Check Out The Depressing? Wild? Utter Wrongness? This Is Uncle Raven’s Super Happy Funtime Carnival!

10 Jul

Uncle Raven’s Super Happy Funtime Carnival, The Ballad Of Lost Hallow Act 2 is out now and you should check it out! (For those who have, we’ll speak in a few sentences here). Truly has there ever been anything as super happy as this innocent little carnival of gentle joy? Life got you down? Troubles piling up? Come where Uncle Raven promises, no nasty bad feelings here. Here only warm fuzzies and cotton candy. Only sweet, happy things, my dear. Just…. come on in…. that’s it… right this way… nothing to fear here…. would Uncle Raven lie to you?

Okay. So: WHAT DO YOU THINK?!!??? Tell Smeagal here. He crawls out of his cave once every 7 to 9 months, throws this piece of… fish… at you and before he crawls back in his cave for another 8 months (The 3rd Act is going to take at least 8 months and my guess is 9). You should let him know what you think.

Also, if you could do me the favor of going to the Bandcamp page and writing a little blurb about what you think there, i use these things for promotion and reviews. It is REALLY help full to have them and i am very grateful for you taking a few minutes. Very grateful. This particular album was a painful one. Not as deliciously painful as the next one will be for you, though…

Thank you, THANK YOU to everyone who’s been buying the album and supporting it and posting about it online.  I am more grateful to you then i can really put into words.

I’ll be back tomorrow or so to mention a few words about the 3rd and final act in our little happy story. Til then, like i said, please feel free to comment. Thank you.


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8 responses to “Check Out The Depressing? Wild? Utter Wrongness? This Is Uncle Raven’s Super Happy Funtime Carnival!

  1. JayKerschner

    July 10, 2017 at 2:56 pm

    Enjoying it so far. 🙂 I left a few other comments about it in your previous blog post, so I’ll not repeat them here. Besides, it’ll take many more listens for all my thoughts to completely settle into place.

  2. Vadvivon

    July 10, 2017 at 5:52 pm

    I LOOVED IT SO MUCH (and I’ve already written my little blurb on the album)
    Just about everything was amazing. And if you’d be fine with it I’d love to have a go at trying to make storyboards/animations of the songs in this!! For now, I may as well write my thoughts on each song for all your hard work on each.

    The Tunnels Beneath New Albion 1: first of all, I loooooooove her voice she sounds so pretty. And I love the music in it too, the piano sounds beautiful.

    Ravens Opening: I gotta admit I was a little surprised to hear you voicing Raven, you made it sound like you weren’t voicing Raven this time. And I loved it, you’re so good as voicing Raven so I was glad to hear your voice when Raven started talking. I also really love the lyrics as well as the music in this one. Your carnival themed songs have been some of my favorites!!

    The Carousel: So I really loved the little music intro on this it sounded so lovely, and a good quick explanation on how the Carnival isn’t as fun as it used to be. And honestly, as soon as Henry started singing it got me so happy I LOVE Rhys Owens voice, his voice is what made Henry one of my favorite characters of yours. And to hear even after Helen found out that her life might just be a fabrication she still just wants to find her sister and I really loved that. And with Hank saying how he’ll protect them with the gun he has from ANYONE who tries to harm them, that part got to my heart after I finished listening to the album

    Tour our Grounds: Like I’ve said before your fairy tale albums are my favorite ones and I loved hearing Raven tell stories about the people in the carnival and the carnival itself. I really loved the Floozies part in this as well, plus the lyrics in this one are also great. When Raven said Lloyd was the only man he ever loved I just was shocked, I was not expecting any mentions of Lloyd at all.

    The Hall of Mirrors: first thing THAT GUITAR SOLO WAS AMAZING, that was my favorite thing in this song. And hearing how sad Han Mi was just made me want to give her a hug and the singing was great!!!

    The Tunnels Beneath New Albion 2: woo boy. I got what was going on here and I expected it was Helen’s sister but this wasn’t in the way I was expecting. Poor Tunnel girl. It was surprising to find out that Helen is the one that ‘left after the AI’s chose her.

    See our Show: One of my favorite songs!! I loved hearing Raven act like he did in Byzantine Blue, plus we got to learn a little more about Lloyd and Raven. And can I say the lyrics, music and everything I just adored.It’s all so expressive I LOVE IT. If I do storyboard/animate the songs in this, this song is the one I’m looking forward to the most. I’ve been wanting the “one day you will learn and you will burn like my heart burns” line to return for a while so I was soo happy to hear Raven sing it. I laughed when I heard Raven say “crappy musicals will say sometimes love will find a way” funny that your own character called your musicals shit. That’s what made me laugh Raven is just great I love him.

    Back at the hall of mirrors: not much to say since it was just quick dialogue. But I still love to hear Rhys Owens voice so I still really adore it.

    The big tent show: GREAT SONG, GREAT GUITAR SOLO, GREAT SINGING. It’s long but I don’t see how it could be a second shorter. I love Ravens singing and especially the music in this.Helen just trying to survive it and maybe even remembering her life before the AI’s got her, I really loved Lauren’s singing right there! As soon as Hank said “we wish to initiate confrontation” I got so hyped up to hear the AI’s again.

    Hello AI: This is I think my favorite song from this. You made me feel so much emotion for Hank and all the characters here, this was a twist I would have never predicted. And when he shot himself YOU BROKE MY HEART.

    See you all again soon: A really REALLY nice ending for a great musical. Bringing back the tune in the Ravens Opening was a really good choice. And now I’m so eager so know what happens next now that the carnival has come back to town.

    Sorry if this was really long!! I thought you deserved feedback on each song after all your hard work on each and every one of them. And now I get what you meant when you said you might make one of those fairy tale songs about “back in the day” fOR THE LOVE OF GOD,, DO IT PLEASE.

    • absolutionjailor

      July 11, 2017 at 12:04 am

      Are…are you me?

      I might be you, actually. Either way, astute review, I agree entirely and also with every word.

      • Vadvivon

        July 21, 2017 at 5:07 pm

        oooOOO hello me
        And thank you!!!

  3. TheGeekyAtheist

    July 12, 2017 at 1:48 am

    Just published my spoiler free review on my YouTube channel. Sorry it took so long.

  4. Cassie

    July 12, 2017 at 4:21 pm

    Okay. Completely honest? FRICKING AMAZING. I.. can’t convey eveything I’m feeling here. There’s just… so much going on, and there’s so much stuff to cover. I loved hearing tie-ins to the fallen (broken doors, raven’s personality, angels and demons alike…) and as always, beautiful and intensely emotional. Can’t wait to have my heart broken next time.

  5. Clef Von Danger

    August 12, 2017 at 3:01 am

    the composition
    the performances
    the,, the feelings.

    god Damn this is amazing

  6. Clef Von Danger

    August 12, 2017 at 3:02 am

    also really enjoying the prose material on the blog!


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