You Need A Book To Read? THIS: Rewired by Matthew Broyles

25 Aug


You might have heard me mention this before, but that was back when i just wanted to read it, before i became addicted to it and it ruined two entire days for me because i couldn’t put it down and lost sleep and i have to go back to it tonight and i need to friggin sleep but i CANT STOP READING THE DAMN BOOK so you should get addicted to it too because what’s the point of taking crack all by yourself and isn’t that why you read books, to get sucked into them like they’re mind/soul vampires, cause if it is, holy rocky mountain oysters (that means cow balls) have i got a piece of book crack for you, and it’s called Rewired by Matthew Broyles.

It’s available right here on Amazon.

What, you want it for your ipad? Right here then.

You gotta Nook? Whodafukhasanook? Okay, you do. Well, here it is

I honestly can’t put the damned thing down. I’m kinda pissed about it too, because i really have lost sleep i so preciously need. No joke, i need some frigging sleep. but my bedtime blows by and i just… can’t… stop reading gawdammit.

It’s a sci-fi political action thriller. It’s got plenty to like, future history, mysterious monsters, some good characters, REALLY well written, but it’s shining glory is its pacing. Holy crud, it is paced on a world class level. Starts in a good first gear, laying down the pieces at a nicely done pace. Heads into second and third gear and cruises along nicely, and then just when you start to wonder if there’s a 4th gear coming, it SLIIIIDES in, and holy scrotum donut holes, from there you are screwed because the damn thing doesn’t let you put it down.

I honestly love this book and i can’t believe i know the damn bastard who wrote it because who knew he could write this freaking well? I mean, i knew he could string a thought process together, but set up a reading crack trap like this? I did not see that coming.

You like to read right? You don’t? Getthefuckouttahere. All right, rest of you, you like to read, right? Well read this. Whatya got to lose? IT’S 3 FREAKIN DOLLARS. You spend more than that on coffee. You want to see the birth of an author? WITNESS!


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