Story Of The Puppet: A Creepy Dolls Inspired Photo Story by Hana Erskine Photography

11 Sep

Hana  Erskine makes wonderful photographs of beautiful and terrible things. You can go to or Like her Facebook page to see more, as well you should. Today however, we feature a photo series she did that was inspired by Dolls Of New Albion.

Once upon a time there was a girl. Her name was Isabelle. — with Lara Matossian.


Once upon a time there was a puppeteer. He really liked Isabelle, so he decided she must be his.
First, he made a doll.
Then he started using the Voice to call Isabelle.
— with Marion Erskine.


Isabelle could hear the Voice in her head, but she tried to resist. 


After a while, she couldn’t take it anymore.


She gave up and decided to come to the puppeteer.


The puppeteer captured Isabelle’s soul in the doll and Isabelle became new puppet in Circus Apocalypse.


One day she found the doll. The doll reminded her who she used to be before the puppeteer found her


She decided to free herself. Once she cut herl strings, she realised her soul is still remaining in the doll.


She cut the doll’s strings too, to free her soul.


Once all the strings were cut, she couldn’t feel any difference and she even couldn’t feel her soul anymore.


She realised her soul was gone forever.


She gave the last goodbye to the doll.


It was time to leave.


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