Miss Helen’s Weird West Cabaret Update

15 Jun

Composition on the piece has started to take off. I’m on what would be on the 4th song, except i combined songs 2 and 3 and just called them the second song. I am finally pleased enough with the opening song that i am going to send it off to Lauren to sing (she’ll be singing it for real as the show’s MC, Miss Helen). Once she records herself i will post it as a preview.

The piece has benefited from a great deal of thought. There’s a way in which this is probably one of the most complex stories i’ve ever attempted, but not in an Atompunk way. It’s very simple in a way. It’s just… the details are complicated. The character arcs are complex and working out what should happen when and how is delicate.

I’m finally working on the Sheriff’s song which is a joy. There is an aspect to the piece whereby having a cabaret, i get to combine a steampunk opera type of longer storyline with a Fairy Tales type of short, juicy character stories. I like that. I like that i get to tell a self contained story in one big song for some of the characters. Those are often my favorite things to write. (Samuel and Jordan in Slenderman were my favorites to make, and i really, really loved making the Fairy Tale albums). I have some leeway to be wild and fun which i’m enjoying taking.

I struggle over every aspect and every decision. A wild west cabaret… i’m having an utter blast making the music for it. Like, really, starting to immerse myself. Then i suddenly think “wait a minute, wtf, who would ever want to actually listen to this genre? It’s not like there’s folks out there rabidly screaming for it. Why would anyone care”

And then another little voice says “Dude. Make them care.”

“You can’t make people care.”

“If you step the fuck up and do a really, really, really good job, they will care.”

Thank you other voice in my head. Unless everyone hates it and curses my name and i am lonely and sad and poor again. In which case seriously, stf up next time.

But this upcoming opening song should give you a good warm up. We’re forgoing overtures this time around. For one thing i’m getting tired of them and on Slenderman i regret having one as i think it should cut right to the chase and start with Transcendation. Secondly, since this is literally a cabaret which happens in real time as the album plays, it should absolutely not have an overture and instead have an opening vocal song. The first song is always the most important one to me. If i can nail it, i know how to proceed.

I was listening to a bunch of southern gothic a while back, but today put in the season 1 soundtrack to Hell On Wheels (and AWEsome show if you’re not watching it. Seriously, i want to be Cullen Bohannon when i grow up) and that soundtrack was the TICKET. Especially with this Sheriff’s Song i’m the midst of. Now i need to procure me a dobro guitar.


This is a dobro guitar

Seriously, this thing is the bomb. Listen to the guitary song at the beginning of this song. That metalic jangly guitar sound? That’s a dobro. I am totally into it for like, hours now. Check back tomorrow when i decide whether dubstep rhythms work with honky tonk piano.


Anyway, i understand if this all fills you with trepidation and you think “noooo…. i’m not sure about this one, paul. I think you’re on your own for this album. I’ll check back in a few years and see if you’ve started doing albums i like again, but, you know, i’m not so sure about this one.”

That’s okay. I don’t mind. I will totally wait until you’re gone to weep quietly, but just try that first little opening song. It’s not that’s it’s epic (that’d be the sheriff’s song here), it’s just that i think it’s catchy and sets the stage nicely for the shenanigans to follow. Or maybe Han Mi’s first song? To be sung by Psyche Corp? THAT is epic. Oh yeah, that’s like, full out bombast nightmare mellotrons. Gotta get that damn bell right during the last big bit, though.

I babble. I stop. I stop now. I just wanted to give an update. Let you know i have a song coming soon that i actually like and want you to hear. So… til then.


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