12 Year Old Czech Girl Veronika Kusalová Storyboard Animates Annabel Raises The Dead

20 Aug

In 20 years when your kids or grandkids are watching whatever the next generation’s Steven Universe is going to be, you know who’s going to be the showrunner behind that future show of greatness? This girl right here. Animator Veronika Kusalová.

She has storyboarded Annabel Raises The Dead using her own handmade artwork. And it’s awesome. And this is how the great animators of tomorrow are born. Seriously. I am honored that someone of Miss Kusalova’s drive and ability has chosen my piece to be one of her early inspirations. I don’t know who Rebecca Sugar’s early inspirations were, but i bet they’d be thrilled to know it was they the artist in her early period was cutting her chops with.

I love this.

Without further ado…


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