So Who’s Actually On Henry The Alchemist Anyway?

18 Nov

I have been off having adventures in the states and England. I went to the states to see the election in person surrounded by friends and countrymen. In between pints at Zeno’s and the Happy Valley Brewery i mixed the vocals as they were sent to me. Afterwards i flew to England and recorded Rhys Owen, who utterly kicked ass on Henry The Alchemist. Holy shit, he freackin OWNED that song.

So with that done, there’s no point putzing about. This is who is on it. In most cases it was simply who got it to me first and quality of the recording.There were a few performances that were great but the quality was juuuuust not quite usable. I’m so sorry.

Kieron Wharton

Kristin Poehls

James Gibson

Shira Leigh Imira Durica

Hannah Delemir

and of course Tim Ledsam as Evan

I’m going to post Henry online as soon as i get time to make a really proper mix. I just got back last night and have some catching up to do.

The completed album will be out early December, definitely. I’ll make a formal post soon.

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