Needed For Upcoming Carnival Album: 1 Male and 2 Female Singers

03 Apr

For the forthcoming Carnival album (The Ballad Of Lost Hallow Act 2) i need some singers. The most important is  a male singer for the part of Raven. This is hands down the lead role of the album, and he has got to be GREAT. I’m including two tracks to demonstrate the type of performances needed, one for Raven (and The Floozy) and one for Tunnel Girl. I would add the way i personally sing the scratch vocals does not have to be the interpretation the final vocalist does, but it does show which direction it should be in.

Send links or audio of your stuff to

Raven is… like the Joker meets a carnival barker/theater MC with some manic depression issues and a likely diagnosis of Narcissistic Personality Disorder. There could even be a New Orleans flair to him, but i’m very open to a range of possibilities. The thing is, the performer has to OWN this part. They have to exude the character. In many cases, when i work with singers, singers simply need to sing the parts well and not be overly theatrical, but this is not such a case. This Opening Song is Raven in a nutshell and shows what i’m looking for. The vocals section begins at 2:20


Female Singers:

  1. I need 2 female singers for two different roles. We’ll start with the easier one: That Opening Track i posted for Raven? Well, at 4:49 you hear that “Raven baby hey, whacha got to say”? This is the part i call The Floozy. It’s a light backup part that comes in and out of several songs for literally a few lines each time.
  2. The other part is a bit more extensive. The second part, Tunnel Girl, has two entire songs she sings by herself. (although it’s likely the same song twice with different lyrics.) This one… the character is young but weathered. Between 17 and 22, but has lived on the streets and squatted for years. She sings this song (the very first song of the album):



I will likely take out some ads with Casting Call and other such avenues, since i expect finding the male to play Raven especially difficult. The male part is paid. Definitely. I can throw a little cash at Tunnel Girl, and for Floozy… i was hoping since it’s so light maybe someone would want to do it just for the thrill of it. (I will be lucky if i myself, personally start making a profit off the album within 6 months of release.)

If you can sing like a monster, or more likely if you know someone who you think could nail the Raven part, i want to meet them and hear them. Any awesome theater students out there? Young professionals open to a crazy album project? Send me stuff to listen to! Links to YouTube vids of live performances are great too.

As for the rest of you, while these are the first two songs on the album, if i were you, i wouldn’t listen to them unless i was trying to help with the singer issue. If you’re simply looking forward to the new album, i would skip listening to these and just wait for the actual thing. These are demos and not final versions. I mean, i can’t stop you, but i’m just saying. Otherwise, let’s go hunting.


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5 responses to “Needed For Upcoming Carnival Album: 1 Male and 2 Female Singers

  1. JayKerschner

    April 4, 2017 at 3:21 am

    Oh, you need a GOOD singer for the Raven? Guess I’m out of the running. 😛

    I unfortunately don’t personally know any good singers that I could point your way, but if you’re willing to reach out to some smallish bands to see if their lead might be interested, I do have a few ideas. I don’t know if I can post links in these comments, so I’ll just mention the band and a couple of example songs that I think show a “Raven-appropriate” range; the songs themselves should all be on either Bandcamp or YouTube. And if these guys don’t work for this particular part, maybe they’re worth keeping in mind for some other project.

    Marquis of Vaudeville’s album has a very theatrical sound to it, which extends to the vocals. “The Bones of Knotwright Lane”, “Utopian Playland”, “The Wild Lost.”

    I’m guessing you know of Abney Park already. But, if not: “The Vilainizer”, “Minnie the Moocher”, and “The Circus at the End of the World” show the sort of range I might expect for the Raven.

    There’s Aurelio Voltaire. “The Masquerade”, “Land of the Dead”, “The Devil and Mr. Jones”.

    Major Parkinson’s frontman is rather theatrical, though the music may need to cater a bit to his voice. Check out “197”, “Greatest Love”, and “Dance with the Cookieman”. He can also do a good “quiet” voice, such as in the songs “The Transient” and “Ecophobia”.

    Clive Nolan and Oliver Wakeman did a rock opera adaptation of The Hound of the Baskervilles which has several solid singers. Check out “The Curse of the Baskervilles” (sung by Ashley Holt) and (especially) “At Home in the Mire” (sung by Paul Allison).

    Richard Campbell released a rock opera adaptation of Frankenstein a few years ago, and the guy who plays the Creature is great in the songs “Fallen Angel” and “The Barren Sea”.

    For the Tunnel Girl, Johnny Hollow’s lead singer might be decent. Check out “Worst Things”, “Firefly”, and “Nova Heart”. Another solid female singer is the lead from the band Cloud Atlas. “Stars” is the highlight there, for me.

    Hopefully that helps out a bit! I think most all of those bands (except for Nolan/Wakeman) can be contacted fairly easily by email or social media.

  2. Juliet Elisabeth Rellis

    April 4, 2017 at 2:33 pm

    If you want, I can send you an Audacity of my singing, Mr. Shapera.

  3. Abel

    April 22, 2017 at 12:56 pm

    This isnt the same Raven as Inspector Raven from The Fall, is it? I love how every album is intertwined, would love if The Fall became part of this grand sceme.

    • paulms

      April 22, 2017 at 12:58 pm

      This is the exact same Raven.

      • Abel

        April 22, 2017 at 2:48 pm

        Love your music, I’ve taken a singing class way back when, but have never taken any real interest in “singing”, other than memorizing every song I have and singing to every part in the car. Maybe I’ll record with my crap microphone and see if I can fit the role of Raven.

        “It’d be great for a laugh.”


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