A Few Notes On The Upcoming Carnival Album

12 Jun
  • It will be released in early July.
  • Of course close to the ending there will be a suicide. I mean, that’s a no brainer.  I have been struggling with the concept ever since one of my closest friends on this earth hung himself. Damn straight there’s gonna be a suicide. This is not, however, a spoiler. It is a strategic teaser.
  • This will not make sense right now. Just file it for later after you’re heard the album: It’s not genetic. There’s no inheritance involved. Don’t bother going down that route. It’s not genetic so don’t start trying to figure out lineages and all that.
  • I will be heading to England in two weeks to record most of the vocalists. Since i’m not sure how i’m going to… actually survive in England for 5 days, let me throw out there that if you’ve been thinking of purchasing one of my albums, now would be a GREAT time to do so. Haven’t picked up Lost Hallow Act 1 yet? Well, Act 2 is almost out, no time like the present! Maybe you’re a big fan, you listen to Dolls or one of the other New Albion operas all the time, but you’ve never actually bought it… hey, no judgment, we’re all poor here… but you’ve been meaning to. Well i’m just letting you know that Now=A Really Really Good Time.

  • So, a little while after the Carnival, before the 3rd and final Act, i will release a little EP album. Nothing too long and it will be instrumental. It will cover the next event directly after the end of Act 2, but since it has no vocals or anything, it’s not necessary to the plot or anything. I want to make a post rock kind of psychill thing, and it fits in nicely at this point. It is not for everybody, so you don’t need to have it, it’s more an appendix kind of thing. The few of you who would appreciate this kind of thing will dig it.
  • Act 3 will wrap Lost Hallow up. By the end of Act 2 you should have a pretty solid idea of the major plot pieces in play, even if most of the details are missing.
  • After THAT, i will do an album of short stories in the same vein as the Fairy Tale albums, which frankly, i love and am as proud of as the New Albion operas. This album will feature stories from across the New Albion timeline. By the time Lost Hollow ends, we will have covered a significant amount of time from when Dolls Of New Albion first started. There are lots of little stories possible from all sorts of parts and places in the timeline and mythos. Whether they will have a connecting thread like Fairy Tales For Homeless Faeries or not, i have no idea. But it won’t be a linear story. It will definitely be a bunch of short story songs.
  • Which then brings up the question: Is this the point when we do the Space Opera? Are we far enough along in the New Albion timeline to begin the Space Opera? Possibly. Certain things occurring in The Ballad of Lost Hallow will factor into the Space Opera. But the entire New Albion timeline will lead to a Space Opera series. Maybe then will be the time.





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5 responses to “A Few Notes On The Upcoming Carnival Album

  1. JayKerschner

    June 12, 2017 at 2:57 pm

    This is all super exciting! Lost Hollow (Hallow? I’ve seen both used) act 1 was great, and act 2 seems to be shaping up to be as good or better; and your Fairy Tale albums are great so hearing of something new along those lines is exciting… and… a space opera?

    Wonderful! My usual dose of space opera music comes from the music project Ayreon (if you’re not familiar with it, check out “The Human Equation” for a more down-to-Earth accessible album, or “The Source” and “01011001” for sci-fi epics which connect to the other Ayreon albums) and Gloryhammer’s power metal album “Space 1992: Rise of the Chaos Wizards”. Suffice it to say, as a fan of concept albums, your music, and sci-fi, I may be a bit excited about New Albion taking a space opera direction. I was honestly expecting Cyberpunk on the next return to the city proper, if there even was a proper return, but the tonal shift from Atompunk to that would be tricky… going straight to space on the other hand does seem like a smoother transition, and definitely one I’m looking forward to seeing. Does “and on they day we come its over” refer to aliens this time? 😛

    No pressure, or anything. 🙂 Do what you enjoy, and if your fans happen to be wanting the same sort of thing, then that’s all the better. I’m just amazed at the amount you projects that you manage to release and have in planning at any given time.

    Best of luck with the England trip!

  2. Vadvivon

    June 12, 2017 at 6:09 pm

    I can’t buy anything right now but maybe I can get some of my friends to buy your stuff.
    And a Space Opera?? That sounds fantastic. I love the space theme so much. I would go for Cyberpunk first, like in the lost hollows act 2 or 3 hint or show a cyberpunk era. Then it would make sense to go to space!
    And your fairy tale albums are some of my favorites, I would LOVE to hear another one like those.

  3. Clef Von Danger

    June 13, 2017 at 6:34 am

    super excited! any hope of shirt merchandise? i’d rob a paraplegic grandmother to get my hands on a new albion/lost hollows shirt

    • Clef Von Danger

      June 13, 2017 at 6:35 am

      i would also rob a paraplegic grandmother to hear a paul shapera space opera album


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