The Old Fallen/Shadows & Flames Production Promo

26 Mar

I don’t spend much time in the past, especially the distant past, and even now my main efforts are all on the Carnival. (I’m going to need a male singer and a female singer, which i’ll be posting about shortly here. If you know people, and the male has to be GOOD, you could let them know). However, in light of recent events, for the first time in a long time i went back to revisit past works in my past life that i did with Shaun.

We did these two shows together, The Fallen and Shadows & Flames. It was…. a hell of time. A ride unequaled in many ways. Not the least of which because we had no freaking clue what we were doing and just barrelled through and did it anyway. Hell, do i have war stories. We were still both in touch with many of the people who had worked on it back in the day, mostly due to the magic of Facebook.

I’m going to then post here the promo clip and maybe a few other clips. I have to warn you, the quality is TERRIBLE. And i don’t mean just artistically, I mean the actual video/sound is utter shit and the sound only comes out of one side and the video quality is garbage… but i don’t have any other copies, this is all that remains. I never really looked back until now and this is all that’s left. So screw it, i’m going to post it anyway.  After this we can move on to the future.





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3 responses to “The Old Fallen/Shadows & Flames Production Promo

  1. JayKerschner

    March 26, 2017 at 9:14 pm

    Thank you for posting these. I’ve always wanted to see what The Fallen stage show looked like. It’s tied for being my favorite album ever (alongside Doomsday Afternoon by Phideux and A Forest of Fey by Gandalf’s Fist), and it was really great getting to see at least those couple of scenes on stage, even if the video quality isn’t particularly good. The lyrical differences surprised me, but were not unwelcome.

    Though speaking of the lyrics to that album, if you have a moment, what is the male voice after the drum section of “The Tempest” saying? All I’m ever able to hear is “I’ll drink the nighttime, I’ll drink the nighttime and the fires that I burn will burn of you”, but I feel like I have the first part of that wrong, which always makes me feel a bit weird singing along to it. The same goes for the Angel’s part during “Cocoon”… something, something, “lie inside,” “even dream of wings to fly”, “from cracks of the”… just can’t quite make it out.

    I’ve only heard to the first track of Shadows & Flames so far, because I haven’t found time to sit down and give it a proper, undistracted listen the whole way through, but I liked what I heard. Though it may be a bit rough around the edges, the music and lyrics were certainly close to that “sweet spot” for me that The Fallen perfectly hits. Looking forward to giving it a full listen.

    Regardless, also looking forward to hearing Inspector Raven again in the Carnival. I do so hope he is as… eclectic… as when we first saw him. 🙂

    • paulms

      March 26, 2017 at 9:31 pm

      You got the “drink the night time” part right on. As far Cocoon… i just listened to it and i couldn’t make it out either and have to take a few minutes of listening to remember myself. But the vocals are: “weave the world we lie inside, weave a dream of wings to fly, glimpse and then hide from cracks of the vast outside.” That bit has had at least 3 different lyrics versions throughout the years, although i definitely like the most recent the best. Obviously. I wouldn’t have changed it if i particularly liked it before.

      Thanks for the kinds words, though. Issues with the imperfections of those albums bothered me for so long i never went back to them, but now it’s been so long, i can be kind to young me and accept with some fondness the pieces as they were as the snapshot of where i was at the time.

      • JayKerschner

        March 27, 2017 at 5:36 pm

        Thank you so much! Those “Cocoon” lyrics are excellent, as I expected they would be. 🙂


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