All Vocals Are In

23 Nov

All the vocalists have recorded (and rerecorded) their vocals. I have them all now. I’ve been plugging them in studiously over the past 2 weeks and at long last i am listening to the Weird West Cabaret in its final form. It it sounds freakin awesome.

I’ll be fiddling with levels and vocal processing for several more days. I recently learned a couple tricks about dealing with vocals from a guy who happened to pass by the village. Did i already talk about this? So y’all know i live in this little tiny village the Balkans, and one day this couple stopped by. see the village as they want to leave the city and live in a idyllic nature spot. Our village is famous for this ( truthfully because an American moved there and that has been all over the news do to the  efforts of my neighbor, the village “mayor” who has capiltalized on my living there as far as he could. Don’t judge him too harshly, he managed to get the road leading in fixed, and that thing was more potholes than road, no exageration. But he has sent so many tv crews and reporters to my house that eventually i had to tell him to cut it out. )

Anyway, this couple stopped by to check out the village and check out the american. Turns out the guy is a professional sound engineer. So i took him down to my studio and asked him if he had any advice on how to get the vocals on my albums to sound better without actually buying new mics. Two hours later we went back upstairs and i had just had a master class in vocal processing. To casual listeners it won’t really register, my previous vocals weren’t terrible (nor state od the art), and the differences are rather subtle. But the difference is there none the less and more astute listeners will notice some subtle differences.

It is always a thrill to finally hear all the vocals sung by the actual singers. And we reach a point where all the choices made over the past 7 months are set and one has hopefully reached a point where one loves it. Oh i love this one. Even if the rest of the world thinks it’s a flaming piece of shit, i love it. This won’t put food on the table, mind you, but it’s a nice feeling none the less.

The alm will likely come out on Tues, Dec 6th. I’ll make an announcement when i get Sarah DeBuck’s album cover art (or within 48 hours, whichever comes first). 

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