Secret Rehearsal Footage From The Bayreuth Production Of Dolls.

02 Jun

A bartender, a flower girl and two identical, monocled, twin cats gave their lives smuggling this footage out of Bayreuth. In case you fine folks want to see some rehearsal footage for Dolls. It is just rehearsals so they haven’t added the dancing red haired dwarf chorus line or the flock of albatrosses released in the theater as they light a real bonfire to sacrifice audience members during the end of the 3rd act yet. Go easy on em. I mean, jeez, it’s freaking a month and a half away from performance. I’ve personally worked on shows, most of them actually, that haven’t been this far along 5 days before performance.

But still, it’s a blast to see some clips from the rehearsals. YOU GO MY BAYREUTH V-PUNKS! YOU JUST FUCKING GO AND NEVER STOP. And i believe we finally get to see some shots of the music director/conductor Niclas Schilling, who has done a herculean task in creating these arrangements. Word is he can only be brought out in the daylight for a few hours each day after numerous wards have been cast upon him to make him both safe and coherent to the general human population.


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