I Wanted To Post Today But Then

29 Jun
I Wanted To Post Today But Then

Lauren sent me her vocals for the opening song! YAY! Happy day! So of course i’m putting the vocals to the music and discussing with her how we’re going to approach this character and she’ll have video of her singing it and it’ll be awesomeness.

Lauren is playing Miss Helen, the cabaret’s MC. I had said Miss Hannah in previous posts, but i can’t have Hannah and Han-Mi as the two female leads. The names are too similar. Besides, i had intended Helen as the character is named after someone specific.


Miss Helen the MC by Sarah deBuck


It’s super double happy yay good news because i also have the next 6 days home alone to work on the piece. I’m on a 4th song, which happens to be Helen’s backstory. I should be able to finish it in 3 days if all goes well. And of course i’ll have the opening number with Lauren’s vocals out to ya’ll fine folks as soon as Lauren finishes fiddling with it and i get an acceptable mix down. ( I’d been having some issues with the instrumental bit that begins the song and had left it for later. Now would be later.)

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