Lullabies For All Ages at our new The Melody Channel

27 Feb

Lauren, Kevin Hulburt and i are slowly starting out children’s YouTube channel (still looking for an animator!) with a string of lullaby songs.

There’s a few out now and more on the way. As said previously they will be compiled into a lullaby album complete with ambient/sfx segues and available through out company channel and the Bandcamp page. There are many more songs other the lullabies to come after, however our first wave is lullabies and due to: a. they were my favorite to work on and i really got into it and b. i’m not going to take up your time with “I Pee In The Potty (although it may be one of my greatest compositions) or some new version of Wheels On The Bus that no one without kids would ever want to hear and frankly, most people WITH kids don’t want to hear either, but i think the lullabies are enjoyable in their own right. I made them to be as pleasurable to listen for adults as well as little ones. And yes, they are field tested. I have put my 2 year old to sleep with every one of them.

Here are some from our first batch.

I have to add this 3rd one because i peed myself when Lauren sent this back to me. I sent her the sparse musical track and asked her to sing the melody and if she felt like it, to add any harmonies she wanted. She sent THIS back:


So yeah, lullabies. I’m doing lullabies in between album and i’m kind of really, really digging it.

The next post ( or so) will be where i put out the call for vocalists. I need a female singer, alto, scratchy voice is preferred to sing 2 songs for the Carnival, and a stellar male singer to sing the lead role of Raven, the Carnival barker who is like, one part The Joker, one part Deadpool, and one part Tom Waits fairground barker. We’ll talk.

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One response to “Lullabies For All Ages at our new The Melody Channel

  1. Michel Hufenbach

    February 27, 2017 at 11:59 am

    Hi, what kind of animation did you think of? I’am an animator. If You give me some information about the project I’ll be able to make a short impression vid how it would look.




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