Lullabye: Lavender’s Blue with Gorgeous Animation by Charlie Dyson

26 Apr

I have mostly been hard at work on the carnival, particularly since it gives me catharthis over the death of my close friend. In fact, i would say at this point i am making the Carnival album for him specifically. Not in memory of him, FOR him. What i think he would have liked to hear. And Raven is a character near and dear to his heart. Hell, he named Raven. I mean, the most awesome reveal of my career is in this album and NONE of you will get it, because you’d have to be familiar with my really early work )Justacorp, Shadow & Flames, Caravan, and yeah, the Fallen, which some of you indeed are) to fully get it. In fact, the only person who would really get it and have their mind blown is dead. But… you know. So it goes. There’s plenty of other cool stuff, and there’s another especially awesome reveal that will cause squealing amongst you fine, fine folks. Although i am more concerned with music, and flow and the feelz.

HowEVER, we have another lullabye vid up, with amazing art by Charles Dyson. There’s a couple new songs on the way and soon i’ll compile a full length, ambient spiced lullabye album, which… there’s a thing that it’ll be released around. I have a plan, but we’ll talk about that later.

Here, a lullabye with GORgeous art. Seriously, i love watching this thing.

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