lunchtimes this week. I popped in for most of the show yesterday, it was great.


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