Weird West Cabaret Update

15 Jul

So with the first song out for public perusal (and if you want to help, please share it around the net. I’d be ever so happy. I’ve included a link to the Youtube vid at the bottom of this post) here’s the state of the project:

The full title is, at the moment at least, The Ballad Of Lost Hallow, Act 1 (or Book 1) Miss Helen’s Weird West Cabaret. The album is Miss Helen’s Weird West Cabaret, the larger project which will be 2 to 3 albums/ acts / books is The Ballad Of Lost Hallow.

This first album, which will run 60 minutes, give or take, will end on bit of a cliffhanger. If i pull it off appropriately, you will love me and hate me for it.

I am one song past the halfway point. I have, technically, 7 songs made, but some of those are interlude bits. Short 2 minute between proper song stage banter. It’s a cabaret performance so there’s stuff in between the numbers. Miss Helen has to introduce the next bit and other assorted whatnot. (Han Mi also has to misbehave).

The song i have just completed as of this morning, the one past the halfway point, is where we start to actually zero in on the proper plot, which i realize is an odd thing to wait until the halfway point to start doing. However… just trust me and try to roll with it. It should all work out nicely if i can pull it off. But you understand, one key aspect of this piece is that it is a live action cabaret, happening in real time, where different characters come onstage and sing about themselves. There is a overarching plot, yes, but this first Book is fundamentally a live cabaret show and the listening experience will reflect that.

The halfway point, where i paused for a week of reflection, is also where my job gets really difficult because the second half is a tough cookie to pull off. It is key i do a proper job and do not fuck it up.

Miss Helen’s backstory song, one of the “finished” numbers, actually needs quite a bit of work, which i think i will tackle before i begin the next big song. It is particularly fun because i get to make a little bit of carnival music. Making carnival music is quite fun, especially when you get to have an evil grin on your face while doing it.

Hmmm… what else to say that doesn’t get spoiler-y? At the end of the day, the entire album functions as a first act. If i release another preview song it may likely be a small, short number Han Mi performs during the 2nd song, but i’m weeks behind in writing Psyche Corp, who’s playing Han Mi and giving her the lowdown of her character and character arc. Although i may say, this is one of the my favorite character arcs ever. I adore Han Mi, she has been living with me closely for months now and i… it is really going to hurt me to fuck with her like i’m going to.

Rachel and Han Mi are the two characters i grew so fond of, it hurt to have to fuck with them. Of course i also derive a sick pleasure out of the pain i feel fucking with them. (Oh… oh my… it… it actually hurts me to hurt them… how…. DELICIOUS. YESSSSSS.) I was also extremely close to Zoe, but she was dead when the whole thing began and i never felt i really shafted her like i did other character in my works.  Jackie and Annabel are probably my two favorite characters period, but creating Annabel’s tale was so short a time, she wasn’t around for months for me to grow a conscience about. And Jacqueline… when  it came time to hurt her (i.e. write her backstory song The Best Of Times) she poured the glass of bourbon herself and slid it across the table to me, ever so subtlety telling me to man the fuck up and just do it already.

I may need to call someone, perhaps Kevin Hulburt, and discuss Henry The Alchemist. Henry is the only wildcard left in the Cabaret, other than him i have every little bit plotting out from here to the end.

And there you go, your update. Enjoy the opening track, and SHARE IT! (i’m most partial to Lauren’s live singing version).


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