3 Days Until Miss Helen’s Weird West Cabaret

03 Dec

“AHHHH can’t wait to share the latest epic installment from Mr Shapera, this new musical is my favourite i’ve done with him so far I think,” – Lauren Osborn

Miss Helen's Weird West Cabaret

On Tues Dec 6th Miss Helen’s Weird West Cabaret does indeed come out. I’m uploading the files now and i believe tonight shall be the last listen. From the moment i put a track aside to begin work on the next one, there is a notepad full of notes on what to do to improve each track. This notepad follows the project all the way until the end. Sometimes it is a LONG list. As we near the end it becomes smaller and smaller, often focusing on things like S’s and bumping up some minor instrument a hair. The words “a hair” are used a LOT. And finally we get to the other night where everything had been taken off the list and nothing new added. It was blank. Thus i pause for a day or two, then sit down in about 15 minutes to listen to it one last time to be certain.

The cast is great.I have been fortunate to have almost exclusively worked with wonderful people on these projects. From New Albion to Lost Hollow almost everyone has been not only a joy to work with, but an honor to have onboard.

Of course as always we have Lauren Osborn. We made her the MC this time and the part was very carefully crafted for her exact skill set. Lauren is of course my big gun, my ultimate weapon. I will never tire of her voice and she has elevated my work immeasurably. Before her my work was below a certain line and with her the work is elevated above it.

Psyche Chimere from the Psyche Corporation plays the protagonist/villainess Han-Mi. I am utterly delighted with both her voice and her embodiment of the character, as i hope you will all be too. Working with her has been a joy and she’ll be along for the entire series (probably 3 Acts) You should check her out:

Rhys Owen absolutely SLAYS the big Henry The Alchemist song. I can listen to him sing all day and will be further experimenting with his voice in the next 2 acts.

How much of it is plotted? All of it and none. So, Miss Helen’s WW Cabaret is a simple 1st act. I know the entire larger story arc, the how,  where and whys. All the major big strokes.  I do not have the specifics of the next two acts plotted. There are a number of ways to approach the next bit and i’m still mulling over them.

I took my time with this one. I was careful. I really, really want this one to be good. I want to enthrall you. I want to tell you stories. I want to suck you in. I want to make your heart burst. I want you to end this album felling like you should be covered in emotional sweat from the aural workout.  I want you to sway along with it without even knowing it. I want to sweep you off your feet. I truly tried.

We shall see.




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3 responses to “3 Days Until Miss Helen’s Weird West Cabaret

  1. Vile

    December 4, 2016 at 10:48 pm

    I had another listen to our dear friends Zoe and Timothy this Halloween, but I have been itching for another story to munch on. I am sure this next one will be wonderful. A quick question—do you prefer that we buy this on Bandcamp or iTunes? I have always used the latter service, but it occurred to me a while back that you might not see all of the money they collect.

    • paulms

      December 4, 2016 at 11:31 pm

      I really am okay with either. I get the money from Bandcamp sooner and a smidge more, which is nice. It takes longer to get iTunes up so Bandcamp always has the album for a few days first.

  2. Kaatja Rose Pond

    December 6, 2016 at 1:22 am

    I just finished listening to this (haven’t got money to buy it yet but I will next week!) and it is so bloody amazing! Thank you for sharing your talents with us!!!


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