Help The Mechanisms record their fourth studio album “The Bifrost Incident”

25 Jul


The Mechanisms are having as Kickstarter in order to fund their new album.

We’ve featured The Mechanisms here several times, but if you’re late to the game… “The Mechanisms are a seven-piece steam/cyber/diesel/punk-punk band based in London, who tell epic science fiction stories by taking a bunch of myth and shaking them up with an unhealthy amount of folk-prog-rock. You’ve all heard our first trilogy: the fairytale space opera “Once Upon A Time (In Space)” (2012), the cyberpunk noir thriller “Ulysses Dies At Dawn” (2013), and the spaghetti western “High Noon Over Camelot” (2014). We’ve taken all of them to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, netting four and five star reviews.”

Rachel Hughes of The Mechanisms even played Mother in the Slenderman Musical.

Well now our saucy band of space pirates are looking to record their 4th album and they’ve started a Kickstarter. Which, once again, is here.

Please consider donating. The more money, the more studio time they get. They are SO freaking  interesting and i for one would LOVE to see how they develop further. So go give them a push.

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One response to “Help The Mechanisms record their fourth studio album “The Bifrost Incident”

  1. J

    July 26, 2016 at 2:10 am

    Thank you SO MUCH for mentioning this! I have their other albums but I don’t think I would have seen the Kickstarter if not for this post.


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