Town of Lost Hallow Map, 1st Draft by Sarah de Buck

22 May

Yay!!! The always awesome Sarah de Buck has sent her preliminary sketch for Lost Hallow which i cannot help but share, even though it’s hardly the finished version. Although it looks pretty damn good to me.

I’ve been promising i would sit down and list out the places i know already, which actually aren’t many. Really, whatever came off the top of my head while i wrote those Note On Lost Hallow.  What i’m going to do is after i post this, i’m going to list out what i can think of and give her leeway to add anything at all she might want and i’ll incorporate it at least into the periphery stories. You understand that as far as these little stories i write about the town go, probably barely 1% of it will actually make it onto the album in some way. it’s there to draw from if i need it, but most of it was and is an exercise to get the gears greased and humming.

Obviously, a good deal of Sarah’s artwork will be including in the album download when we eventually get to that point.

The top of the image is west and the down is east so the compass is turned 90º. She has pointed out that the Saloon is number 6.

gothic western steampunk cabaret hannah sarah de buck paul shapera

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