The Odd And Wonderful Dolls Of Nicole West

10 Nov


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Nicole West:

“I’ve been an artist pretty much my whole life. Born with the gift or “calling” you might say. My mom tells me that she saw it in me as a small child when I would bite animal shapes out of my toast. I was lucky to have a mom that let me run free with my artistic muse, even as far as letting me draw murals on my bedroom wall.

I have no formal training in art. Took some classes here and there in high school and some college courses but never got a lot from them. I have drawn and painted much in my life, but my true muse has always been in the form of sculpture. Horses were almost always my subject. (Ask my mom, there was a stables worth of modeling clay horses in our freezer at any given time)<

I didn’t sculpt the human form until I decided one day to make a doll for my mom. She had a large collection of dolls as a child that were given away. When she told me that story I knew I had to try my hand at it to give her something special. 20 years later I find myself here, loving what I do. It’s quite amazing to look back through the years at the many pieces and how I can see my style change and grow. Some I still love, some make me laugh, others make me cringe.”


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