Z2, Dark Matters by The Devin Townsend Project

01 Jun


Ziltoid frikkin rules.

I’m not usually a big metal guy, although occasionally some metal concept albums come along and just really, really do it for me. This is one of those albums. The epically grand, utterly batshit, balls out insanity that is Z2 Dark Matters.


There is a story here, about an alien named Ziltoid, Earth hero Captain Spectacular, an alien War princess and her… childreny… things… called Poozers. The story is completely tongue in cheek, utterly hilarious, and i gotta say, i had a utter and complete blast listening to this thing. If you are into metal and especially into prog metal, you’ve GOT to get this, although i suspect you’re already well aware of this.

The album was released as part of a two album package, although the second album, Sky Blue is completely unrelated. We are only focusing on the Z2 album at this moment.

Think symphonic metal, although instead of focusing on hyper dexterity, it’s all about epic bombast. The utter theatricality of it may turn off some, but i love that stuff, and it’s what sold it.

One very interesting facet of the album’s production is that he invited fans to participate in the choir sections. Fans were invited to record themselves singing the choir parts and these were then collected and mixed into the album. Why hire a choir when your fans can literally make up the choir? That is genius, right there. fans get to be on the album, Devin gets a massive choir for the album, everybody wins.


I’m including a youtube vid that has the entire album on it to review, although i must say, i am not comfortable with this and i urge you, if you like this, please, please buy it. How do you think artists live when you don’t buy the shit they spend their entire existence creating?

You can buy a download of the album here

Or, for not only physical CDs but also plush toys of the Planetsmasher (that is bloody GREAT idea. I should take notes on this merchandising approach) there’s lots of cool stuff at the Devin Townsend online store.

Here it is, in all its balls out, ridiculous brillaince, Z2 Dark Matters

But wait! Also included here are the 3 episodes from the Ziltoid TV episodes released as a prequel marketing campaign for Z2.




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4 responses to “Z2, Dark Matters by The Devin Townsend Project

  1. J

    June 1, 2016 at 6:03 pm

    Awesome! I’m a big Devin fan too. Was in the universal choir and am looking forward to seeing him live again on his upcoming US tour. Though honestly his other albums (especially Ki, Casualties of Cool, Ocean Machine, and Infinity) are so brilliant that the Ziltoid albums are comparatively low on my Devin list.

    Have you listened to Devlab? A lot of people miss it. It’s quite an experience if you can take the time to properly listen to it (dark room, eyes closed, headphones on).

    • paulms

      June 1, 2016 at 7:39 pm

      No, i haven’t. This is the first time he’s crossed my radar. Like i said i only have an occasional taste for metal. I was in a big prog mood one day and i literally looked up some website’s top 5 prog albums of the year (or past couple years) and just bought them. My personal favorite of those was Steven Wilson’s Hand Cannot Erase, but Z2 was the most surprising, since i was sort of shocked how much a enjoyed it given it’s a genre i don’t often make time for.

      • J

        June 1, 2016 at 8:27 pm

        I’d definitely recommend Ki as a next listen then. Dev’s got a rather wide range of music (it’s not all crazy metal, although some of it is). The other albums I listed are among my favorites as well, and if you have a chance, his live albums The Retinal Circus and Ziltoid at the Royal Albert Hall are also great watches.

        The funny thing is, though his music can be crazy and all of the place, he’s a really soft-spoken and intelligent guy with, what I think, are some really good worldviews. His interviews from the last few years are often quite fantastic.

        Also, he played the role of the character “Rage” on Ayreon’s The Human Equation, another album (rock opera, really) which may be worth checking out if you’re not already familiar with it. That one even had a stage production last year which is coming out in DVD in a month or two.

      • J

        June 1, 2016 at 8:32 pm

        Oh, and if you aren’t familiar with Dev’s other stuff, definitely *don’t* go straight to Devlab. 🙂


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